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Sketbots Are On The Way


On October 15th,  be sure to look out for Kidrobot's Sketbots.
To celebrate the release of Sket's new Kidrobot mini series, there will be a show in New Haven!  Channel 1 will be hosting Authentic Happiness-November 17th, Sket invite everyone to come share a night of Sketbots art, toys, customs and giveaways.

Heatherette – The Empire




The ever interesting Heatherette has
designed a new series of Heatherette-Bots.  Kidrobot will be releasing these figures on August 24th.

The series features:
The Radiant Sun: Richie Rich
The Powerful Moon: Travor Rains
The Shining Star: Amanda Lepore
The Lucky Star: Macky Dugan
The Rising Star: Aimee Phillips

Kidrobot on SpikeTV

You should check out SpikeTV's Geek-Ray Vision show.  It's viewable on Spike's'll have to wait for all of the fancy Flash stuff to run its course and then click on the Geek-Ray Vision section of the Web Originals.  There are interviews with a number of Kidrobot folks - Paul Budnitz, Toy Baroness Nichole, Maze and JK5.

There is also a sneak peek of the upcoming line from Kidrobot - Flowbots (from JK5).  They will be available on September 14th.

REVIEW: Frank Kozik and Kidrobot’s Mongers

P1030242 has sent us a few of Frank Kozik and Kidrobot’s latest collaboration – Mongers.


If you see a figure with an X on its forehead and a cigarette in its mouth…it doesn’t take much to realize it’s from Frank Kozik.  He’s created Dunnys, Labbits and Bone Bunnies that have the “smorkin” look.  Kozik has teamed up with Kidrobot to bring Mongers to life.  Series 1 of these mini figures has 20 different designs…from smorkin’ bananas to smorkin’ sausage.



The Mongers series is blind-boxed.  Each box includes a sheet with drawings of the figures as well as ratios. 

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Peary Signing at KR San Fran


Kidrobot has posted a ton of pics from their May 18th signing party at Kidrobot San Francisco.  Yes, that's Patrick Ma - of Rocket World and Insurgents Wilderness Gruppo fame - signing one of the KR exclusive Peary: The Bloody Polar Bear

Sket One’s Ci Boys


We've been waiting for Sket One's series of Ci Boys characters for close to a year now.  They have finally been released and look to be well worth the wait.  You'll see a number of retro characters from the 1980's included in this set - Big Boy, Stay Puft Marshmallow Man, Tron, and more!

Mr. Bunny Dunny News


For Immediate Release From Wheaty Wheat Studios:

"Kidrobot and Wheaty Wheat have reached an amicable agreement with
respect to the release of the Mr. Bunny Dunny as part of the L.A.
series, and Wheaty Wheat has authorized this release. The terms of the
agreement are confidential. Wheaty Wheat  holds an exclusive license to
make toys from Joe Ledbetter's Mr. Bunny Character."

LA Dunnys released today


Several of our sponsors will be very excited as today is the release date for the Los Angeles Series of, and will all have the series up for sale today.  3DRetro did pre-orders...essentially selling out before the figures ever came in. FreeBento has opened boxes and RocketPop has blind boxes.  This series might be what the Dunny needs...after several "eh..." releases.

New Dunnys…Coming Soon


February 2nd marks the launch of the LA Dunny series from Kidrobot.  Several of our sponsors will be stocking this line. is already taking pre-orders for the blind boxed 3-inch tall figures. usually sells the opened packages so you know which figures you are receiving.

Sket One’s King Tut Dunny

I might be somewhat critical of platform toys sometimes. A lot of the designs we see are just the same old stuff.  The same artists doing the same work on a different figure.  I think that's why I like a lot of customs and platform toys done by Sket One.  A lot of his work talks to my inner 1980's child (see his upcoming CiBoys line).


Kidrobot has taken Sket's very popular King Tut Dunny (just ask Whoopi Goldberg - who allegedly purchased the original) from the inaugural custom Dunny Show, and shrunken it down to a formidable 8 inches.  This is my favorite Dunny so far.  Not only will the original Blue Tut be available...but the evil Red Ramses (OK...I think they might be calling this one the Red Tut) will be available as well.


The Red version is available only at Kidrobot (500 piece edition) on December 29th and the Blue version will be available at finer retailers on January 5th (2,000 pieces).  I am guessing that both and will have this figure available.