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James Dean – Red Jacket Version


Well, I'm not really sure how many fans of James Dean are still alive, let alone collection 1:6 scale figures.  But Hot Toys has released another spot on version of everyone's favorite Rebel Without a Cause featuring his red jacket from the aforementioned film.  The figure will include an extra set of hands as well as a right hand featuring his "classic hand sign". 

So, I'm just wondering when they'll do a Jim Backus figure, who played Dean's father in Rebel Without a Cause (and Thurston Howell III in Gilligan's Island).

Two-Face/Harvey Dent 1:6 Scale Figure


Hot Toys has announced the newest 1:6 scale figure from the Dark Knight movie series - Two-Face/Harvey Dent. Each figure features more than 32 points of articulation as well as the following accessories:

  • Two-Face accurate
    costume: destroyed suit, shirt, tie, pants and shoes
  • Alternate head with authentic
    likeness of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey Dent
  • Interchangeable Harvey
    Dent’s suit jacket
  • One set of interchangeable hands
  • Pistol
  • signature coin
  • 12 inches figure stand with
    Harvey Dent/ Two-Face nameplate

Michael Jackson Cosbaby


Hot Toys has announced their Michael Jackson 3" Mini Cosbaby line.  The line will include 7 different figures in various outfits that relate to MJ videos and live performances.  These include Black or White, Billie Jean, Thriller (Regular Version), HIStory, Moonwalker, Thriller (Werewolf Version) and one "secret" version. 

Oooo...I hope it's the Jesus Juice version, or maybe version where he's hanging his baby off of a balcony.

Brothersworker: 12″ tall – Seven


Designed by Brothersfree and produced by Hot Toys, the 1:6 scale Seven figure features the Hot Toys' True Type body with tattoos on his back and on upper arms.  The piece also comes with a ton of accessories designed for the construction trade.   Look for the figure to hit in the 4th quarter of 2008.

He’s Bad Alright…


I know that someone out there was probably just asking themselves..."I'd really like to pick up a creepy 1:6 scale Michael Jackson figure."  Well, you're in luck.  Hot Toys is bringing Jacko to collectors in this Billie Jean/History Tour edition.  He comes packaged with a bunch of different hand (where is the one for fondling underage boys?) and a microphone stand.  This is going to go great with my Macaulay Culkin figure!

The Joker: Bank Robber Edition


The newest figure from Hot Toys' The Dark Knight license is the 1:6 scale The Joker (Bank Robber version).  Not only does he come with the clown mask, but there are also interchangeable heads (slicked back hair and wavy).


DC Comics Batman Cosbaby


Hot Toys has announced their newest Cosbaby lineup - Batman.  There will be 7 announced figures plus 1 secret version: Batman (modern version), Batman (classic version), Robin, Batgirl, Catwoman, Joker and Two-Face.  These cute 3" tall figures will make a great addition to anyone's Batman collection.


She Predator – Machiko


The She Predator – Machiko is an original character designed by Hot Toys, inspired by the female character from the AVP comics.   Machiko is configured as a Human Warrior.   Helped by the Scar Predator, she is given all of the gear and skills of a traditional Predator.

If you ask me, I'd say the face sculpt looks like a rather famous Hollywood actress.  When I saw these photos, I thought..."when was Angelina Jolie in an Alien vs. Predator film?"

Kennyswork – Copperhead 18 – Dr. Cube


Fans of steampunk should get a kick out of Hot Toys newest offering.  Designed by Kennyswork, the Dr. Cube 1/6 scale figure is limited to a run of 300 pieces.  The figure is dressed up in copper welding attire, making it an obvious favorite of those collectors who are welders.  Any of you out there?


REVIEW: AVP Cosbaby Line



You might remember way back in 1993, Activision decided to release the Alien vs. Predator for the old SNES system.  You probably had it, while I was stuck with Sega Genesis or Intellivision or my old Tandy.  That game led to constant rumors about a film starring two of the meanest groups of aliens out there.  Some folks dream was realized (and possibly then shattered) with the release of the AVP: Alien vs. Predator film in 2004.

Hot Toys decided to commemorate that film by producing a line of Cosbaby toys based on the film.  The line is made up of six figures (in order above - Celtic Predator, Scar Predator, Chopper Predator, Alexa Woods, Grid Alien and Alien Warrior) that have turned these sometimes-scary characters into cute little babies.

Sideshow, which distributes the line, has sent in all six figures for this review.



The line is packaged in a mini (5” tall) box, with the actual figure contained in a plastic bag inside.  The packaging shows all of the figures, and while it looks like it may be blind boxed…there’s a little mark to show which character is contained within.

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