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Kidrobot x Fraggle Rock – Vinyl Mini Figure Series & Keychains

One of the most formative children's show from my youth is teaming up with Kidrobot, as they're set to dance your cares away with the release the Kidrobot x Fraggle Rock Vinyl Mini Figure and Keychains SeriesWe're Gobo, Mokey, Wembley, Boober, Red. They're all included in both of these lines (with a handful of Doozers, as well). You can pick up the blind box collectibles for $9.99 per Vinyl Mini Figure and $5.99 per each Keychain.

Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars

Kidrobot has released their Yummy World Yum-Mee Crispy Chocolate Plush Bars. From Yummy World, the Yum-Mee crispy chocolate plush bars are named Kitt, Katt, Tim, and Tam. you can remove the chocolate bars from their cozy plush well as break off from one another. Standing in at 16 inches tall, you can currently order this plush for $29.99.

Kaiju Dunny Battle 3-inch Minifigure Series

Kidrobot has teamed up with Clutter Magazine to release an all new multi-artist Dunny series - the Kaiju Dunny Battle 3-inch Minifigure Series. Bringing together some of the hottest American artists working in the Neo-Kaiju genre, Clutter has curated the ultimate Neo-Kaiju Dunny series with artists Candie Bolton, Bwana Spoons, Chauskoskis, James Groman, Jeff Lamm, and Jon Rampage. This 18 piece collectible series pulls designs from those six artists in a series of blind boxed collectibles. You can pick them up now for $11.99 each.

Kidrobot – Hello Sanrio Micro Vehicle Series

Kidrobot x Sanrio have announced the new Hello Sanrio Micro Vehicle Blind Bag Series. They're teaming up to bring your favorite Sanrio characters to life in micro food truck form. Spice up your collection with a dash of delicious and a micro serving of Sanrio charm with must-have characters, including: Hello Kitty Milk Truck; Tuxedosam Ice Cream Truck; Keroppi Rice Ball Food Truck; Pompompurin Cafe Food Truck; Badtz-Maru Sushi Truck; Little Twin Stars Food Trucks; Dokidoki Yummychums; Chococat Chocolate Food Truck; My Melody Bakery Food Truck; Gudetama Lazy Egg Carton Food Truck.

Each vinyl micro vehicle rolls in around 1.5 inches tall and comes with a collectible matching cotton pouch. You can pick up these blind bags now for $9.99 each.

Pop Art Cat Plushies by Kidrobot x Andy Warhol

Way back in 1954, Andy Warhol published a series of cat portraits entitled “25 Cats Named Sam and One Blue Pussy” - a collaboration with his mother Julia Warhola. This book was privately printed by the artist in small quantities featuring blotted-line watercolor drawings in vibrant pop-art colors.

Kidrobot and The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts have teamed up to bring these iconic portraits of Warhol’s much-loved cats into your home. Standing between 14 inches and 20 inches tall, they have released three plush kittens - One Blue Pussy Cat, Yellow Sam the Cat, and Orange Sam the Cat. You can currently pick them up from Kidrobot for $29.99 each.

Limited Edition Arcane Divination 5-inch Dunny

Kidrobot has released the newest 5-inch tall Dunny from J*RYU. The limited edition Arcane Divination Dunny comes in two limited edition versions - the Kidrobot Exclusive Stone Version (shown at the top of both photos) and the Marbled Version. The Stone Version is limited to a run of 350 pieces, while the Marbled Version's run consists of 1,000 pieces. You can pick either one up for $49.99.

The archangel Gabriel arrives to counter the presence of darkness within man, by leading those who seek the light into understanding and salvation. This ethereal being stands counter to those demonic forces who seek to confuse and misdirect, and offers salvation to those who are in need of healing. It is up to us all to determine what direction we go, and the methods in which we attain our goals, thus the ongoing battle between Demons and Angels rages on for all eternity.

Gary Ham’s 20-inch Autumn Stag Dunny

Kidrobot is getting into the full swing of things with artist Gary Ham’s 20-inch Autumn Stag Dunny. Based on the Gary’s whimsical design for Kidrobot's Designer Toy Awards Dunny Series, the Autumn Stag has sprouted from a 3-inch tall mini into a full grown 20-inch tall Dunny. The figure includes swingable action and three 5-inch tall Dunny “birds” to settle into their perches. Also, 20 purchasers that will be surprised with a randomly selected and sent a mystery Dunny “bird” that is either signed or doodled with one lucky participant who will receive a fully painted Dunny by Gary Ham. Limited to only 40 pieces, you can pre-order one up now for $650.00. The item will ship around May/June 2019.

Aggretsuko Medium Art Figures – Calm and Rage

Everyone’s favorite introverted red panda who’s just trying to get through the work day is available from Kidrobot now with the release of two Aggretsuko medium art figures. The 6.5-inch tall figures are available in Calm and Rage versions. The rage one features Retsuko’s signature RAGE face...capturing the fury bubbling behind her shy facade. The calm one gives you a hint at what's lurking behind the happy facade. You can pick them up now for $39.99 each.

The full Kidrobot x Aggretsuko collection will be dropping throughout the year, just in time for Season 2 of the Aggretsuko series on Netflix.

Limited Edition Yummy World Backpacks

Kidrobot has released a pair of new, limited edition Yummy World BackpacksSandy the Ice Cream Sandwich and the original Yummy the Pink Donut enter the world of fashion with these all-new Yummy World Backpacks. (I just want you to know that I didn't write the quote below...I can't use many of those word...)

Perfect for the fashionista in everyone, these vegan leather purse bags have removable and adjustable backpack straps and a handle on top to take cuteness with you wherever you go. The ideal size for a clutch or side bag, Sandy and Yummy Backpacks are both sophisticated and adorable for the ultimate statement piece. Elevate your sugary style with runway-ready backpacks designed for young girls and chic collectors alike. Each vegan leather backpack comes with a satin dust bag and interior pockets. Grab your favorite and sweeten up your style.

Both Yummy World Backpacks are limited editions of 300 pieces each. And you can pick them up for $75.00 each.

Kidrobot x Capcom Metallic Green Mega Man

Available for Cyber Week from Kidrobot, comes the new Kidrobot x Capcom Metallic Green Mega Man figure. The 3-inch tall vinyl figure features everyone's favorite video game android in this green colorway. The figure is currently available to order from Kidrobot for $9.99.