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REVIEW: Raul Ghost Softies



Late last year, we reviewed one of the first plush creations from Fuzzy Balls Apparel…a company known for their cute and creepy t-shirt designs. Named Raul, the handmade plush was a recreation of one of their popular t-shirt characters. We also saw Raul as a part of their Los Huevos resin figure line.

At San Diego Comic Con, FBA had a quite impressive display of Raul Ghost Softies. While they were only available in white, gray or black when sold online, the Raul Ghost Softies at SDCC were made of various fabric patterns. We’ll be looking at the Raul made using green argyle fabric.


The Facts

Raul Ghost Softie
Series: Softies
Manufacturer: Fuzzy Balls Apparel
Material: Plush
Height: 13.5”

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REVIEW: Raul Softie



Fuzzy Balls Apparel is known for their…well…apparel.  Designer Roy Wasson Valle has released a number of shirts for men, women and kids.  And one of his most popular characters is that of the little skull-faced Raul.

You might remember FBA’s Los Huevos line of little resin eggs.  Raul was depicted in one of the four sculpts from that line.  And now they’ve released him as a plush in the Raul Softie.



Nothing really in the way of packaging since it’s a plush.  The Raul Softie does have a tag for the Softies line, as well as a pack of little stickers.

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