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SDCC15: DKE Toys – Django Uncloned Heirloom Edition


Another one of independent art toys that DKE Toys will have at San Diego Comic Con 2015 is the Django Uncloned Heirloom Edition by Good For You Toys x Robin VanValkenburgh. Following up on last year's SDCC Django Fett figure, this one is a mash-up with Robin's western themed Bun Slinger. Each 16-inch tall hand painted ceramic will run $110.00. This run will be limited to only 20 pieces.


SDCC15: DKE Toys – I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing!


DKE Toys will be bringing a number of independent art toy releases to San Diego Comic Con 2015. They'll be set up at booth #5045 with this figure from Special Ed Toys. The 3.75-inch tall I Find Your Lack of Faith Disturbing! will be a limited edition run of 20 pieces. It will run $45.00 each.

"From the apocalyptic registration lines of Hall A through the never ending cluster f**k of Hall H, we march. We will wear our badges proudly and mock those who oppose us. We will raise our signs high and protest the protesters. In the name of the Father, the Force and the Holy Trilogy." -Darth 3:16


DCON14: ADAT point5 Debut


Here's another one of those Designer Con 2014 releases from DKE Toys. The ADAT point5, a one-half size replica of the original Bill McMullen's ADAT vinyl toy released 10 years ago, will debut at the Con. This hand-painted cast resin figure stands almost 6 inches tall. It's packaged similar to the original and includes a small replica of the signed photo card of Bill McMullen's 'Old School Invasion' artwork that inspired the figure. A limited number of 'Early Bird' ADAT point5 figures will be available at Booth #1230 for $200.00.