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24-inch Stache Labbit with Littons


Kidrobot has released the mother of all Labbits...quite literally. The 24-inch Stache Labbit with Littons, created by San Francisco pop artist Frank Kozik, includes five adorable baby Labbits - also known as Littons. Those 4-inch Littons come zipped in the large Labbit's pink satin-lined tummy...just in case you want to birth them. This plush is for true Labbit fans, as it will run you $150.00.

Amanda Visell’s Scaredy Labbit


Kidrobot has released a new 10-inch Labbit from artist Amanda Visell. The Scaredy Labbit features whimsical ghosts painted on each side of the Labbit's body. Each piece is hand painted so no two are exactly alike. The light blue colorway (pictured above) is a limited edition run exclusively for, while the dark blue (below) can be found at other retailers in addition to Kidrobot. They're currently available to purchase for $75.00 each.