ESC-Toy’s LVL9999 Release

ESC-Toy has released a trio of custom 3-inch tall LVL9999 figures by artist Erick Scarecrow. These are based on the 8-inch version that came out several years back. Each figure comes with … Read More

Uncharted 4: Nathan Drake Pre-Orders

ESC-Toy has announced the Uncharted 4: Nathan Drake Pre-Order details. This official collaboration release between ESC x Naughty Dog is by artist Erick Scarecrow. The 6-inch tall figure comes with 15 points … Read More

ESC-Toy’s Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4

ESC-Toy has teased an official collaboration release between ESC x Naughty Dog for the new, limited edition Nathan Drake from Uncharted 4. Designed by artist Erick Scarecrow, this 6-inch tall figure … Read More

Don’t Starve: Crabbit Plush

Scavenging the sandy shores of Don’t Starve are the resilient yet timid crabbits. Now, thanks to ESC-Toy and Klei Entertainment, you can cuddle up next to Crabbit plush of your … Read More


ESC-Toy has released the PXC-HOUSE tee, illustrated by artist Erick Scarecrow. It features Erick’s take on Pac-Man and his ghostly friends. This navy-blue shirt is silkscreen printed on 100% cotton NEXT LEVEL … Read More

Little Spiker Clear Purple figure by Erick Scarecrow

ESC-Toy has released the Little Spiker Clear Purple figure by Erick Scarecrow. This 6-inch tall clear resin figure comes with a 3-inch tall clear spiked bat. It’s fully hand painted … Read More

Kickstarter: Hotline Miami 2 – Swan Twins Set

Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number is the brutal conclusion to the Hotline Miami saga. And ESC Toy, approved by Dennaton Games, are bringing a pair of the game’s characters to … Read More

Kickstarter: Floraverse x ESC-Toy – Beleth Plush

Floraverse is teaming up with ESC-Toy to bring their Beleth character to plush form via a Kickstarter project. Each 6-inch tall Beleth doll is a combination of super velour material and embroidery. There … Read More

Broforce Mook Plush

Produced by ESC-Toy, the Broforce Mook plush by Free Lives x Devolver Digital is now available to purchase. The 6-inch tall plush comes with a bonus Broforce redeemable Steam code located … Read More

The Last Of Us Glow In The Dark Figure Set

ESC-Toy has released, in collaboration with SONY, a limited edition run of The Last Of Us Glow In The Dark Figure Set. The 5-inch tall Joel and 4-inch tall Ellie … Read More

Kickstarter: 9DKP Trading Card Game

The 9DKP Trading Card Game is the newest Kickstarter project from ESC-Toy. The TCG (trading card game) takes place in the 9DKP universe created by Erick Scarecrow. The objective of the … Read More

Kickstarter: Urban Rivals – Tiwi LD Plush

Boostr and Erick Scarecrow have announced a new Kickstarter campaign to help raise fund to produce the Tiwi LD limited edition plush based on the multiplayer trading card game – Urban Rivals. This … Read More