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Dairobo-Z 5-inch Dunny by Dolly Oblong


Now available from Kidrobot, the Dairobo-Z by Dolly Oblong is the second Dunny from the 5-inch Dunny Series. This Dunny is based on Dolly Oblong’s original custom Dunny creation displayed at the 2015 Designer Toy Award Dunny Show. This futuristic Dunny features a jet pack and a right arm blast. In addition to the standard blue colorway, you can pick up the purple glow in the dark colorway only at (limited to 250 pieces) for $34.99 each.


Otto Bjornik’s Reyna 20-inch Dunny & T-Shirts


Kidrobot has released Otto Bjornik's 20-inch Reyna Dunny and a pair of Shah Mat Dunny t-shirts. Reyna is a chess-piece inspired piece, wearing a crown and regal robe. Reyna is the perfect companion to Kidrobot's recently released Shah Mat Chess Set Dunny Series. Along with the Reyna Dunny, Shah Mat Dunny shirts are also debuting in both men's and women's styles.

The 20-inch Reyna Dunny runs $500.00, while the Shah Mat shirts are both available for $24.99.


Ghostbusters Phunny Plush


Kidrobot has released their new Ghostbusters Phunny Plush line of three Ghostbusters themed plush. There's Slimer, the Ghostbusters Logo, and the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man - each one measuring about 8 inches in height. You can order them now for $11.99 each. And then bring them with you to watch the new reboot of the Ghostbusters franchise...if you'r into that sort of thing.

Kidrobot x Sonic the Hedgehog


Kidrobot has announced a new partnership with SEGA, launching in Winter of 2016 that includes a line of Sonic the Hedgehog collectables. In celebration of Sonic’s 25th Anniversary, the collection features the blue blur captured in various game moments throughout his illustrious career. Lines include a Sonic the Hedgehog Blind Box Mini Series, a Sonic the Hedgehog Blind Box Keychain Series and a Sonic the Hedgehog Medium Figure.

Kidrobot is very happy to partner with SEGA. We are excited to bring Kidrobot’s unique style and sensibility to their ever-popular Sonic the Hedgehog brand,” said Allen Richardson, Kidrobot’s Vice President of Product and Marketing, on the project.

This collaboration brings together the fandom of pop culture icon Sonic the Hedgehog with the premier creative forces at Kidrobot. Fans across the world will be able to celebrate Sonic for years to come with this creative and fun partnership,” said Ivo Gerscovich, Chief Brand Officer-Sonic, and Sr. Vice President of SEGA of America.

Kidrobot x The Simpsons – Mr Sparkle


Kidrobot, via their teaming up with The Simpsons, has released the Mr. Sparkle Medium Figure. Mr. Sparkle measures approximately 7 inches tall and features the Japanese dishwashing detergent mascot who bears a strong resemblance to Homer Simpson. Mr. Sparkle is available in a traditional colorway (pictured above) and a Kidrobot exclusive gold sparkle colorway (shown below). Both Mr. Sparkle versions retail for $49.99.