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PHUNNY Horror Plush – Pennywise and Chucky

Kidrobot has introduced (and released) a pair of new PHUNNY horror plush characters - from two iconic horror franchises.

Based on the film version (sorry Tim Curry fans) of Stephan King's film IT, you can buy your favorite nightmare in plush from Kidrobot to add some true terror to your collection with the IT Pennywise PHUNNY Plush (measures 8 inches tall).

Also, standing (or sitting) at approximately 6 inches tall, Kidrobot has crafted your favorite childhood nightmare into a PHUNNY. Inspired by the infamous killer doll, the Chucky PHUNNY Plush comes to life (although, hopefully not really) in this huggable form.

Both PHUNNY Horror Plush characters are available to purchase for $11.99 each.

SpongeBob RockPants Medium Art Figure

Are you ready to ROCK??? Well SpongeBob Squarepants is. And so, too, is Kidrobot. From the popular Nick tv show that taught us best friends can be found in starfish and that burgers are best served below sea level comes a freshly-caught take on one of SpongeBob’s loudest personas: the SpongeBob RockPants Medium Art Figure. That’s right, Kidrobot has paired up with Nickelodeon to make your rocking SpongeBob SquarePants dreams come true – in vinyl. Suited up at 8 inches high in his best concert attire, this sponge is dressed in black and on tour with Patrick Star to shake up your vinyl toy collection. You can pick up one now for $49.99.

Many Faces of SpongeBob SquarePants Blind Box Series

Kidrobot has announced the new Many Faces of SpongeBob SquarePants Blind Box Mini Figure Series. This new mini figure series celebrates 20 years of SpongeBob SquarePants by bringing you some of your favorite faces from Bikini Bottom. Featuring favorites like Frankendoodle, SpongeBob Scaredy Pants and the meme-sensation Imagination SpongeBob from the Idiot Box episode, you’ll have to collect as many faces as you can this Fall. Each of these 14 high quality collectible vinyl figures is individually sculpted and comes foil bagged and blind boxed to preserve the rarity and collectibility of each figure They can be purchased for $9.99 per blind box.


NYCC18: Kidrobot Exclusive, Events, and Signings

Kidrobot has announced their list of New York Comic Con 2018 Exclusives, Events, Signings & More... From October 5-7, they'll be at Booth #322, with a number of exclusives:

MegaMan 30th Anniversary 3” Figure
This limited edition Kidrobot figure honors the 30th Anniversary of MegaMan with a special pearlescent coloration.
Limited to 300 pieces
$16.00 each

SpongeBob SquarePants Abrasive Sponge 3” Figure
In conjunction with the launch of the Many Faces of SpongeBob Mini Series, the Abrasive Sponge figure is available exclusively at NYCC with a flocked face highlighting the moldy sponge from the hit Nickelodeon show.
Limited to 300 pieces
$16.00 each

Astra + Orbit 8” Art Figure by Tara McPherson
Astra + Orbit are from Dreamwell, a world created by Tara McPherson, and can be found beyond the lucid seas and pink skies. This mystic couple stands elegantly to assist in your journey beyond sleep. Based on the whimsical hit card game from McPherson, Dreamwell features original characters from a world beyond our own.
Limited to 20 pieces
$80.00 each

The Orville Enamel Metal Prop Replica Badges
The Orville con exclusive limited edition badges come in 5 collectible options from the Planetary Union. These metal enamel prop replica badges include: Engineer, Security, Office, Medical and Science badges.
Limited to 100 pieces each
$10.00 each

Signings include:

Producer Tsuchiya-san from CapCom
Friday, October 5th 2018 at 1pm

Tara McPherson
Saturday, October 6th 2018 at 1pm

Kidrobot – Futurama Robot Santa – Naughty or Nice?

There is a chance that if he catches you after dark he’ll chop off your head and stuff your neck full of toys from his sack of horrors; but you’ll probably be fine...

Kidrobot has released another licensed Futurama collectible, this time the 6-inch tall Futurama Robot Santa Claus vinyl. Ring in the holidays with either a Naughty Version (shown above) or Nice Version (shown below) of Santa. Hopefully you're on the nice list... Both the exclusive Robot Santa Claus "Nice" Art Figure and the "Naughty" version are limited to 500 units worldwide. They also run $49.99 each. (It appears the lone difference is in the accessory: laser gun versus name list )

Arcane Divination AZAZEL 5-inch Dunny

Kidrobot has released the Limited Edition Arcane Divination AZAZEL 5-inch Dunny by Jon-Paul Kaiser. The newest piece in the Arcane Divination collection, the Dunny is available in two different version. The Exclusive Arcane Divination AZAZEL Black Marble 5-inch Dunny, limited to a run of 250 pieces, is currently sold out. The Arcane Divination AZAZEL Grey / Gold Marble 5-inch Dunny is limited to a run of 950 pieces and is currently available for $49.99.

Ever watchful, this winged creature is marked as the fallen angel thrown to eternal fire. The creature stands as a representation of the human spirit’s need for rebellion, temptation, and the seductive lure of the unknown. Fused with “carved marble” and “porcelain” brought together in pieces to make a whole, this broken figure is a small part of the bigger plan. Encapsulating centuries of evil magic from the infernal hierarchy, the Arcane Divination Azazel 5” Dunny by UK artist Jon-Paul Kaiser stands as the warning of something new coming to the mortal realm...

The Simpsons x Kidrobot – Mini Figures and Keychains

Kidrobot has released a pair of new figure series from The Simpsons.

The Simpsons Moe’s Tavern Mini Figure Series is a blind box line that includes a total of 18 different Moes Tavern friends. (Kidrobot says that there are 18 different figures in the Mini Figure Series, but there are only 12 plus a mystery chase figure listed on the site and pictured.) You can purchase these blind-boxed figures for $9.99 each.

Also now available, The Simpsons CRAP-TACULAR! Keychain Series celebrates Season 30 of Matt Groening's The Simpsons tv show. Featuring character designs spanning 29 successful seasons of The Simpsons, this collection has something for any longtime fan of the residents of Springfield. It appears that this is the series that actually contains 18 different blind boxed figures. You can pick one up for $5.99.

Kidrobot x Sanrio Plush – Burgers and Fries

Kidrobot x Sanrio have released a few new food inspired plush collectibles. First up are the Hello Kitty Fries Plush. Coming in a Hello Kitty plush fries box, these 5 removable Hello Sanrio french fry friends feature your favorite Sanrio characters and come with velcro bottoms to stay put until it’s snack time. This collectible plush stands approximately 10 inches tall, and sell for $29.99.

Also, there's the all new Hello Sanrio Plush Burger Charms series. These calorie-free collectable plush burger charms showcase your favorite Hello Kitty characters in silly slider fashion. At approximately 3.5 inches tall, the blind box series consists of 10 different plush charm keychains. You can pick up the blind boxes for $8.99 a pop.