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Nendoroid Noriaki Kakyoin

From GoodSmile, and the anime "JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders", comes a Nendoroid Noriaki Kakyoin. The figure comes with three face plates, including his standard expression, his intrepid smiling expression, and his cherry-eating "Rero Rero" expression. The smiling expression features scarred eyes from after his fight with N'Doul, so sunglasses are included as an optional part. The figure also includes a number of different hand parts, Including a hand holding his beloved cherries. Effect parts based on his stand, Hierophant Green, are included as well so you can easily recreate battle scenes.

The Nendoroid Noriaki Kakyoin is currently available to pre-order for ¥4,630 (about $42). The pre-order window runs through February 20th 2019 and the figure will be shipping out in May 2019.

Shin Megami Tensei – Pyro Jack Nendoroid

From ATLUS's popular RPG series Shin Megami Tensei comes a Nendoroid of the innocent, mischief-loving demon Pyro Jack. The figure includes a fireball as an optional part, as well as a special riding body part for use with Nendoroid Jack Frost (sold separately) to display Nendoroid Jack Frost riding on his back (shown below). Pyro Jack's eyes are articulated, allowing you to change the way he is looking to match his pose. 

The figure is currently available to pre-order from GoodSmile for ¥4,444 (about $40). The pre-order window closes on January 23rd 2019, with the figure slated to begin shipping in July 2019.

Riko and Reg Nendoroids from Made in Abyss

From the popular anime series Made in Abyss comes a pair of new Nendoroid figures available to pre-order from GoodSmile. Riko (shown above with the blonde hair) includes three face plates (standard, starry-eyed, and her gentle smiling expressions), her red whistle, and a helmet. The figure is currently available to pre-order for ¥5,093 (about $45.00) and is expected to ship in August 2019. The pre-order window closes on February 13th 2019.

The humanlike robot Reg (about with brown hair) includes three face plates (cute and cool standard expression, awakened expression, and embarrassed blushing expression). His helmet and mantle can be removed for multiple posing options. He also comes with an extended arm and incinerator effect sheet. The figure is currently available to pre-order for ¥5,463 (about $49.00) and is expected to ship in August 2019. The pre-order window closes on February 13th 2019.

Toy Story: Nendoroid Woody and Buzz Lightyear

From the hit movie series Toy Story comes a pair of Nendoroid of the main GoodSmile has made their Nendoroid Woody and Nendoroid Buzz Lightyear available for pre-order.

The Nendoroid Woody figure is fully articulated and features articulated eyes that allow you to change the direction he is looking. Nendoroid Woody has been sculpted taller than the average Nendoroid in order to properly depict the height difference between him and Nendoroid Buzz Lightyear. Available in a standard and DX version, the DX version includes special crossed arm parts, two additional face plates, and two additional sets of eye parts. The DX version is available to pre-order for ¥6,389 (about $57.00), while the standard version runs ¥4,537 (about $40.00).

The Buzz Lightyear Nendoroid also includes articulated eye parts, allowing you to change the direction he is looking. In addition, Buzz's visor can be removed. The DX version includes special arm parts (so you can display Buzz readying his laser beam), a serious expression face plate, and two additional sets of eye parts. A special stand is included so you can display Buzz with Nendoroid Woody (sold separately) "falling with style". The DX version is available to pre-order for ¥6,389 (about $57.00), while the standard version runs ¥4,537 (about $40.00).

The pre-order for both of these figures runs through February 13th 2019, with a product release scheduled in July 2019.

Beam Kirby joins the Nendoroid Lineup

From the popular "Kirby" video game series, GoodSmile has announced the new Beam Kirby Nendoroid. The Nendoroid makes use of a number of magnets for posing, making Kirby's movements look natural and easy to pose. The figure comes with four faceplates, including his standard smiling expression, a cute straight-faced expression, an expression with his mouth wide open to display him using his inhaling ability, and an expanded expression to show him filled up after inhaling. You can use the included beam to display Kirby using his beam ability.

You can currently pre-order the nearly 2.5-inch tall Kirby Nendoroid for ¥4,800 (about $43.00). The pre-order window closes on February 13th 2019, with the Kirby figure being released in August 2019.

Nendoroid Lúcio: Classic Skin Edition

From the globally popular multiplayer team-based shooter Overwatch comes the twelfth Nendoroid figure from the series - Lúcio. The Nendoroid Lúcio: Classic Skin Edition its currently available to pre-order from GoodSmile. The figure features several points of articulation, including his hair, allowing you to display him in all kinds of acrobatic poses. He comes with a smiling and grinning expression, his Sonic Amplifier, along with translucent effect parts that allow you to recreate his iconic in-game abilities. Pose him firing his Soundwave, or display him performing his Sound Barrier ultimate ability with the included clear effect sheet. Nendoroid Lúcio also comes with both yellow and green skate blade parts as well as wall-riding effect parts, allowing you to display him speeding around amplifying his team's movement speed or regenerating their health.

You can currently pre-order the figure for $49.99. The pre-order window is open through February 7th 2019, with a release anticipated for August 2019.

GoodSmile announces the Overwatch figma Pharah

GoodSmile has announced the pre-order release details for their latest Overwatch figure - the figma Pharah. From the globally popular multiplayer first-person shooter game - Overwatch - comes this posable 6-inch tall figure. Featuring an optional Rocket Launcher as well as interchangeable shoulder parts to display her using her Barrage ultimate ability, Pharah also includes two head pieces (with or without her helmet) and an articulated figma stand to allow for various poses.

The figure is currently available to pre-order for $89.99. The pre-order window closes on January 30th 2019 with an anticipated release date in October 2019.

Disney’s “Aladdin” Genie Nendoroid

The Nendoroid Genie from Disney's classic animated film Aladdin is now available for pre-order from GoodSmile. The nearly 5-inch tall figure comes with a magic lamp and hat as optional parts, along with interchangeable eyes and an interchangeable lower half part (meaning legs or that swirly body part coming out of the lantern). Priced at ¥7,200 (about $65.00) the pre-order window closes on January 16th 2019. Look for it to begin shipping in June 2019.

Deadpool: Breaking the Fourth Wall Re-release

GoodSmile has announced that their Deadpool: Breaking the Fourth Wall figure is being re-released and will now be available for purchase in the US. This re-release features Marvel's unique hero - Deadpool - in a completely original pose. He is sculpted bursting out from the pages of a comic in an acrobatic pose and has been painted in a way that attempts to mimic the shadows and highlights normally seen in comic books. There are various sound effects and comic pages bursting out together with the character.

The approximately 9.5-inch tall figure is available to pre-order through February 19th 2019. It's slated to begin shipping in August 2019 and can be purchased for ¥24,815 (about $220.00).

Goblin Slayer Nendoroid

From GoodSmile and the popular anime series Goblin Slayer comes a fully articulated Nendoroid of the odd adventurer who only accepts goblin extermination quests - Goblin Slayer. His specialized armor for fighting goblins has been faithfully recreated in Nendoroid form. Translucent parts have been used to create an optional part to show off his distinct eye glint effect. He also comes with a sword, a torch, a blood-dripping club, and a goblin figure. 

Currently available to pre-order from GSC, the pre-order wraps up on January 9th 2019. The figure will be released in July 2019. You can pre-order your own for ¥4,500 (about $40.00)