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REVIEW: Kosrobot – Orange


The Russia-based artist Kosrobot released his third original character – his namesake Kosrobot. Why wait this long to release your namesake? Well, I liken it to when a band waits to release their self-titled album several into their discography. There’s not real explanation necessary.

Kosrobot travels between different worlds and dimensions in search for a place he could call home.” The character, which has a pair of antennae sticking up out of his head, is a robot dressed up in pants, sneakers, and a hoodie.


The resin figure stands in at 3 inches in height. It features five points of articulation. Those points are made possible via magnets embedded in the resin. The magnets connect to allow for some decent poses and are strong enough so the little Kosrobot doesn’t fall apart. The figure does not include any accessories.


The Kosrobot is hand-sculpted with a pair of hands that allow it to hold LEGO accessories. While I don’t have any photos of it doing so, I can assure you I’ve tested it out and it works as Kosrobot claims. The only drawback is that LEGO accessories aren’t always as cool as LEGO minifigures.

There are currently several versions of the character available to purchase. Unfortunately, the Orange version featured in this review appears to be sold out. However, there are other unpainted and painted figures available. The unpainted figures run $24.00, while the painted variants go for $34.00. Looking at the photos of them, I’d probably pony up the additional ten bucks to get the figure painted.


The Facts

Kosrobot - Orange
Artist: Kosrobot
Material: Resin with magnets at joints
Dimensions: 3 inches tall
Points of Articulation: 5 (hips, shoulders, neck)
Pricing: $24.00

You can pick one up at the following: $24.00


Kosrobot Eagle Version


The new Kosrobot Eagle Version mini dude is now available at over at This new "Eagle" edition is based on different special police unit uniforms mixed with urban clothing style. The Kosrobot figure stands in at 3 inches in height with 5 points of articulation, magnetic joints, and the ability to hold Lego accessories in his hands. This hand-painted version can be purchased for $34.00 plus $6.00 for shipping worldwide.

Kosrobot – The Blaming One


Kosrobot has announced the second figure from the Cosmos Cold series - The Blaming One.

The Blaming One was the crew commander of Emerald Castle space station. Nothing really changed since then, except they're all dead now. He wanders the station in search of the one to blame, the one to say to: THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

The figure will stand in at 6 inches tall and be cast in resin. It will feature 3 points of articulation (head and arms) and you'll be able to swap out the head, face and arms. Unlike the Dreary One, the Blaming One is cast in hard solid resin, not soft resin, and "the overall quality of the product is going to be better".

The Blaming One is planned to be released in the summer of 2016. It'll be priced at $45.00 plus $10.00 for worldwide shipping.


A pair of new Kosrobots


A pair of new Kosrobot minidude variants are now available over at There's the Blank Grey Kosrobot and a fully hand painted Black Star Kosrobot version. The fully painted version runs $34.00 each, while the unpainted grey version is $24.00. (I'd probably shell out that additional 10 bucks) The figures ship worldwide for $6.00. Each Kosrobot nation figure measures 3 inches tall with 5 points of articulation, magnetic joints for easy part swap and an ability to hold Lego accessories in his hands.

REVIEW: Bubble Gum Pink Tsihata


The Tsihata is one of the new figure designs from the Moscow-based toy artist known as Kosrobot. The 4.4-inch tall figure is hand-sculpted and hand-cast in colored resin by the artist. In this case, we’re looking at the Bubble Gum Pink Tsihata…so that would be made of bright pink colored resin.

A little bit about the Tsihata character:

Tsihata symbolizes things unsaid, feelings unexpressed, mistakes made. It comes out of the fog when the time comes to an end. But don't be scared and listen.


The Tsihata comes in five pieces: the body, head, two hands, and two antlers. They all fit into place rather snuggly, so you won’t be searching the ground for bright pink antlers. There’s also the option that you can swap out pieces with other colorways to create your very own Tsihata version.

There’s not a whole lot of room for articulation, as most of the holes and pegs are cut as squares. But you likely wouldn’t want a whole lot of articulation on a figure that looks as delicate as the Tsihata. Of course, that delicate look is due to those antlers (I’m not sure how many points this buck would qualify as). And while I haven’t broken them (yet), the great thing about resin is that it often glues nearly seamlessly…with some patience and a steady hand.


Design-wise, the Tsihata strays from Kosrobots other two characters. The namesake Kosrobot (we’ll be reviewing him in a few weeks) is a robot dressed up in a sweatshirt and jeans. And the Cosmos Cold is an astronaut – likely a cosmonaut – who’s now more than a skeleton. They’re more or less in human form, with arms and legs, while Tsihata is…something different.

The Tsihata features what resembles a skull of a longhorn bull you might see decorating the desert floor in a western film. You can add to that a web of antlers. Also, it appears the Tsihata is wearing a flat-base rope with a pair of slits cut out for those slightly deformed, asymmetrical hands.


Personally, I like Kosrobot’s more human looking guys a little more than the Tsihata. It’s no knock against Tsihata. It’s that he’s done such an amazing job with the Cosmos Cold and Kosrobot – and my preference for robotic characters. Plus, as I'll discuss with the Kosrobot figure, that figure features articulation and magnetic joints. But if you're looking for a creepy-looking antlered priest (that's what it is, right?), the Bubble Gum Pink Tsihata is waiting. 

The Facts

Bubble Gum Pink Tsihata
Artist: Kosrobot
Sculpted by: Kosrobot
Material: Resin
Dimensions: 4.4 inches tall
Points of Articulation: Zero
Pricing: $24.00

You can pick one up at the following:  $24.00


Kosrobot New Releases


Kosrobot's new minifigure - the aptly named Kosrobot - has been released. The hand-sculpted and hand-cast resin action figure features the classic 5 points of articulation, magnetic joints, bright colors, and stand in at 3 inches in height. This means that all of the parts are interchangeable between Kosrobot you can switch things up.

Three versions are now available for sale: two blanks (Orange and Baby Blue Sky) and a fully hand painted Original Version - a classic Kosrobot image in his lovely orange AUM hoodie, dark grey jeans and light grey sneakers that never wear off. The price for the fully painted original version is $34.00 and blanks are $24.00 each plus shipping ($6.00 worldwide).


Also, Kosrobot has released a new Bubblegum Pink Tsihata figure. This 3-inch scaled figure measures 4.4 inches tall, towering over the Kosrobot with it's glorious horns. The piece was hand-sculpted and hand-cast in colored resin. All of the parts are removable and interchangeable with other Tsihata variants so you can create a color scheme on your taste. It's priced at $24.00 plus $6.00 worldwide shipping.