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REVIEW: Undoboy’s Super Bastard Toys



Undoboy’s first venture into the designer toy world is the Super Bastard line of paper toys.  The line was inspired by old ‘mix and match’ books he would peruse through as a youth.  The toys do their best to combine pop culture icons and imaginary characters like Uncle Sam, Saddam Hussein, a clown, Mother Teresa and George W. Bush.



The line is blind boxed…so you are essentially getting a paper toy inside of a paper box.  The packaging has drawings of the characters you might find inside, which is helpful when purchasing a blind boxed line.


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Fuzzy on the Outside Flocked Axtrx


Attaboy has put his Fuzzy on the Outside Flocked Axtrx figure up for pre-order through his Yumfactory site.  You might be used to seeing a green Axtrx, but the pink and black flocked rotocast toys are limited to 250 pieces each.  Each figure will be in special packaging (with a special insert) and retail for $25.  The flocked Axtrx will arrive in mid-September and are being distributed by DKE Toys.


New Bunnywith Plush


Rock America and Alex Pardee are set to release 4 new Bunnywith designs: Bunnywith Recent Steroid Abuse, Bunnywith Job Interview, Bunnywith Anger Management Issues and Bunnywith Homesick Abortion.  The Bunnywith Anger Management Issues was to be the SDCC exclusive...however it didn't arrive in time.  That plush is limited to a run of 300, while the others will be runs of 600 pieces.  We aren't posting photos of the Bunnywith Homesick Abortion as this might disturb some of our younger readers.   Look for the plushies to retail around $20.  If you're interested in stocking them, DKE Toys is handling the wholesale duties.


9″ B.U.D.S and NADES


Jamungo is set to launch their 9" versions of the popular Blow Up Dolls (B.U.D.S) and NADES.  These do not have designs on you can choose from either the blank white (1,000 pieces) or the glow-in-the-dark (250 pieces) versions.  Look for them to retail around $40.  Contact DKE Toys for wholesale inquiries.


Super Bastard…toys from undoboy


Undoboy’s first venture into the designer toy world is the Super Bastard line of paper toys.  Each toy is made with card stock and matte lamination, so they are fairly sturdy.  The line consists of 16 unique toys, with 4 unique characters on each face of the box.  They are blind boxed and set to retail around $5.95 each.  The Super Bastard line will be limited edition with only 1,000 copies of each toy out there.

Inspired by old mix and match books, you can take off these characters' heads and pants…to reveal their inner most secrets (sometimes downright dirty secrets).  With characters like Uncle Sam, Saddam Hussein, Mother Teresa and George W. Bush…you can switch bits and pieces to assemble new characters.   Look for these to launch in September.  Also, look for an in-depth review coming soon.  If you’re interested in carrying Super Bastards, they are being distributed worldwide by DKE Toys.


2006 SDCC: DKE Toys


Designer toy wholesaler - DKE Toys - had a ton of new products on-hand from a great number of different companies: Jamungo, NTF, Go Hero, Span of Sunset and more!  There were also several exclusives for sale including a new Shawnimal and vinyl Mothman figures from David Horvath.

2006 SDCC coverage sponsored by Panik's Toy Box and


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SDCC Suckadelic Exclusive


The GAY EMPIRE: SUCKLORD 69 bootleg will only be available at DKE Toys (booth #4730) at SDCC.  All dressed up in his izod shirt and pleated front khakis…this might be the preppiest of all Sucklord figures.  Only 100 will be available, so you can pick one up for $30.

Yira: Dragon of Doom


The newest vinyl figure from Steve Forde and Go Hero is Yira: Dragon of Doom.  This Kaiju beast is ready to fight with your Mechabot...but you'll have to wait a little (September) to get your hands on him.  You do have a chance at checking Yira out at the DKE Toys booth (#4730) at SDCC.

7" in height and 18" in length
6 points of articulation
Run of 500 pieces
Exclusive color details coming soon

The Yira Story:
Unexplored caverns and passageways sprawl beneath the surface of the world.  As man begins to illuminate these dark places, he unearths frightening evidence that there are living things below us.
There exists “Sons of the Leviathan”, ancient creatures that sleep, hide, and wait.  For reasons mysterious and evil, dragons have returned causing devastation in their wake.

Exclusives from DKE Toys at SDCC

DKE Toys, the wholesale company run by Dov Kelemer, will have a number of SDCC exclusives...from several booth 4730


They will also have the following signing schedule:

Friday July 21st
11 AM   Nathan
(Scary Girl)
Noon     Touma and sculptor T9G
2 PM     Craig Perkins (Broken Heart Robot)
3 PM     Muttpop Bob & Jerry Frissen (Tequila
& El Panda)
Saturday July 22nd
3 PM     Muttpop Bob & Jerry Frissen (Tequila
& El Panda)
5 PM     Ron English & Dave Pressler (GID
Sunday July 23rd   
2 PM     Craig Perkins (Broken Heart Robot Creator)

Check out our SDCC exclusive thread on our message board.  DKE Toys has a TON of exclusives...and we have photos of them all.