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Adventure Time Finn with Changing Faces

jazwares at 10 finn 1

Jazwares will be releasing the Adventure Time 10-Inch Super Poseable Finn with Changing Faces. Bring Finn to life with various facial expressions - showing up to four different emotions. Look for this figure to retail around $17.99.

jazwares at 10 finn 2

Jazwares’ Adventure Time Plush Lines

jazwares at slamacow finn
jazwares at slamacow Jake

Jazwares will be releasing a pair of plush lines based on the popular Cartoon Network show - Adventure Time.

The Adventure Time 22-Inch Slamacows will be available as Jake and Finn. Simply ‘Slam’ the plush together and hear fan favorite sayings from the TV show. Look for them to retail around $24.99 each.

jazwares at plush

The Adventure Time 10-Inch Plush Assortment will feature fan favorites Jake and Finn. They're plush and they have Velcro. Look for the 10-Inch plush line (sold separately) to retail around $7.99 each.

Jazwares’ New Adventure Time Collectibles

jazwares at 2 2
jazwares at 2 1

Jazwares has revealed the new Adventure Time toy lines that will debut at Toys 'R' Us stores in just a few weeks. We'll be letting you know about five of them over the next several days.

jazwares at 2 3
jazwares at 2 4

The Adventure Time 2-Inch Collectible Packs feature a pair of 2-inch figures, base on your favorite characters from the show: Finn, Jake, The Ice King, Marceline, Lumpy Space Princess, and Lumpy Jake. Packs sold separately. Look for them to retail around $7.99 per pack.

jazwares at 5 finn

The Adventure Time 5-Inch Action Figure Assortment features slightly larger figures, including Adventure Time characters: Finn, Jake, The Ice King, and Telescoping Jake. Five-inch Finn comes complete with his sword to help slay evil, while 5-inch Jake comes with an extra fist accessory and the ever favorite Beemo. Look for these figures to retail around $9.99 each.

jazwares at 5 jake

Adventure Time Collector Pack Finn and Jake

adventure time

Fans of Cartoon Network's Adventure Time will be able to pick up the first items from the upcoming Jazwares toy line at San Diego Comic Con. The Adventure Time Collector Pack Finn and Jake two figure set will be available for $10.00 at the Entertainment Earth Booth (#2343). Series creator, Pendleton Ward, will be on hand at the booth for a two hour signing on Saturday from 10:00AM to Noon.

adventure time packaging

Jazwares’ Percy Jackson & the Olympians License

percy jackson logo

Jazwares has been awarded the toy license for the upcoming feature film Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief by Twentieth Century Fox Licensing & Merchandising. The Jazwares product line will include action figures and accessories inspired by the contemporary adventure-fantasy film, which arrives in theaters everywhere February 12, 2010.

The Jazwares line will include single 4” figures of Percy and Grover; 5” Medusa and Zeus; and 7” Hades. Also available will be a 2” two-pack assortment of figures, 24” Sword, and a light up pen.

SDCC Exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog JUVI

Metal Sonic Front 7.13
Metal Sonic Back 7.13

Here are some turnaround photos of the SDCC Exclusive Sonic the Hedgehog JUVI (Jazwares Urban Vinyl) from Jazwares. These will be made available for $17 each at the Con.

SDCC Exclusive Metal Sonic JUVI


Jazwares will release a special edition Metal Sonic JUVI (Jazwares Urban Vinyl) for San Diego Comic-Con that will be sold exclusively by Toys“R”Us.  The Comic-Con exclusive features a “metallic” finish on the never before seen fan favorite character, Metal Sonic!  A limited number of figures will be available for $17 at SDCC (July 23-26) at the Entertainment Earth booth (#2343) and online beginning July 23 at, while supplies last.

REVIEW: Mega Man Retro Roto Vinyl

OK…I’ll admit it.  I never owned an original Nintendo system…not even Super Nintendo.  I went from the Sega Master System to Sega Genesis.  We had Wonder Boy and Alex Kid…not that memorable.   At the same time, Nintendo had about 50 versions of the Mega Man console game available.


Jazwares had acquired the Mega Man license a few years ago.  They began producing 3, 6 and 10-inch plastic figures of characters from the very popular video game series.  While the 6 and 10-inch lines were more “action figure” based, the 3-inch line satisfied collectors looking for mini figures.

Jazwares has recently launched their Retro Roto Mega Man line.  The only similarity between these and their other Mega Man lines is the characters.  This line is made of rotocast vinyl, which in basic terms means: a mold is made, spun very quickly and plastic is injected into the mold – making the figure hollow.

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Retro Roto Megaman


Jazwares is proud to release it's brand new RETRO
ROTO Megaman
action figure line. These 6-inch
roto-molded soft PVC
figures accurately recreate
the Blue-Bomber and all his friends from the
original game artwork.

As a special bonus collect all five figures and
recieve a Bonus Build-A-Bot of Ful-Charge Megaman.
Choose heroic Megaman, the enigmatic Protoman, the
shocking Elecman, the ever-so shady Shadowman, or
the loveable brute Gutsman!