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Volume 7 of Hi-Fructose Arrives in March


The new issue of Hi-Fructose magazine hits store shelves in March.  What will be in one of our favorite publications?  I'm glad you asked!

Featuring: cover artist Paul Pope, an extensive feature on the art of and interview with Chris Mars, the art of Naoto Hattori, Xiaoqing Ding, KrK Ryden, ghost stories: the art of Edwin Ushiro, and the collage murals of Freek Drent.  Plus Kukula, KMNDZ, Brian Dettmer, Amy Casey, Jonathan Wayshak, Gregory Jacobsen, Peap, Dave Cooper's "Bent" Show, Exclusive shots by photographer Brian McCarty, Designer Vinyl, and much more yet to be revealed!


HI-FRUCTOSE and Gallery 1988 Present-Bitters and Sweets


Hi-Fructose & Gallery 1988 Present: BITTERS AND SWEETS, which opens on November 6th.  The show begins at 7PM and runs until 10PM.  The run of thw show will through November 30th.

This show, curated by Annie Owens and Attaboy, will exhibit some of the fine artists gracing the pages of Hi-Fructose Magazine, past, present and future.  The theme is loosely based on Hi-Frustose’s namesake…the toxic sweetener.  It will also be the launch spot for Vol.6 of Hi-Fructose.

7020 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90038

Hi-Fructose Volume VI


Hi-Fructose Under the Counter Culture and Art Magazine Volume VI is currently at press and will arrive in November.  Attaboy and Annie Owens have put together another amazing issue, so bust out those reading glasses.

Featuring:  Yoko D'Holbachie, art and interview with Jonathan Weiner, up all night with artist Jordan Crane, the subterranean art of Marion Peck , Audrey Kawasaki, Jason D'aquino, and the amazing sculptures of Ron Mueck.  Multi-Page Exposes on Ken Keirns, Apak, Angry Woebots, Bob Dob's Luey's shot by Brian McCarty, Designer Vinyl, and much more yet to be revealed!


Hi Fructose Volume 5


The critically acclaimed under the counter culture art magazine Hi-Fructose returns this summer
with Volume 5

Featuring: cover artist Amy Sol, the awe inspiring art and interview with James Jean, the undisclosed locations of Mars-1, the beautiful paintings of Lori Earle, and the ever curious bipeds of Travis Louie.

Multi-Page Exposes on: Pars Kid, the Packaging Tape Baby Street installations of Mark Jenkins, the punch drunk paintings of Brendan Danielsson, Friends With You's Rainbow Valley, Josh Keyes, Designer Vinyl, and much more yet to be revealed!


Hi Fructose Vol.4 Preview

So check it are a few preview layouts from 4th iteration of Hi-Fructose magazine. They don't want to give away too much, but Atta and Annie thought they'd share a few images with us.
I would equate it to paging through the mag at your local bookstore...while sipping a vendi skim latte.  You can still pre-order a copy...or just subscribe (that way you don't have to be hassled by the other folks who feel like listening to the latest Yanni album in the community headphones. 

Below are just a few artists in this issue: Ray Caesar, Fawn Gehweiler,
Sauer Kids, Ragnar, Gary Taxali, and Michael Salter.


Hi Fructose – Volume 4


The fourth volume of Hi Fructose Magazine returns
this winter (mid December-ish) with more under the counter culture and toysploitation to sink your
rotten teeth into.  This issue features an extensive interview with Ray Ceasar (featured on the cover), the tiled street abduction of Space Invader, the doe-eyed-sweet art of Fawn Gehweiler, Ragnar's hobos and vixens, and an interview with Gary Taxali! Plus multipage exposes on Kozik's The Bird is the Word, The Gorillaz as shot by Brian McCarty, Leslie Repetaux (aka Black Olive), Sauer Kids, Sam Buxton, Wilfred Wood, a journey into Longo Land, the best Designer toys and much, much more.

Hi-Fructose Vol. 3 Sneak Peek


Hi-Fructose magazine returns this summer with Vol.3 of more Under the Counter Culture.

This edition features:

Mark Ryden, Jim Woodring, Chris Ware, Maywa Denki, Craola, Wonderfarmers…as well as designer toy exposes and another specially created D.I.Y. paper pattern by RediMech

Plus…a special Viewmaster® Photo Reel featuring the latest toy photos from photographer Brian McCarty (in 3-D) will be included in each magazine.  (Shots include Sam Flores' new Vinyl figure "Fatima" and more.)  Viewmaster reels are available while supplies last.

Check out these photos of Volume 3.  Unless you have super-amazing might want to buy the actual magazine when it's released.