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Funko’s Uglydoll Pop! Series

Uglydoll Funko Wage

Here's some big news for fans of Uglydolls. Pretty Ugly will be teaming up with Funko to release some of their most popular characters in Funko's Pop! Vinyl stylized figure line. We'll see Wage, Ox, Ninja Batty Shogun, Little Babo and Ice-Bat released in this platform.

I think that Uglydoll fans will really enjoy these. I like how the characters resemble baby Uglydolls. They are to Uglydolls what Muppet Babies were to The Muppets.

Uglydoll Funko Ox
Uglydoll Funko Ninja Batty Shogun
Uglydoll Funko Little Babo
Uglydoll Funko Ice Bat

DC Comics and KISS BLOX

blox batman

Funko will be adding a few new series to their BLOX line. BLOX are described as "Urban Art with distinctive cut-out styling and sculpted details, which are displayed in a mostly flat way." The figures stand in around 7" in height.

blox joker

The DC Comics BLOX will include both Batman and The Joker (with those crazy, hypnotizing eyes). There will also be a KISS BLOX featuring The Demon (Gene Simmons). Both series will be available beginning on December 19th 2011.

blox kiss

POP! Star Wars: Series 2

funko pop star wars

Funko will be releasing their POP! Star Wars: Series 2. These are Funko's stylized vinyl versions of some of the most well-known Star wars characters, including:

Luke Skywalker Jedi, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, Boba Fett, Darth Maul, and Gamorrean Guard

Look for these to begin hitting retailers around November 10th 2011...just in time for your holiday shopping season.

Beavis and Butt-head Wacky Wobblers

funko beavis
funko butthead

Fifteen year ago...I would have been psyched for these. In August 2011, Funko will be releasing their talking Beavis and Butt-head Wacky Wobblers. Each talking figure features four quotes...check 'em out below:


"I'm gonna have my own show. It's gonna be called, Big Boobs & Fire!"
"So umm, hey, how's it goin?"


"Come to Butt-Head."
"Uhh, Sir? I'm afraid I'm gonna have to kick your ass."
"This rocks."
"Whoa! That's cool!"