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Pop! Television: South Park Wave 2

Funko has announced Wave 2 of their Pop! Television: South Park series. Straight from that quaint little town in Colorado, this series features Stan, Kyle, Professor Chaos, Terrance, and Phillip. Both Terrance and Phillip will feature chase variants (1-in-6 rarities) with them holding a Canadian flag. In addition, Goth Stan will be available exclusively at Hot Topic. And Cartman with Clyde will only be available at GameStop.

If you're interested in pre-ordering these, or picking up some of the previously released South Park Pop! figures, go check out

Pop! Movies: Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining

One of my favorite horror films from the 1980's is getting the Funko Pop! treatment. The Pop! Movies: Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining series has been announced for a summer 2017 release. The lineup will include the Torrance family: Jack with signature axe; Wendy toting a knife; and Danny with his own knife. There will be a special chase Frozen Jack available - a 1-in-6 rarity.

In addition, look for The Grady Twins available only at Target. And you can find a special chase chase piece of The Grady Twins, featured in blood - a rarity of 1-in-6 (likely right next to the Paw Patrol stuff).

But if you can't wait, already has a number of these available to pre-order. I know, because I've pre-ordered mine.

Dorbz: Horror and Pop! Horror Series 4

How can something so cute also be so scary? Well Funko's Dorbz: Horror series is a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside an enigma. A new wave of Horror Dorbz has arrived featuring the ghost with the most - Beetlejuice, Pennywise the Dancing Clown from Stephen King’s IT (1990), and Jack Torrance complete with his signature axe from The Shining. Also, look for the frozen version of Jack Torrance - a chase with a rarity of 1-in-6. There will also be a few exclusives, including the Flocked Gizmo (Hot Topic) and Plaid Shirt Version of Beetlejuice (Books-A-Million).

Also, the Pop!: Horror Series 4 features Carrie in her iconic bloody prom dress; From the horror classic Psycho, the infamous Norman Bates, dressed as mother; Tiffany, Chucky’s frightening partner in crime from Bride of Chucky; And, from the Conjuring franchise, the evil possessed doll, Annabelle. The Bride of Chucky chase variant, Tiffany splattered in blood, is a 1-in-6 rarity. And the black and white version of Norman Bates will be exclusive to FYE.

If you're interested in pre-ordering any of these (except for the exclusives), you can head on over to - where they have many of these figures available for pre-order.

Pop! Television: Mystery Science Theater 3000

At the beginning of this year, we announced that Funko would be releasing a series of Pop! Television: Mystery Science Theater 3000 figures. At that time, all that was available were artist renderings. But Funko has now released actual image of both the Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot Pop! vinyl figures. Now, (or more likely October 2017, when they're released) you can set them on your lonely sofa and riff away with your robotic pals at awful B-movies...just like the professionals.

[And since I have life-size replicas of both of these guys in my abode...there's no doubt I will be purchasing them]

Pop! Disney: DuckTales Series 1

The richest duck in the world Scrooge McDuck, and his triplet grandnephews Huey, Dewey, and Louie are getting the Funko Pop! vinyl treatment. The Pop! Disney: DuckTales Series 1 includes Scrooge, Huey, Dewey, LouieWebbigail (holding her Quacky Patch doll), and the Magica De Spell Exclusive (complete with her crow Gennarino) available only at GameStop.

If you're looking to pre-order these, you can head over to, where they already have the Duck Tales Pop! figures available for pre-order.

Funko introduces their Vnyl. Line

Funko has introduced their Vynl. line - a brand new line of stylized vinyl collectibles created with pop culture fanatics in mind (and obviously not spellcheck).

Vynl. will take a new approach to collecting by showcasing the intricate relationships between beloved characters through a playful new aesthetic and display-ready collector packaging. As this new line of figures is centered around character relationships, every Vynl. release will contain two figures in order to highlight the connection between both characters and play off of their respective storylines.

This line will make its debut at San Diego Comic Con 2017 with Batgirl and Poison Ivy. Then, later this summer, you’ll be able to collect
Freddy Krueger and Jason, Sally and Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas, and He-Man and Trapjaw from The Masters of the Universe.

HBO x Funko announce more Game of Thrones

HBO and Funko have partnered for several new Game of Thrones figures from various different lines. There's the newest series of Dorbz: Game of Thrones figures featuring adorable takes on beloved characters from the hit HBO series, such as Cersei Lannister, Jaime LannisterArya Stark, Jon Snow, and Melisandre. Also, be on the lookout for the limited Melisandre chase edition: 1- in-6 Melisandre Dorbz produced will glow red.

Also, the Rock Candy: Game of Thrones, for the very first time, will include Daenerys Targaryen and Brienne of Tarth reimagined as Rock Candy figures.

Finally, the Pop! Game of Thrones: Battle of the Bastards 2-Pack features Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton as they faced off in one of the most epic battles in the history of Westeros.

Funko goes all Stranger Things

Funko has announced a number of new lines and series based on the hit Netflix series Stranger Things.

The Mystery Mini: Stranger Things series includes several characters from the hit television show. You’ll find a few different versions of Eleven, and of course she’s joined by her friends Mike, Dustin, and LucasJoyce and Hopper join the kids too, as well as Nancy, Barb,
the terrifying Demogorgan, and many more.


There will also be exclusives, including Eleven, Joyce with axe, and Dr. Brenner available only at Hot Topic. Eleven underwater, Upside-Down Will and Mr. Clarke are only available at Target. And Eleven in hospital gown, Steve and Upside-Down Barb are available exclusively at GameStop.

The Supercute Plush: Stranger Things series features two different versions of the mysterious Eleven (one complete with an Eggo, the other in her notable blonde wig), Mike, Will, Lucas, Dustin, and Barb. And you've never seen a Demogorgan this cuddly.


Finally, the Pop! Television: Stranger Things Series 2 features a new version of Eleven, this time wearing a hospital gown,
Jonathan and his camera, Nancy taking charge with her trusty pistol, the creepy Dr. Martin Brenner, and Jim Hopper with his coffee and donut. Keep an eye out for the chase variant - Hopper without his hat - a 1-in-6 rarity!

Rounding out the series are Joyce and Hopper in the hazmat suits needed to search for Will in the Upside-Down. Joyce can only be found at Target, and look for Hopper at Hot Topic.

Mystery Minis: Harry Potter Series 2

Funko returns with a new Mystery Mini series. The Harry Potter Mystery Minis Series 2 will be available this summer. The series features Harry, Hermione, and Ron wearing a Sorting Hat. In addition, Bellatrix, Pidwigeon, Luna, Snape and many more of your favorite Harry Potter characters will be included in the blind-box series.


Look for Sirius in his Azkaban Prison garb, Buckbeak, Fred, and George - available only at Hot Topic. And Neville’s toad Trevor and Ginny Weasley’s Pygmy Puff can only be found at Barnes & Noble.

If you're interested in pre-ordering these, or in picking up any other Harry Potter/Funko items, head on over to

SDCC17: Funko Exclusives

Funko is going to have a lot of exclusive at San Diego Comic Con 2017 later this month. And instead of even attempting to list all of them, I just put them together in this enormous montage of Pop! vinyl goodness (or badness - maybe you hate Pop! figures). You'll be able to pick up most of these items at the Funko Booth #5341. They will also have a Pop-Up Shop at 448 West Market Street in the Marina District.  However, some will not be...for instance, the Loungefly bags will be available at Booth #5346. The Conan O'Brien Pop! figures are a TBS thing.