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Pop! TV – Mad Men Series

Funko has announced the new Pop! TV - Mad Men Series based on the AMC television series that ran from 2007 through 2015. Time travel to the 1960s with your favorite Mad Men characters including Pop! Don Draper, Pop! Peggy Olson, Pop! Betty Draper, Pop! Roger Sterling, and Pop! Joan Holloway.

Look for these Pop! collectibles to be available to purchase over at

Pop! Harry Potter Series

Funko has announced a few additions (nine, to be exact) to their Pop! Harry Potter Series. Celebrate the most magical fandom of them all with your favorite witches and wizards wearing their Yule Ball finest. Bring home Pop! Ginny Weasley, Pop! Professor McGonagall, Pop! Fred Weasley, Pop! George Weasley, Pop! Parvati Patil, Pop! Cho Chang, Pop! Padma Patil, Pop! Severus Snape, and Durmstrang headmaster Pop! Igor Karkaroff.

Look for these figures to be available to pre-order over at While you're there...they have a ton of other Pop! Harry Potter figures.

Pop! Sanrio – Hello Kitty Series

Funko is back with a new series of Hello Kitty collectibles. The Pop! Sanrio: Hello Kitty Series adds the following figures: Pop! Hello Kitty Classic; Pop! Hello Kitty KBS; Pop! Hello Kitty Sweet Treat; Pop! Hello Kitty Anniversary (with a chase variant). Also, a Pop! Hello Kitty Gamer is available as a GameStop Exclusive.

Look for these, along with a number of other Hello Kitty Pop! figures, to be available to purchase over at

Coming Soon from Funko: IT Chapter 2

Fans of horror, Stephen King, and clowns, rejoice! Pennywise the dancing clown is ready to dance his way into your collection. The fine folks from Funko have announced a couple of lines based on the upcoming film - IT Chapter 2.

The IT Chapter 2 Mystery Mini Series includes Pennywise with open arms, Pennywise with Derry balloons, Pennywise with a dog tongue, Pennywise with a beaver hat, Georgie as a zombie, Henry Bowers, Dean, Bill Denbrough, Ben Hanscom, Stanley Uris, Mike Hanlon, Eddie Kaspbrak, Richie Tozier, Beverly Marsh, and Young Henry Bowers. Also, there will be a few exclusive Mystery Mini figures, including Pennywise with a skateboard, Dean without a hood, and Bill with the bloody boat (all exclusive to Hot Topic) and Pennywise with a blade, Ben with “Home at Last”, and bloody Beverly Marsh (all exclusive to Walmart).

For fans of Pop! figures, there's a number of new Pop! IT Chapter 2 figures based on Pennywise the Clown. There's a 10-inch tall Pop! Pennywise with a boat, Pop! Pennywise with open arms, Pop! Pennywise with a balloon, and Pop! Pennywise with dog tongue. Plus, there are a few store exclusive, including the Pop! Pennywise with a skateboard (Hot Topic), Pop! Pennywise with a beaver hat (FYE), and a Pop! Pennywise with a blade (Walmart).

Look for these to be available to purchase over at

Funko – The Dark Crystal Action Figures and Pop! Series

Funko has announced two new series based on the highly-anticipated Netflix series - The Dark Crystal. The Dark Crystal Action Figure Series will include the Guard of the Castle of the Crystal Rian, the gelfling Deet, the Hunter, Hup, Aughra the Oracle, and a Silk Spitter.

Also, they'll be bringing Pop! The Dark Crystal Series to collectors. The announced characters that will be joining that lineup include: Rian, Deet, Hup, the Hunter, Aughra, The Chamberlain (Target Exclusive), Deet Glow (FYE Exclusive), and the Hunter with a silver mask (Funko Shop Exclusive).

Look for these - plus, some figures from the original The Dark Crystal film - to be available over at

Pop! Mascots – NHL Series (But where’s Stormy?!?)

You might have though that Funko's Pop! NHL line was only for the players...well they've announced the new Pop! Mascots: NHL Series. There's the Chicago Blackhawks’ Tommy HawkNew Jersey Devils’ NJ DevilBoston Bruins’ Blades, Philadelphia Flyers’ Gritty, and Vegas Golden Knights’ Chance. There's also a Grosnor Exclusive in the Toronto Maple Leafs' Carlton. But my question is....where is everyone's favorite Ice Hog....Stormy?

Look for the Pop! NHL Mascots to be available over at (where you can already purchase a number of the Pop! NHL players...).

Pop! Movies – James Bond Series

Funko has announced some additions to their Pop! Movies - James Bond Series. They include agent 007 as a Pop! James Bond from Quantum of Solace, Pop! James Bond from Casino Royale, Pop! M, Pop! Honey Ryder, Pop! Baron Samedi, Pop! Le Chiffre, Pop! James Bond from Goldeneye, and Pop! Eve Moneypenny. Also, they've announced a Pop! James Bond from Spectre is available as a Funko Specialty Series exclusive.

Look for these to be available to purchase (amongst a number of other Funko James Bond figures) over at

Pop! Movies: A Bunch of Tom Hanks Films…

Funko has just announced a whole bunch of Pop! Movies figures...with the main theme being Tom Hanks Films

From A League Of Their Own, there's the Pop! Dottie and Pop! Jimmy.

From the film Cast Away, there's Pop! Chuck and his best friend Wilson the volleyball. Also, the Pop! Chuck holding a spear with a crab is available exclusively at Target.

Finally, from the 1980's film Big, you can grab a Pop! Josh wearing his piano outfit, Pop! Josh in a "big" coat, and Pop! 6-inch tall Zoltar. And the Pop! Josh Baskin wearing a tuxedo is available as a Target exclusive.

Look for these - and lot os additional Pop! figures - to be available to purchase over at

SDCC19: Funko Exclusives

Funko will be well represented at San Diego Comic-Con 2019. Not only will they have their own booth (#5341), but there will be a SDCC x Funko booth (#100). As you can see above, there are a number of exclusives shared with a ton of retailers. Pricing-wise, look for those show exclusives to run the following amounts:

Pop!: Regular - $15.00
Pop!: 2-pack - $30.00
Pop!: 3-pack - $35.00

Pop! Tee - $20.00
Pop! Ride - $40.00
6” Pop! - $25.00
Rock Candy - $15.00
Vynl. - $20.00
Skateboard Deck - $60.00
Pez - $8.00

Pop! TV – Game of Thrones, Doctor Who, and The Simpsons

Funko has announced several new Pop! figures based on various television show licenses. They include the Pop! Moment Game of Thrones figure features the Pop! duo of Daenerys and Jorah with swords. Also, there's the (sorry for the spoiler) Queen of the North with a new Pop! Sansa Stark.

If Doctor Who is more your style, Funko has announced the Pop! Thirteenth Doctor wearing googles, Pop! Reconnaissance Dalek and Pop! Kerblam Man.

But if you're into The Simpsons and Halloween...there's the Pop! Treehouse of Horror Halloween figures. You can bring the horror home with Pop! King Homer, Pop! Panther Marge, Pop! Fly Boy Bart, Pop! Demon Lisa, and Pop! Alien Maggie.

Look for all of these to be available to purchase or pre-order over at