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Kidrobot ‘Sprout’ Video

Cody has sent us word of the new animated spot that Kidrobot has created for their DIY Munny figure.  Named Sprout, I'm not sure if this will be an actual commercial shown on TV...but it does give you that vibe.

Sucklord 61: A Kidrobot Sellout


Has the Sucklord sold out?  His latest bootleg creation is only available at Kidrobot.  Livin Big, making moves. The SUCKLORD 61 is some fake-ass Superhero guy that never happened.  He is a fantasy, but he can be yours for only $29.95.  Only 105 pieces made and 100 available, so make a move kid! Get it now before it's gone.

Mad Villain From Kidrobot


It's nice to see Kidrobot producing a toy that is not based on a rabbit.  Mad Villain is being produced in conjunction with Stones Throw Records.  Madvillain is the indie rap duo of MF Doom and Madlib. The 10" tall vinyl figure is based on MF Doom's onstage persona, who eerily resembles Dr. Doom.  Madvillain will be a limited edition (available in 2 colorways) and retail for a reasonable $34.95.


SketBots Released Today


Sket One's SketBots are now available from Kidrobot3DRetro is carrying them for $5.95 each.  With the success of Dalek's Icebots...these are sure to be popular as well.  Like several of Kidrobot's products...they have inserted golden tickets in random blind boxes.  You'll have a chance to get your hands on a limited edition 7" SketBot (only 200 pieces) if you're lucky enough to find one. 

To celebrate the release of the new Kidrobot mini series, Sket is having a show in New Haven!  Channel 1 will be hosting Authentic Happiness on November 17th.  All are invited to share a night of Sketbots, art, toys, customs and giveaways.


REVIEW: Kozik Labbit


Background has sent us one of Frank Kozik’s new rotocast vinyl Labbit figures.  These Labbits are the younger, more innocent brothers of the Smorkin’ variety.  Kidrobot might have felt somewhat pressured to appeal to younger clientele…which birthed this sweeter, gentler Labbit.



The package is a window-front box.  It is decorated with Kozik artwork.  The window allows you to see what accessories the figure you are buying has.  This is convenient, and it’s the only way you’ll be able to find the accessory set you want.


The Figures

These Labbits are non-smorkin’…so you won’t find any cigarettes in the accessory list.  Each figure is made of rotocast vinyl and measures 5” in length.  There are 4 Labbits available, with the only differing factor being the interchangeable accessories each is packaged with.  The Labbit has a hole for a mouth, and you can find accessories such as an ice cream cone, mustache, blade of grass, banana, hot dog and more!

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Kidrifter: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly


In what is my favorite Kidrobot figure release to date (number 10), Kidrobot is going back to the wild west to give us Huck Gee's - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly.  They will be released on October 5th at a release and instore party at Kidrobot's New York store.


Sketbots Are On The Way


On October 15th,  be sure to look out for Kidrobot's Sketbots.
To celebrate the release of Sket's new Kidrobot mini series, there will be a show in New Haven!  Channel 1 will be hosting Authentic Happiness-November 17th, Sket invite everyone to come share a night of Sketbots art, toys, customs and giveaways.

Heatherette – The Empire




The ever interesting Heatherette has
designed a new series of Heatherette-Bots.  Kidrobot will be releasing these figures on August 24th.

The series features:
The Radiant Sun: Richie Rich
The Powerful Moon: Travor Rains
The Shining Star: Amanda Lepore
The Lucky Star: Macky Dugan
The Rising Star: Aimee Phillips

Kidrobot on SpikeTV

You should check out SpikeTV's Geek-Ray Vision show.  It's viewable on Spike's'll have to wait for all of the fancy Flash stuff to run its course and then click on the Geek-Ray Vision section of the Web Originals.  There are interviews with a number of Kidrobot folks - Paul Budnitz, Toy Baroness Nichole, Maze and JK5.

There is also a sneak peek of the upcoming line from Kidrobot - Flowbots (from JK5).  They will be available on September 14th.

REVIEW: Frank Kozik and Kidrobot’s Mongers

P1030242 has sent us a few of Frank Kozik and Kidrobot’s latest collaboration – Mongers.


If you see a figure with an X on its forehead and a cigarette in its mouth…it doesn’t take much to realize it’s from Frank Kozik.  He’s created Dunnys, Labbits and Bone Bunnies that have the “smorkin” look.  Kozik has teamed up with Kidrobot to bring Mongers to life.  Series 1 of these mini figures has 20 different designs…from smorkin’ bananas to smorkin’ sausage.



The Mongers series is blind-boxed.  Each box includes a sheet with drawings of the figures as well as ratios. 

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