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Kidrobot – Sonic the Hedgehog & Tails Plush

Kidrobot has announced a pair of new plush collectibles for fans of everyone's favorite Sega Genesis game - the 1992 video game Sonic the Hedgehog 2. The Sonic the Hedgehog and Tails Plush collectibles are available separately as 8-inch tall Phunny plushies. (Luckily, these are based on the game and not the upcoming film) You can grab both of these over at Kidrobot for $11.99 each.

Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Phunny

Kidrobot has released a new plush - the Nightmare On Elm Street Freddy Krueger Phunny Plush. You'll need to keep awake when around this creepy plush. Complete with a burnt face, signature striped sweater and razor-bladed glove, the Freddy Krueger plush is ready to complete your horror Phunny collection for $11.99.

Kidrobot announces New York Comic Con 2019 Exclusives

Kidrobot has announced their lineup of exclusive for New York International Comic Con 2019. They will be at the Kidrobot/NECA Booth #110, with the following collectibles.

Kidrobot x The Simpsons Nigiri Blinky Mini Figure
Rainbow Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 1500 pieces
$20.00 each

Kidrobot x Sanrio 3" Hello Kitty Unicorn
Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 1,000 pieces
$20.00 each

Kidrobot x Bob’s Burgers Louise Dragon with the Girl Tattoo Mini Figure
Red Chrome NYCC Exclusive Edition
Limited to 500 pieces
$15.00 each

Kidrobot x Bob’s Burgers Mini Figures

Kidrobot has released a few new figures based on their Bob's Burgers license.

The Louise Dragon with a Girl Tattoo, standing in at 3 inches tall, includes her detachable candy sack accessory. This figure can be purchased for $14.99.

The Bob's Burgers Trick or Treat Tour 3-inch Tall Vinyl Mini Series (the third series of Bob's Burgers mini figures) features 14 different blind-boxed 3-inch tall mini figures. The series is currently available for $9.99 per blind box.

Santa Muerte 8-inch Dunny Art Figures

Kidrobot has released a pair of limited edition Santa Muerte 8-inch Dunny Art Figures. Designed by artist Stephanie Buscema (of Kitschy Witch Designs), the Santa Muerte 8-inch Dunny comes in two editions - red and black - each having their own symbolism attached. Red Love Edition - a Santa Muerte figure clad in red typically represents all matters of the heart - love, lust, passion, and relationshipsBlack Protection Edition - a Santa Muerte figure in a black cloak may be worshipped in order to gain her protection or to remove curses, negativity.

The Love Edition is limited to 200 pieces worldwide, while the Protection Edition is limited to 400 pieces worldwide. Both versions can be purchased for $100.00.

Kidrobot Exclusive Kill Kat – Pumpkin Spice Edition

Kidrobot has announced their Kidrobot Exclusive Kill Kat - Pumpkin Spice Edition. The 6-inch tall Kill Kat art figure is designed by artist Andrew Bell.  There have been several colorways available - but only Kidrobot has the gall to bring us the evil seasonal flavor - pumpkin spice. This version is limited to a run of 400 pieces and you can currently pick one up for $45.00.

Kidrobot x WWE 3-inch Vinyl Mini Series

Kidrobot has announced a new collaboration with the folks from WWE to bring wrasslin' fans the new WWE 3-inch Vinyl Mini Series. This blind-box series includes 14 different characters to collect. They include: The Undertaker; Ultimate Warrior; Mystery Mini Figure; John Cena; The Rock; Charlotte Flair; Ronda Rousey; Shawn Michaels; Andre the Giant; Ric Flair; Roman Reigns; AJ Styles; Sasha Banks; Alexa Bliss. You can currently grab these from Kidrobot for $9.99 each.

Kidrobot – Spyro the Dragon 3-inch Vinyl Mini Series

Hitting you with some 1990's nostalgia, Kidrobot has announced their Spyro the Dragon 3-inch Vinyl Mini Series. Based on the classic videogame, this blind-box series includes 13 different vinyl figures based on characters from the game. They include: Spyro the Dragon; Spyro the Dragon GID; Moneybags; Hunter the Cheetah; Sheila the Kangaroo; Sgt. Byrd; Gnasty Gnorc; Bentley; Ripto; Bianca; Elora; Agent 9; Mystery Figure. You can grab these for $9.99 each.

Yummy World – Zoey and the YumYumables XL Plush

Kidrobot has released their newest Yummy World plush. The Zoey and the YumYumables XL Plush consists of Zoey and her kiddos - Charles the Ham, Chelsea the Cracker, and Chester the Cheese. The top of this XL 18-inch-wide plush peels back to velcro on and off, revealing an assortment of adorable pals ready to be stacked into snacky heaven. If you want to get your lunch on, you can pick one up now for $49.99.

Hello Kitty Kaiju Cosplay 16-inch Plush

Kidrobot x Sanrio have released a new plush collectible - the Hello Kitty Kaiju Cosplay 16-inch Plush. After a sold out San Diego Comic Con 2019 debut, this Kidrobot x Sanrio Hello Kitty Kaiju Plush is available to purchase for $29.99. Stomping around in her perfectly constructed dino costume, Hello Kitty is ready for a movie, a comic con, costume contest and most importantly your Hello Kitty collection.