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Adventure Time Lich & GID Version


Kidrobot has released the Adventure Time Lich in an original and GID version. The Lich’s sinister style has been captured in vinyl form. Standing in at 8 inches tall, The Lich Medium Figure comes in the main line colorway and a exclusive Glow In the Dark colorway. The Glow in the Dark version is only available at and is limited to 150 pieces. Both figures retail for $75.00.


“It Started as a Fever” Custom 20-inch Munny


"It Started as a Fever..." was one of six designs that were created by artists J*RYU and Linda Le for a series called "Faces of Death". Each 20-incht all mega MUNNY had an encapsulated storyline tied into the mythos of zombies, presented by using the inside of the head to establish the environment for which the MUNNY designed had emanated. For this piece, the piece details the origin of the "outbreak" where the dead would rise, and it starts in a hospital room where something terrible has happened. 

You can pick up this one-off piece only from Kidrobot, where it's selling for $1,500.00.


Street Fighter 3″ Blind Box Mini Series


Kidrobot and Capcom have teamed up again to release the Street Fighter 3-inch Blind Box Mini Series. This blind box series is currently available and features the following characters:

Birdie, Cammy, Charlie Nash, Chun Li, Dhalsim, Fang, Karin, Ken, Laura, M Bison, Mika, Necalli, Rashid, Ryu, Vega, and Zangief

You can pick one up at Kidrobot or look for them on Amazon. They should retail around $9.99 each.