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SDCC15: Kidrobot – Best Fiends Launch


Kidrobot and Seriously, a mobile entertainment start-up, have announced that they will debut their collectible Best Fiends vinyl at San Diego Comic Con 2015. The Best Fiends x Kidrobot Slug vinyl figures - male “Devourer” and female “Lola” - will be available for purchase for the first time at SDCC. These limited edition Slug vinyl figures will retail for $49.99.

They'll be at Kidrobot’s booth with a full takeover on Saturday, July 11th 2015 from 9AM until Noon. You'll be able to meet the lead character artist for Best Fiends, Miguel Francisco. Further Best Fiends collectibles from Kidrobot are slated for release later in 2015.


SDCC15: Kidrobot – Violet Soda Lady Dunny


Kidrobot and Junko Mizuno have revealed the long awaited Violet Soda Lady 8-inch Dunny with a special San Diego Comic Con Exclusive colorway, Berry Chocolate Lady. The regular edition will be released later in July, and both versions will sell for $100.00 each.

"The Purple Soda Girl Dunny that I designed in 2012 was very hard to create, so I'm really happy & excited that her big sisters, Violet Soda Lady and Berry Chocolate Lady, are coming out! I hope they will find a lot of happy owners! I think of my Purple Soda Girl Dunny from 2012 as a daughter of Kuro Megami that I designed for Kidrobot Black Series. When I designed her, I was using the photos I took of old god and goddess statues at Asian Art Museum as reference. So Kuro Megami is kind of like a goddess representing my art. Purple Soda Girl and the two new 8” Dunny’s are all her daughters who have the same goddess-like feeling." said Junko Mizuno on her inspiration for creating Violet Soda Lady and Berry Chocolate Lady.

Junk Mizuno will be signing at Kidrobot’s San Diego Comic Con booth #5645 on Thursday, July 9th 2015 from 1PM to 3PM and Friday, July 10th 2015 from 1PM to 3PM.

SDCC15: Kidrobot – No String on Me 8” Dunny


Kidrobot and WuzOne will be at San Diego Comic Con 2015 to release the first production piece by WuzOne for Kidrobot - No String on Me 8” Dunny. "This design is an example of what I have painted for seven years and also my current line of work. I have always attached great importance to the clean lines, bright colors and high contrasts. I am happy to finally have a production piece that will reach everyone. I think this Dunny will be a breath of fresh air anyone’s collection.” says WuzOne. The No Strings on Me Dunny will retail for $60.00.

SDCC15: Kidrobot – Adventure Time Exclusives


Kidrobot and Cartoon Network are teaming up to release a pair of 2015 San Diego Comic Con exclusives from their Adventure Time capsule figure line. The two exclusives will be the 6-inch tall Puff Finn Con Exclusive Colorway (pictured above) and a 6-inch tall Lord Monochromicorn Con Exclusive (shown below). Both limited edition figures will retail for $49.99 each and be available at the Kidrobot Booth #5645. 


Kidrobot Announces Mega Man Figure Series


Kidrobot and Capcom are teaming up to bring Mega Man (and his friends and enemies) to vinyl. The series will be launched at San Diego Comic Con 2015 with two Con exclusives: Break Man 7-inch Medium Figure and Mega Man Con Exclusive Colorway 7-inch Medium Figure. Both will retail for $49.99 and be available in limited quantities. The full release will include a Mega Man Keychain Series, 3-inch Blind Box Mini Series, and two 7-inch Vinyl Figures: Mega Man and Proto Man. They'll be available in stores and online beginning in September 2015.

These Gremlins are Phunny


Kid robot has announced a new 8-inch tall plush line - the Phunny. The Phunny joins the Dunny and Munny in Unny-related figure available from Kidrobot. The first series introduced will features an array of Gremlins characters including Gizmo, Stripe, and Mohawk. Apparently, Billy Peltzer just didn't fit well in this scale.

You can look for the Gremlins Phunny series to be available in stores and online in August 2015 and to retail for $16.99 each.

Kidrobot joins NECA Family of Companies

In a not so shocking bit of news, KR Purchase, LLC (a wholly owned subsidiary of National Entertainment Collectibles Association) and Kidrobot have announced the signing of a definitive agreement under which KR Purchase will acquire Kidrobot. The globally recognized creator of designer vinyl toys joins the growing NECA family of specialty entertainment companies, and will proceed as an artist-run company under the creative direction of Frank Kozik, renowned graphic artist and creator of the Labbit urban vinyl toy line.

“It’s rare to have the opportunity to join forces with an artist-centric company like this,” said Joel Weinshanker, COO of NECA. “We are doubly thrilled to be able to allow it to grow organically and flourish on its own, which is what we’re certain it will do with the involvement of Frank Kozik as Creative Director.”

“When Joel and NECA approached us about joining forces, about his intention to support us and allow Kidrobot to move forward with autonomy, I knew we had found the right partner," said Bob Africa, President of Kidrobot. “The timing of Frank agreeing to join us could not have been better and we are incredibly excited about Kidrobot’s future.”

Kidrobot will remain headquartered in their Boulder offices, while they are supported by NECA’s (located in Hillside, NJ) vast network of suppliers, creatives and internal team members.

Designer Toy Awards 20″ Dunny Live Painting


There will be a series of live painting events that the Designer Toy Awards, in association with Kidrobot, will be hosting at New York Comic Con. These will be broadcast live for half-an-hour each on Twitch.

The schedule is as follows:

Friday, October 10th
10:45am to 11:15am : Jon-Paul Kaiser
1:30pm to 2:00pm : Bwana Spoons
3:30pm to 4:00pm : David Finch

Saturday, October 11th
11:30am to 12 Noon : Scarecrowoven
1:30pm to 2:00pm : Jesse Hernandez

Sunday, October 12th
3:30pm to 4:00pm : So Youn Lee

After the pieces are completed, they will be brought back to the Designer Toy Awards HQ in preparation for them being displayed (and sold) as part of an exhibition at the Clutter Gallery in January 2015.