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Andy Warhol Plush by Kidrobot

Kidrobot has released a new Andy Warhol inspired limited edition plush series based on iconic Warhol pieces. This line of high end plush will give any home a little pop of pop culture and makes a perfect holiday gift for the pop culture lover on your list. There's the Banana XL Plush ($150.00), Medium Yellow Banana ($19.99), Campbell's Can XL ($150.00), Medium White Brillo Box ($19.99), Revolver XL Plush ($150.00), Medium Campbell's Can ($19.99), Medium Revolver Plush ($19.99), and Medium Pink Banana Plush ($19.99).

8-inch TMNT Collectible Vinyl Art Figure Series

Kidrobot and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles team up again to present the brand new 8-inch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Collectible Vinyl Art Figure Series of epic turtle power proportions. Each figure comes in a faded colorway true to each turtle’s color and sporting their signature weapons. These also come in a exclusive colorway that blends from their signature color to black. These exclusives figures are limited to 250 pieces each. You can pick them up for $39.99 each.

Clear Resin 8″ Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny by Scott Tolleson

Kidrobot has released their extremely limited edition Clear Resin 8" Imperial Lotus Dragon Dunny by artist Scott Tolleson. It's the final evolution of the Imperial Lotus Dragon. This Artist-Proof version of the Lotus Dragon has been cast in clear resin using only one mold. The Dunny will have the stamen on the back of the head, as well as the matching Lotus Base.

The Crystal Lotus Dragon is securely packed in its own Dunny box with custom cut foam. Each set comes with a signed and numbered card by Scott Tolleson. This Dunny is a limited edition of 15 pieces and sells for $800.00.