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Funko Drops the Horror

Funko is making like it's October withe a number of new releases, across various figure lines, from the horror-genre. First up is the Rock Candy: Horror - Lydia Deetz from the iconic film Beetlejuice. Also, there's an assortment of Horror Pop! Pens. You can collect Leatherface, Beetlejuice, and Pennywise as Pop! Pens...and scare anyone who dares to ask you to borrow a writing instrument. Finally, Hot Topic will have a pair of Chucky exclusives, including the Child's Play 2 Chucky Pocket Pop! Keychain and the Child's Play 2 Chucky on Cart Pop! vinyl.

Look for these and some other already released Horror genre figures from Funko over at

Pop! Animation: Cowboy Bebop


Celebrate 20 years of Cowboy Bebop by joining the crew of the Bebop and hunting criminals with your crew mates. Funko has announced a pair of new figures from their Pop! Animation: Cowboy Bebop Series. Edward and Ein make an adorable Pop! and buddy with Edward’s futuristic goggles and bright smile and Ein’s happy dog face. A Pop! Vicious might not look as friendly, but what can you expect from a member of the Red Dragon Crime syndicate? 

You can pre-order both figures over at for $10.99 each. Also, you can pick up some of the already released Cowboy Bebop Pop! vinyls.

Return to Wasteland with New Funko Fallout Figures

Funko is helping you to step back into the post-apocalyptic Wasteland with new Fallout Funko Vynl., 5 Star, Mystery Minis and the newest series of Fallout Pop! figures.

Vynl.: Fallout - Adamantium Skeleton & Mysterious Stranger

This two-pack Vynl. set includes the Vault Boy Adamantium Skeleton and the Mysterious Stranger.

5 Star: Fallout
Look for 5 Star Fallout figures featuring various versions of Vault BoyT-51B Power Armor, and a glow-in-the-dark Assaultron.

Mystery Mini: Fallout S2
Collect different perks, Vault dwellers, Sentry Bots and Power Armor as you tackle the Wasteland, now featured as Funko Mystery Minis.

Pop! Games: Fallout S2
Collect new versions of male and female Vault Dwellers both holding essentials needed for your survival. In addition, Nerd Rage Vault Boy comes to Pop!  Plus, you can suit up in your T-51 Power Armor as you roam the Wasteland, and make sure you watch out for Assaultron. A 6-inch tall Pop! of a Sentry Bot will be available to protect your collection. And there will be some exclusives, including the Nuka-Cola T-51 Power Armor Pop! version (Walmart), the Vault Tec T-51 Power Armor Pop! (Best Buy), and the Vault Dweller with Mentats (GameStop).

Currently, you can pre-order a number of these figures over at can pick up some of Funko's already released Fallout collectibles.

Pop! Animation: Woody Woodpecker and Chilly Willy

Funko has announced a several new (old-school) Pop! Animation figures. While you can't hear the laugh, one look at the Woody Woodpecker Pop! figure and it will be stuck in your brain. Also, a Woody chase figure has a mallet to substantially increase the damage he can inflict. The Woody Woodpecker Pop! can be pre-ordered from for $10.99.

If penguins are more your style, the Chilly Willy Pop! - including his stack of flapjacks - might be what you're looking for. In addition to the pancake-eating version, there's a Chilly Willy Frozen edition that's a Funko Web exclusive. The Chilly Willy Pop! can be pre-order from for $10.99.

Pop! Animation: Rocky & Bullwinkle Series

There is nothing in all the world quite so adorable as an animated moose and squirrel BFF duo. Capture the magic of your favorite Saturday morning cartoon with the most famous moose and squirrel team in the world, thanks to Funko and their Pop! Rocky and Bullwinkle Series.
Of course, you’ll need to bring the no-good Natasha and Boris and their Fearless Leader home so Rocky and Bullwinkle can keep an eye on them.

These figures are currently available to pre-order over at for $10.99 each. They will begin shipping on October 23rd 2018.

Funko announces Animated Spider-Man Lines

Funko has announced several new figures from the Marvel: Animated Spider-Man license...including:

Animated Spider-Man Mystery Minis
Celebrate the imminent release of Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse with your favorite teenage Super Hero and his allies and Super Villains. A 12-piece Mystery Mini series includes Miles Morales with a cape, Spider-Man, Spider-Man Noir, Spider-Ham, Spider-Gwen, an additional Spider-Man, Prowler, Scorpion, Kingpin, Miles Morales unmasked, a third Miles Morales, and Green Goblin. An additional Mystery Mini available exclusively through Walgreens includes three different Mystery Mini figures.

Pop! Marvel: Animated Spider-Man
The story continues with two Pop! versions of Miles Morales, Green Goblin, Prowler, Spider-Gwen, a jumping Peter Parker, and Spider-Man Noir. Additionally, Spider-Ham and Spider-Man Noir can be found at Walgreens.

These figures can currently be purchased over at

Pop! Disney: Ralph Breaks the Internet

It’s been six years since Wreck-It Ralph introduced the world to the video game villain with a heart of gold and the adventures continue with Ralph Breaks the Internet. And with (Wreck It Ralph 2) Ralph Breaks The Internet poised to do just that in November 2018, Funko has announced a number of lines based on the soon-to-be-released-smash-hit.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Mystery Minis
Recreate Wreck-It Ralph’s adventures in miniature with a 12-piece Mystery Mini series including Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Wreck-It Ralph holding his beloved medal, Vanellope holding a mouse, Fix-It Felix, Knowsmore, Yesss, Fun Bun, Shank, Surge Protector, Double Dan and Spamley.

Ralph Breaks The Internet SuperCute Plushies
Enjoy Ralph’s softer side with SuperCute Plushies including Ralph, Vanellope and the always-fashionable Yesss.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Vynl. Set
Move over peanut butter and jelly, there’s a new Vynl. duo in town and they are the absolute cutest. Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz might give each other a tough time, but there’s no denying that the talented racer has wormed herself into his heart.

Pop! Disney: Ralph Breaks the Internet
Pop! Wreck-It Ralph is ready to start wrecking with his enormous fists. And Fix-It Felix and his golden hammer are ready to start fixing anything that Ralph destroys. Vanellope might look sweet, but she’s more than capable of taking care of herself on and off the racetrack. Shank looks about as tough as her name suggests. Yesss might be an algorithm, but she’s the coolest algorithm you’ll ever meet and her limited edition Chase figure includes metallic hair. As a search engine, KnowsMore pretty much knows everything you’d want to know, as his name suggests. Taffyta looks snobby, as you might expect, but there’s no denying that her racing outfit is pretty cool. And Fun Bun’s just an adorable bunny tossing back an enormous stack of pancakes. Also, there's a Wreck-It Ralph (with pie) Hot Topic Pop! Exclusive, a Vanellope (armed with a sword) Walmart Pop! Exclusive, and a Yesss (wearing a super fabulous outfit) Amazon Pop! Exclusive.

Look for all of these Wreck It Ralph - Ralph Breaks The Internet Collectibles to be available now (or available for pre-order) over at

Vynl.: Rudolph and Hermey

From everyone's favorite stop-motion Christmas special (maybe next toClaymation with with the California Raisins), Funko introduces the Vynl.: Rudolph and Hermey Set. Rudolph and Hermey just might be the cutest pair of “nonconformists” the North Pole has ever seen. Hermey’s desire to be a dentist rather than make toys in keeping with the tradition of his fellow elves and Rudolph’s brightly glowing nose prove that every challenge can become a grand adventure. Embark on a holiday journey with this Vynl. duo as they battle the Abominable Snow Monster of the North and come to recognize just how fantastic their differences really are.

The set is currently available to pr-order at for $14.99. And if you can't wait until November, you can order the already released Bumble and Yukon Cornelius Vynl. set.

Pop! Games: Fortnite Series

Do you prefer to drop Tilted with guns blazing or camp out in the bushes waiting for your enemies to eliminate each other? Are you the first or last player off the Battle Bus? Is solo, duos or squads more your style? Whatever your strategy happens to be, there’s one thing 125 million players can agree on: Fortnite is awesome. Throw in dozens of intimidating, hilarious and adorable outfits and it’s no wonder the game has such a devoted following.

Funko is letting you reenact your favorite battles, and collect your favorite outfits, with a the Pop! Games: Fortnite Series. There's the Pop! Tower Recon Specialist, Highrise Assault Trooper, Black Knight, Moonwalker, Skull Trooper, Love Ranger, Merry Marauder, Crackshot, Red-Nosed Raider, Codename E.L.F., Cuddle Team Leader, Omega in full armor, Brite Bomber, and Raptor. Last player standing wins.

All of these figures are currently available to pre-order from for $10.99 each. Look for them to begin shipping in November 2018.

Pop! Games: Bendy and the Ink Machine

Helping Henry defeat Bendy and escape the beguilingly creepy Joey Drew Studios isn’t going to be easy. Unfortunately, the Butcher Gang are also available as Pop! figures thanks to Funko. The Pop! Games: Bendy and the Ink Machine Series - from the video game of the same name - will include Bendy Doll, Fisher, Striker, Piper, and the Projectionist. Also, there will be an FYE exclusive Boris Pop! and an Alice Angel that will be available at GameStop.

Look for these figure to be released in October 2018. They're currently available to pre-order over at for $10.99 each. Also, there are several already-released figures available.