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REVIEW: Dookie-Poo, Dookie-Bloo and Chorocco Tofu



You probably have seen the new Dookie-Poo plush line designed by artist Manny Galán.  Produced by ESC-Toy and under license by Chaotic Unicorn, the line revolves around Dookie-Poo – a burrowing Elf-Chidna.  The first three characters produced in plush form are Dookie-Poo, Dookie-Bloo (Dookie changes colors) and Chorocco Tofu.

Dookie-Poo is not the smartest of all the Poos in Pooville but he tries real hard and he has good intentions. Dookie never quits because he's just too dumb to do so. He tries way beyond the point of all reasoning. Dookie doesn't think much about anything. In fact he almost never thinks at all.


Chorocco Tofu is Dookie's best friend in all the world. Even though she lives in Pooville, Tofu isn't really a Poo. She was once a pink pearl eraser who absorbed all the knowledge she ever erased. She's a hyper active genius who is constantly inventing things. Unlike Dookie-Poo, Chorocco Tofu thinks way too much about everything.



As with most plushies, the Dookie-Poo line will either come packaged in a regular plastic bag or free to breathe.  Each of the plush toys come with an attached tag that gives you a list of humorous instructions about the character.

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Welcome to Pooville


Here are some characters I've been looking forward to.  It's
Dookie-Poo, Dookie-Bloo and Chorocco Tofu.  They're three of the inhabitants of Pooville...from designer Manny Galan.  Each plush is approximately 11" in height, and while Dookie-Poo and Chorocco Tofu are limited to runs of 300 pieces...there are only 100 Dookie-Bloo plushies
produced.  Look for them to retail in the area of $30 each (with Bloo being slightly more).

DOOKIE-POO™is a magical ground burrowing creature known technically as "ELFCHIDNA". Dookie lives in POOVILLE but in his never ending quest to become friends with the entire world he can be found anywhere, at any time!  Dookie-Poo may have the IQ of topsoil but his big heart, boundless optimism and innocent outlook on life make him the most loyal and best friend anyone could ever want.

Wholesale inquiries should be directed to DKE Toys.

REVIEW: Monstrocity High – Crush



Neptoon Studios recently released the first vinyl figure from their Monstrocity High line - CrushTodd Kauffman, the co-founder of the Toronto-based company, designed the character.  And with an entire high school full of students and teachers, he’s bound to bring a number of new characters to life…err…vinyl form.



The packaging for the figure has the same basic color scheme as the Crush vinyl.  There is a decent amount of reading material on the back, although it tends to be more about the vinyl…and not background info. 

There is a clear plastic window in the front of the box, for easy displaying.   And the piece is packaged in a blister tray.  Bravo!

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REVIEW: Mousey Miccis



Erick Scarecrow and his ESC Toy label recently released the Mousey Micci line of plushies.  The 12" plush has been released in 3 different Super Hi-Tech Mousey Suit colors: the original Green Master, Pink Rage, and Midnight Marauder.  Each of these suits is armed with different abilities…that is, if you have the needed imagination.

Mousey Micci is the only surviving alien from his or her armada that made it through an asteroid belt on their way to conquer Earth.  What happens when Mousey Micci lands in New York City will be revealed in the future.



Each plush is enclosed in a plastic bag, which is good for keeping it clean before it gets to you.  Other than that, you’ll just want to tear into it to get to your Micci.  There is a tag attached to the ear, but it doesn’t give much information.

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