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SDCC16: DKE Toys Batch #1

DKE Toys has released their first batch of 2016 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives.


Action MC by Ron English
$100.00 (Edition of 50 pieces)
Ron English's iconic McSupersized character has been transformed into a 3.75-inch vintage style action figure by sculptor George Gaspar. Card back design by Ron English. Hand painted by Special Ed Toys. Now McSupersized can have epic battles with the other figures in your collection.


R2-SL1200 by Artbot138
$65.00 (Edition of 20 pieces
Artbot138 aka James Garrett has brought you a hand cast and painted 3.75-inch scale carded R2-D2 like figure with handy record player. Now all your action figures can listen to their favorite tunes. Not in real life but in pretend. Each comes with a vintage 7-inch record and a fabulous record sleeve packaging with some crazy SW parody versions of some of your favorite bands.


Make America Ape Again by Barely Human
$65.00 (Edition of 25 pieces)
Barely Human aka John Black has made this magnificent POTA inspired 3.75-inch carded figure from his Plain Old Apes series. Each hand painted resin cast 3.75-inch figure has a load of accessories and interchangeable heads as well as magnetic articulation in all the joints.


Crystal Blue Snaggletooth by SkipBroToys and Field of Grey
$80.00 (Edition of 20 pieces)
SkipBroToys and Field of Grey have teamed up to bring you something very special. This hand cast 3.75-inch clear blue resin interpretation of our rare vintage friend also comes on a unique clear vintage style card. Has to be seen in person to really be appreciated.


Art Trooper Series: Basquiat by RYCA
$55.00 (Edition of 65 pieces)
This is a follow up to the 2015 Warhol Trooper. Each 3.75-inch hand cast and painted figure comes on a full color silk screened card back.

DKE Toys’ Designer Con Releases – Part 3

It's likely that DKE Toys will have the largest accumulation of exclusives at Designer Con this weekend (November 21-22) in Pasadena. They'll be at Booth #812. Below is our third group of photos showing details of six more pieces that will be available to purchase - in limited quantities - at the DKE booth. 

DKE Toys’ Designer Con Releases – Part 1

DKE Toys will be at Designer Con (November 21-22) in Booth #812 with over two dozen art toy releases, a pair of art shows and a few other tricks up their sleeves.


Drink Boba's Boba
Luke Chueh x Good For You Toys x Special Ed Toys
40 pieces
available at show
$110.00 each


Good For You Toys
20 hand numbered pieces
$60.00 each



S.U.C.K.L.E. Series 2.5 Exclusive Colors
All 5 series 2.5 in green and purple
50 sets available
$25.00 set of 10 figures


S.U.C.K.L.E. Rejects Series 2
Limited to 70 sets
$30 set of 4 handmade resin figures 


Star Case x Suckadelic "Sucklord"
Edition of 25 pieces
$110.00 each


Star Case x Suckadelic "Gay Empire"
Edition of 25 pieces
$110.00 each

SDCC15: Django Uncloned “Bobotype Edition”


DKE Toys has announced their LAST San Diego Comic Con 2015 release - the Django Uncloned “Bobotype Edition” by Good For You Toys. The 3.75-inch tall hand cast and hand painted resin figure will come carded. It's limited to an edition of 30 pieces and will run $60.00.


SDCC15: Attackers of the Missing Stuff S.U.C.K.L.E.


DKE Toys will be bringing the Attackers of the Missing Stuff S.U.C.K.L.E. figure to San Diego Comic Con 2015. This resin figure (not the regular S.U.C.K.L.E. material) will be a limited edition of 100 pieces. Not only will you get the pink Toht figure from the Marvel Raiders comic that's recreated as the card above...but you'll also get a flesh version. You can pick them up for $30.00.


SDCC15: Lucky by Mike Egan


DKE Toys has announced another of their 2015 San Diego Comic Con exclusives. Lucky by Mike Egan is a follow up to last year's series of Bones resin figures on hand painted backer card. The hand cast resin figure is a limited edition of 20 pieces. You'll be able to pick one up at the show for $100.00.

SDCC15: Broke1 x AWOL ONE – Bad MOOD


DKE Toys has announced yet another independent art toy releases set for San Diego Comic Con 2015. The Bad MOOD figure by Broke1 x AWOL ONE is a 3.75-inch tall hand cast resin figure. It's an edition of 20 pieces and will be available to purchase for $65.00 at the DKE booth.


SDCC15: Iconoclast Toys – Bad Acid


DKE Toys has announced that they will have the Bad Acid resin figure by Manny X – Iconoclast Toys available at San Diego Comic Con 2015. These hand cast and hand painted figures are available in a number of different variations. Standing in at about 3.5-inches in height, the figure is a limited edition of 20 pieces. You'll be able to pick one up for $55.00.

SDCC15: Falcontoys – Return of the Tar-martian


DKE Toys has announced another 2015 San Diego Comic release - the Return of the Tar-martian by Falcontoys. This hand cast and hand painted 3.75-inch tall carded resin figure is based loosely on Mars Attacks. There will be only 15 pieces available at SDCC. You'll be able to pick one up for $85.00.


SDCC15: Pimp2-D2’s Big Score Pimp Speeder with Chauffeur


DKE Toys will be bringing a number of independent art toy releases to San Diego Comic Con 2015, with the latest announcement being Pimp2-D2’s Big Score Pimp Speeder with Chauffeur by Manly Art. This exclusive DKE Toys release features a slick purple paint job (on a vintage Star Wars landspeeder toy) with a custom orange tinted wind screen, custom seats, and 3 different hood design decals for you to choose from. The R2 figure is not included, but it does include the hand painted Chauffeur figure.

This is an edition of 30 pieces. You'll be able to pick one up from the DKE Toys Booth #5045 for $200.00.