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Vinylmation Holiday Series #1


Coming this September, Disney will be releasing their Vinylmation Holiday Series #1. The line is made up of 11 blind boxed characters as well as 4 holiday themed 9" tall vinyl figures. The line represents a number of popular holidays. My favorite? The pumpkin.

Vinyl Jiminy Cricket


MINDstyle unveiled their upcoming Jiminy Cricket vinyl figure. From one of Disney's most popular family films - Pinocchio - the infamous cricket will come complete with top hat and umbrella.


Mickey Monsters Plushies

Resized_Cheeky Bubbles

Mickey Monsters have hit the Disney Theme Parks.
These plushies try to blend in by disguising themselves as Mickey and a host of other
characters that they encounter on their visit to the park.

Series 1 consists of 6 Mickey Monsters: Murff, Cheeky Bubbles, Ogg, Keeti, Ralf, and Eeku.  Each plush will come with a special hang tag that contain a background story about the character. Look for them to
retail for $12.95


Vinylmation Urban Series #2


On July 24th, Disney released their Vinylmation Urban Series #2. They dropped six 9" tall vinyl figures in addition to the 12 figure 3" tall blind-boxed series. Hmm...still not sure what's so "urban" about this series. I'd suggest getting some designer toy artists to work their magic on these figures.

Vinylmation Clear Series #1


Last month, Disney released a new series of their popular Vinylmation 3" tall figures. The Vinylmation Clear Series #1 features 12 different colors (including 1 mystery version). These don't have any designs on them, so they'd be perfect for customizing.

MINDstyle x Disney’s Bloc28 Mickey by Suiko


With the Bloc28 major global launch by Disney taking place at Times Square in Hong Kong this July, fans will be able to experience Mickey Mouse being reinterpreted by some of the hottest artists as part of MINDstyle's art toy collectibles line.

Mickey by Suiko is the second vinyl toy release for Disney through MINDstyle's premium ATC line. Suiko is widely known as one of Japan's best graffiti writers and contributes a very unique interpretation with his Mickey collaboration for Bloc28.

Personally, I like the crazy stylized look of this take on the iconic rodent. Not sure I'm digging the mouse or the artist signature across the front. But it's a different take on everyone's favorite mouse.


REVIEW: Vinylmation Park 2 Series



Disney’s Vinylmation series uses one of the most iconic cartoon characters – Mickey Mouse – as the basis for a blind-boxed line of platform toys. They recently released the Vinylmation Park 2 Series, which includes 12 different designs from 5 artists. The designs feature characters, attractions and icons from the Disney Theme Parks and Resorts.


The series is blind boxed. We don’t have any photos of the packaging, but it looks similar to Park Series 1. And if you remember, we liked the sleek design of the black box. Also, each figure includes a small, illustrated card with the random character you received.

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3″ Vinylmation Urban 1 Series

 urban 1 glow
Urban 1 checkered
Urban 1 el super raton

Disney's 3" tall Vinylmation Urban 1 Series line consists of 12 different designs. Yep...we're only showing 11, and that's because one of them is a special chase edition. The designs here are named (in order): Glow, Graffiti, Checkered, El Super Raton, Furrr, Monster, Oopsey, Pinball, Pirate Mickey, Swiss Cheese and Who's There.

Urban 1 furrr
Urban 1 monster
Urban 1 oopsy
Urban 1 pinball
Urban 1 pirate mickey
Urban 1 swiss cheese
Urban 1 whos there

Vinylmation Urban 1 Series


Disney's Vinylmation Urban 1 Series will be hitting shelves on Tuesday, March 17th. The product launch and artist party takes place on Friday March 20th from 5PM until 7PM at the Art of Disney - Downtown Disney Marketplace - at the Walt Disney World Resort. The special guest artists that will be in attendance are Dan Howard, Randy Noble, Tyler Dumas, Thomas Scott, Susan Foy and Robert King.

The 9" figures pictured above are named Dragon, Mortimer, Mummy and Robot Mickey.

Goth Cheshire Cat


The newest Span of Sunset, Inc. and Disney collaboration has been unveiled with the release of their latest Cheshire Cat colorway - Goth. The Cheshire Cat vinyl figure is based upon Lewis Carroll's character from Alice in Wonderland, here reborn into a 3D form by Span of Sunset, Inc. This Cheshire Cat picks up inspiration from goth music and lifestyle, representing it in a stylish all black color with vivid purple stripes. This piece stands 8" tall, features a GID mouth, and comes in its own custom themed box.