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Yummy World – Nicole the Ramen Bowl Plush

Kidrobot has added a new character to your plush comfort food collection. From the folks at Yummy World comes Nicole - the Ramen Bowl Plush. This plush bowl includes removable plush chop sticks, two plush hard boiled eggs, felted sliced pork, and dried seaweed. Measuring in at 12 inches (I'm assuming the bowl's diameter), you can currently pick up one for yourself (or to share) for $29.99.

Hello Sanrio Mini Series by Kidrobot

Kidrobot x Sanrio has introduced a new blind-box series where food meets fun. The Hello Sanrio Mini Series features 15 different 3-inch vinyl minifigures. Featuring Hello Kitty fan favorites in flavorful food form. - from fries to burgers to shakes - you can currently pick these up for $9.99 per blind box.

Kidrobot & Doktor A present The Mechtorians

Kidrobot has pulled back the curtain to the long forgotten characters of the world of Mechtoria. A collaboration with artist Doktor A, The Mechtorians are a new collectible Kidrobot Mini Art Figure Series. Each blind-boxed figure includes a collectors card that gives information about the character. There are 14 figures that make up the series, with varying pull percentages. You can pick up them up now for $14.99 per blind box.

As the story goes... The year was 1871, Professor Whistlecraft sends a small robotic population to another planet to be able to head off any alien invasion that might attempt to ruin our world. After a long period of time and no alien invasion, the robots were abandoned by their creator and established their own world... a mighty, tiny world with two tea times!

Yummy World – Patsy the Pastry Plush

Kidrobot has announced the newest addition to their Yummy World plush series. Patsy the Pop Art Pastry Tart measures 10 inches tall. With a bite taken out of her head, this breakfast pastry is covered in rainbow sprinkles. You can currently pick up this tasty plush for $14.99.

DCON18: Kidrobot Exclusives, Releases, and Events

Kidrobot will be at Designer Con 2018, November 16th - 18th, held up at Booth #2010. They'll be joined by special guests and an assortment of exclusives and limited edition drops.

Kidrobot x DCON Designer Con Dunny Art Figure Series
Featuring designs from artists Greg “Craola” Simkins, Flat Bonnie, KaNO, Hyperactive Monkey, Deph, Chris Lee, Scott Tolleson, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Ragnar, Chet Zar and Paul Frank - this commemorative Dunny Mini Series is definitely one you wont want to miss. This Kidrobot Dunny Series will premiere at Kidrobot booth #2010.

Azazel Bloodmilk 5” Dunny Art Figure by JPK
Ever watchful, this winged creature is marked as the fallen angel thrown to eternal fire. The creature stands as a representation of the human spirits need for rebellion, temptation, and the seductive lure of the unknown. This "Blood Milk" version of the Arcane Divination Azazel Dunny will only be available during Designer Con and is fused with dark reds, this “carved marble” and “porcelain” Dunny is brought together in pieces to make a whole. This broken figure is a small part of the bigger plan and is available as the first Arcane Divination x Designer Con exclusive.
Limited to 300 pieces.
$55.00 each

Astra + Orbit 8” Art Figure by Tara McPherson
Astra + Orbit are from the imagination of New York artist, Tara McPherson, and can be found beyond the lucid seas and pink skies. This mystic couple stands elegantly to assist in your journey beyond sleep. This limited edition color way of Astra and Orbit is a limited edition of 100 pieces and can only be found in limited quantities at each of the conventions Kidrobot attends.
Only 20 pieces available at DCON
$80.00 each

Custom 8” Eyes Dunny Art Figure by MP Gautheron
Last month Kidrobot teamed up again with French artist MP Gautheron for the MP Gautheron Custom Dunny Series 2 featuring 15 new one-of-a-kind custom sculpted and hand painted Dunny creations exclusively on This single piece remains after they were unable to reach the purchaser. Their loss is one lucky DCON Attendees gain.
Limited to 1 piece

Arcane Divination The Lost Cards Panel
Saturday, November 17th at 1PM (Hall D Stage)
The artists of the Kidrobot Arcane Divination Dunny Mini Series 1 including Camilla D'Errico, Doktor A, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Tokyo Jesus and series curator J*RYU will be discussing DCON attendees questions and will foretell the future of the Arcane Divination series... What will the future hold?

Arcane Divination Global Artist Signing Event
Immediately following Arcane Divination The Lost Panel, fans and collectors of the Kidrobot x Arcane Divination Dunny Series will have the rare opportunity to meet and have their Arcane Divination pieces signed by this group of artists from across the globe all in one place for a special signing at Kidrobot booth #2010.

Kidrobot x DCON Designer Con Dunny Art Figure Series Artist Signing
Sunday, November 18th at 11AM at Kidrobot Booth
California artist Paul Frank joins surprise artists from the new Kidrobot x DCON Designer Con Dunny Art Figure Series at Kidrobot booth #2010 to take photographs with fans and sign Dunnys from the commemorative mini series.

My Little Pizza Released for Delivery

Kidrobot has released My Little Pizza - an Italian pizza by the name of Paolo.

Paolo’s mother and father named him this because he was tiny but had a big heart. For example, Paolo once rescued a goat from the evil Pineapple Pizza Gang. Paolo never really liked shoes because no matter how small the size was, it was too big for Paolo’s feet. He also just discovered he liked the taste of pizza and his favorite flavor was himself. Everyone loves his cheesy jokes.

Along with their dad (Scott), Lyla and Piper Tolleson - of Blind Box Playhouse - created My Little Pizza. IT's currently available in two versions - the Standard Version and the Frozen Kidrobot Exclusive (limited edition of 300 pieces). They both are currently available to purchase for $29.99 each.

Yummy World Fiery Puffs Plush

Kidrobot is looking to spice up your life with the new Yummy World Fiery Puffs Plush. This XL food plushie pillow measures approximately 19 inches in height. The fiery puffs are each removable from the zippable pouch. And there's even a little window so you can see what you're getting in that bag. You can pick up your very own Fiery Puffs Plush for $59.99.

NEW Kidrobot x NBA Mascot Enamel Pins

Kidrobot has teamed up with the NBA to bring some of your favorite NBA mascots to life in enamel pin form. Ten NBA teams are represented in the series, including the Cleveland Cavaliers Moon Dog, Chicago Bulls Benny the Bull, the Toronto Raptor, Miami Heat’s Burnie, Lucky the Leprechaun from the Boston Celtics, The Coyote from the Spurs, Franklin the Dog from the 76ers, Blaze the Trail Cat, the Houston Rockets' Clutch, and the Thunder's Rumble the Bison

You can pick up the entire series now for $5.99 each.

Cash Wolf Dunny by Josh Divine

Now available from Kidrobot, the new Cash Wolf Dunny by artist Josh Divine is pursuing Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of a good paycheck. The 5-inch tall Dunny is lucky #13 of the Dunny 5-inch Series. Cashing in at 5 inches tall of pure high quality vinyl and with priceless style, the Cash Wolf comes in a OG Dollar Bill Green Version and a limited edition Billionaire Blue Exclusive Version. The Kidrobot Exclusive blue version is limited to a run of 200 pieces. Both figures currently retail for $29.99 each.

My Little Pizza from Kidrobot and The Tollesons

Kidrobot has announced their newest collaboration with artist Scott Tolleson. Pre-launched at Los Angeles Comic Con, the My Little Pizza figure is from Scott's daughters - Lyla and Piper Tolleson. Look for these to be available over at Kidrobot, apparently with an exclusive colorway (just check out below).