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MMSDX01 – The Joker


Hot Toys has unveiled more details of their MMSDX01 - The Joker figure. This 1/6 scaled villain masquerading as a Police Honor Guard is dressed in a highly detailed police uniform and features a metallic flag badge, embossed badges and an M1 Garand. Plus, the figure has a Joker head sculpt (minus the makeup) which captures his cold stare and horrific smile truly to his appearance in The Dark Knight movie.

1:6 Scale John Connor

1 Terminator Salvation_John Connor
6 Terminator Salvation_John Connor

Hot Toys has released more images of their 1:6 scale John Connor figure from the upcoming Terminator Salvation film. Now you can act out your favorite Christian Bale rant!

1:6 Scale Bio Hazard 5 Line


Hot Toys has acquired the Bio Hazard 5 (aka Resident Evil 5) license from Capcom and will be releasing 1/6th scale collectible figures under our Video Game Masterpieces Series. The above image is the only teaser that they've released.

1:6 Scale Don Vito Corleone


The 1:6 scale Bank Robber Joker might have some competition for the best sculpt of the past year. But it's another Hot Toys piece. From The Godfather, the 12” Don Vito Corleone collectible figure is going to be difficult to top. Just look at the close up photo of his face. It looks real!

Police Officer Joker


To celebrate Heath Ledger's best supporting actor Oscar, Hot Toys has released the teaser image to the left. Yep, they'll be releasing the 1:6 scale Police Officer Joker figure from The Dark Knight. This clean-faced version will be a limited edition piece.

If the Police Officer version is anywhere close to being as cool as the Bank Robber Joker, this will be another must-have piece.

Terminator Salvation Endoskeleton T-600


Hot Toys introduces their newest piece from the upcoming Terminator Salvation film. The Endoskeleton T-600 collectible figure is set for a May 2009 release. The massive killing machine-T-600 features :

  • Approximately 14" tall
  • Over 25 Points of articulations plus fully articulated fingers
  • Light- up eyes (cell button battery operated/battery included)
  • Accessories includes Gatling gun ammo pack with harness
  • Movie scene featured figure base with nameplate

Terminator Salvation: Endoskeleton T-700


Hot Toys is set to release their Terminator Salvation: Endoskeleton T-700 collectible figure this coming April. The Skynet’s foot soldier - T700 collectible figure features:

  • Approximately 12" tall
  • over 25 points of articulations plus fully articulated fingers and toes
  • Light-up eyes (cell button battery operated/battery included)
  • Movie scene featured figure base with nameplate

1:6 Scale Major Alan “Dutch” Schaefer


Hot Toys has released final photos of their 1:6th scale Arnold Schwarzenegger as Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer collectible figure. From the hit 80s film - Predator - this piece stands approximately 30 cm tall and features Hot Toys' muscled figure body with over 21 points of articulation. This Dutch figure features Authentic Arnold Schwarzenegger likeness with painted camouflage face. Another amazing Hot Toys sculpt.

Terminator Salvation – Terminator Factory – T700 Diorama

1 Terminator Factory - T 700 Diorama
3 Terminator Factory - T 700 Diorama
5 Terminator Factory - T 700 Diorama

Hot Toys is proud to bring you the first item from their Terminator Salvation product lineup - Terminator Factory - T700 Diorama. This diorama captures T700 in assembly line at the Terminator factory. It’s true to 1:6 scale and approximately stands 15"/40cm tall and features T700 light up eyes and a light up button on the manufacturing machine. Each diorama features the Terminator Salvation logo base. Look for it to be released in April 2009.

Michael Jackson Mini Cosbaby Line


Hot Toys has released photos of their Michael Jackson Mini Cosbaby line. (we previously showed your the artwork for the figures) The 7 characters included will all be various version of The King of Pop: Billie Jean, History, Black or White, Moonwalker, Thriller (regular version), Thriller (werewolf version) and one secret version.