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The Terminator ReAction Series

Funko ReAction Terminator T800
Funko ReAction Terminator T800 Endoskeleton

Pretty much every and any film and television property from the 1980's and 1990's has the possibility of finding its way into a Funko x Super7 produced ReAction figure series. Full House? Maybe. Manimal? Why not. Charles in Charge? Of course.

One license we know for sure is that of The Terminator. There are plans for five figures based on the original film (from 1984) in the Terminator saga. Those figures are: T800 Terminator; T800 Endoskeleton; Kyle Reese; Sarah Connor; The Terminator.

Funko ReAction Terminator Kyle Reese
Funko ReAction Terminator Sarah Connor
Funko ReAction Terminator

ReAction: Back To The Future

Funko ReAction BTTF Doc
Funko ReAction BTTF Marty

Here's another one of them there good old fashioned ReAction figure series from the folks at Funko and Super7. This time, you can be transported back to 1955 in Hill Valley, CA.'s the Back To The Future ReAction line. This will feature four figures as their 1955 selves...although, technically, Marty is his 1985 self in 1955. The characters include Doc Brown, Marty McFly, George McFly, and Biff Tannen. I must say...I haven't seen sculpting work like that of the disheveled George McFly (untucked shirt) since old Kenner action figures.

Funko ReAction BTTF George
Funko ReAction BTTF Biff

Pulp Fiction ReAction

Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Jules
Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Vincent

One of the most anticipated lines of 2014 is the Funko x Super7 ReAction series. Introduced with their retro-styled Alien figures, the lines is taking on many more properties this year. Over the next several days, we'll be showing you some of these 3.75" tall Kenner inspired figures.

Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Butch
Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Gimp

Starting with....Pulp Fiction. There have been eight figures revealed. But only care about The Gimp. In addition to him, you'll be able to pick up Jules Winnfield, Vincent Vega, Butch Coolidge, Marsellus Wallace, Mia Wallace, The Wolf, and Jimmy Dimmick

Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Marsellus
Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Mia

Gather 'round the kids and act out your favorite scene from the film. Mia's OD? Bring out The Gimp? It's all possible.

Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction The Wolf
Funko ReAction Pulp Fiction Jimmy

Funko’s Arrested Development POP! Series

Funko POP AD Michael Bluth

This June, you'll want to keep your eye out for Funko's Pop! Television: Arrested Development vinyl series. Remember...there's always money in the banana stand.

The nine announced figures include: Michael Bluth; Tobias Funke (Never Nude and I Blue Myself versions); Buster Bluth (Hook and Army versions); George Bluth Sr.; Gob Bluth; George-Michael Bluth (Banana Stand); Michael Bluth (Banana Stand).

Funko POP AD Tobias Funke
Funko POP AD Tobias Funke Blue
Funko POP AD Buster Bluth
Funko POP AD Buster Bluth Army
Funko POP AD George Bluth Sr
Funko POP AD Gob Bluth
Funko POP AD George Michael Bluth
Funko POP AD Michael Bluth BS