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Zombie Pet Dunny from PO


illustrator PO (Patricio Oliver) brings us a ghoul of a Dunny. Zombie Pet is kinda cute, if
it wasn't for all the flesh eating.  This GID, undead predator is made
of translucent, blue vinyl and printed with glow-in-the-dark bones, for
a distinctly ghoulish (but adorable) look. 

It's the latest Dunny design from Kidrobot.  And will definitely pique the interest of GID collectors...but why couldn't they have gone for blue GID?


Kidrobot’s [adult swim] Line


Kidrobot will be releasing their [adult swim] mini figure line on April 17th.  The blind boxed line will include 18 total characters (including 2 chase figures).  So, if you are a fan of the nightly Cartoon Network programming, you'll definitely want to keep an eye out for this line.

Down Home Cookin’!


Ahhh...this brings back memories of late nights/early mornings in college at the local Waffle House.  Kidrobot is releasing Kozik's Monger Farms Country Time Breakfast 5-piece set on February 28th. Mmmm...

Jamungo Sqube – Chrome


Jamungo and FERG have created a new exclusive Chrome Sqube for Kidrobot.  The shiny chrome colorway is limited to approximately 275 pieces.  The 4” stackable piece will run you $49.95 each.

Rebo Labs at the Dunny Factory

The folks behind ReBo Labs are probably not the only ones excited about the upcoming release of Kidrobot's Dunny Series 4.  They've put together this animation that reminds us of the Rankin/Bass Rudolph, the Red-Nosed Reindeer stop-motion film.  They're showing us the inner workings of the Dunny factory.  I always pictured those Chinese toy factories as a little larger.

Bent World Vandals Animation

- the creative collective of Christine Reilly & Michael Boczon - was commissioned to create a stop motion animation for Kidrobot.  The video shows what kind of trouble MAD's Bent World Vandals vinyl toys might get into.

Finders Keepers from Joe Ledbetter


If you're into Dunnys, Hoodies, Sweatshirts and all things Smorkin''ve been excited by the last few months of Kidrobot releases.  Personally, I like seeing new sculpts (and new ideas).  While these might be classic Ledbetter, it's a whole new line of 16 mini figures called Finders Keepers from KR.

Sket One – Kidrobot 13


Sket One's newest piece is Kidrobot 13...the pirate.  The figure includes the following: a treasure chest, map, hook, removable beard, eye patch, and hat.  It's limited to 1,000 pieces and will retail around $39.95.  Signing events are taking place in NYC (May 15th), San Francisco (May 16th) and LA (May 17th).

Kidrobot ‘Sprout’ Video

Cody has sent us word of the new animated spot that Kidrobot has created for their DIY Munny figure.  Named Sprout, I'm not sure if this will be an actual commercial shown on TV...but it does give you that vibe.

Sucklord 61: A Kidrobot Sellout


Has the Sucklord sold out?  His latest bootleg creation is only available at Kidrobot.  Livin Big, making moves. The SUCKLORD 61 is some fake-ass Superhero guy that never happened.  He is a fantasy, but he can be yours for only $29.95.  Only 105 pieces made and 100 available, so make a move kid! Get it now before it's gone.