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Funko’s The Book of Life Toys


The Book of Life is an upcoming film (October 17 2014) from Reel FX and 20th Century Fox. It's the first film from Reel FX since Free Birds. And Funko will be releasing both Pop! and Legacy Series from the film. The Pop! Movies: The Book of Life (pictured above) will hit shops before the film release - September 2014. Also, The Book of Life Legacy Series (pictured below) will give collectors a little more realistic look at the animated film's characters. These figure should be Available in October 2014.


Pop! Television: American Horror Story


When I think of television series that lend themselves perfectly to Funko's cute little Pop! Television line...American Horror Story probably would land somewhere between Deadwood and True Blood. But, hell, if they're releasing figures from True Blood and Breaking Bad, I'm guessing that some lines are made to cater more towards adult collectors.

This series of American Horror Story Pop! figures features characters from both Season One and Season Three of the popular FX anthology series. They should start hitting your favorite shops around September 2014...just in time to celebrate the new season premiere.


Pop! Rides: TMNT Turtle Van


Since I don't actually have any of them...I almost always forget that those little Pop! vinyl figures from Funko are so small.  It's not until I see someone manhandling one that I realize I'm either looking at the world's largest hands...or these guys are minifigs.

Then, when they release something like the Pop! Rides: TMNT Turtle Van, I reassure myself that we're not talking about something the size of a Smart car. I won't be battling any of these things for parking spots. Or maybe I will...we shall see come September 2014.