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DCON14: ADAT point5 Debut


Here's another one of those Designer Con 2014 releases from DKE Toys. The ADAT point5, a one-half size replica of the original Bill McMullen's ADAT vinyl toy released 10 years ago, will debut at the Con. This hand-painted cast resin figure stands almost 6 inches tall. It's packaged similar to the original and includes a small replica of the signed photo card of Bill McMullen's 'Old School Invasion' artwork that inspired the figure. A limited number of 'Early Bird' ADAT point5 figures will be available at Booth #1230 for $200.00.


Kickstarter: Revenge of SUCKLE Mini Figures

DKE Toys is back with another Kickstarter campaign. They are attempting to raise funds to produce the Revenge of SUCKLE Mini Figure Series. Sculpted by George Gaspar, there will be 10 new faces added to the 3.75-inch tall figure line: Sucklord 75, Sucklord 61, Star Chump, Mary Paper$, Gay Energon, Douchebot, Crystal Pharoah, Wrecked Souls of Forgotten War, Chronos, and Bionic Carrot.

There are various funding levels, with the Basic Set available at the $25.00 level. The $1,2500 level features a whole lot of stuff...there might even be a hug from Dov in there. However, the project will only be funded if at least $24,250.00 is pledged by Friday, December 5th 2014 at 12:00 AM ET.


DCON14: Infected Young Gohst


Booth #1230 will be loaded with Designer Con exclusives, and DKE Toys has announced another case you were having toy withdrawal. The Infected Young Gohst by Scott Wilkowski x FERG is a hand-cast resin figure. It will be available in two editions (smoke with pale green bones or light blue with grey bones) and be limited to 25 pieces of each design. Bring along $70.00, because that's how much one will run you.

DCON14: Knockoff Gallery x DKE Toys


One of the many art toys that DKE Toys will be bringing to their Designer Con 2014 booth (#1230) is from Knockoff Gallery. And, actually, they'll be bringing a pair of items from the company. The Bat Rat and Goodbye Pussy by Knockoff Gallery are hand-sculpted, hand-cast, and hand-painted resin exclusives. Approximately 3” tall on a custom card, this edition of 10 pieces each style will sell for $60.00 a pop.