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Kidrobot recently released their Quasimoto figure in two different colorways. When I saw this, it reminded me of the great custom from the NVC Crew from last year. I'm not familiar with rapper Madlib's work, but I wanted to know which of these do you think is the better representation of the Quasimoto figure?


The Nightmare in Jeremyville


If you're in NYC tomorrow, you'll want to make it to Kidrobot to see Jeremyville sign his new Dunny - The Nightmare in Jeremyville - from 6PM until 8PM.  The Soho store is located at 118
Prince Street.

'The Nightmare in
Jeremyville' box set comes with a comic story poster and 8 inch Dunny
with carrot. It follows the story of a young Bunny who does not eat
her carrot at supper time, and gets transported into a nightmare by the
angry carrot, who is offended that it was not eaten.


The Simpsons Mini Figures


Kidrobot has released their mini figure, blind box series based on Matt Groening's The Simpsons.  I guess the real question The Simpsons still a relevant television show?  After 20 years, are there still enough fans out there who are into vinyl toys who will buy this line?  Each blind box will run $7.95 and the toys are 3" in height.  They're not to scale, so Homer is the same size as Maggie, etc.