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Pirates of the Caribbean Vinylmation Series

disney potc

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides hits theaters later this month, and while we've seen several's the first Disney produced product. The Pirates of the Caribbean Vinylmation Series is designed by artist Casey Jones. Unfortunately, you won't be able to pick these up until July 2011...but I actually like what they've done with the Jack Sparrow figure.

Vinylmation in a TaleSpin

vinylmation talespin

If you grew up in the 1990's, you probably remember watching the Disney cartoon TaleSpin. As a part of their Disney Afternoon Series, Disney will be including this pair (Baloo and Kit Cloudkicker) in that Vinylmation series. They'll eventually be making their way to the Disney Parks Online Store.

JAKKS unveils Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides Line

disney POTC 1
disney POTC 2

So...JAKKS Pacific will be releasing several new lines based on the upcoming film Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (due in theaters on May 20th 2011). There will be both 4" and 6" tall lines, with the 4" line including LED accessories that reveal special hidden secrets about the figures (see above).

And while all of that is fine and dandy...I think we're getting a toy for the wrong Ian McShane character. C'mon! Where's our Al Swearengen collectible figure?

disney POTC 3

Vinylmation…it’s “Urban”

vinylmation urban5

Well, Disney released another series of the Vinylmation figures this past Friday. And this is the series that folks in the designer toy (or urban vinyl, if you like that term better) love to hate. I'm talking about the Vinylmation Urban #5 series. You'd think that by the 5th series, we'd see a little progress. I'm actually only going to show two of the designs because, well, you'll get the point.

I'll start off by saying that there is one pretty interesting design - the "chaser" design - that features a 3D scheme with 3D glasses. And I don't entirely blame the artists for these designs, although several of the are downright uninspired. The above design looks like someone forgot to put together a design, so they let their kid play around in Photoshop and fill in the Vinylmation template. Voila! Finished!

It's that Disney really doesn't understand the "urban" vinyl genre (if that even still exists). Sorry, but there's nothing urban about a bag of movie popcorn. And when people talk about vinyl toys...they mean rotocast vinyl. Honestly, they just need to stick to Disney licenses with this platform. I'd buy a Tron or Toy Story Vinylmation figure...but these?

vinylmation urban5 1

Tonner Does Tron


I'm a fan of pretty much everything Tron. As a kid, my favorite video game for the Intellivision was Tron Deadly Discs. My favorite Disney film? Tron. The name of my first born? Tron. Well...let's not go that far.

So, when it was hinted that Tonner might be releasing a line of Tonner Character Figures based on the original Tron film, I nearly big backflips. Here's the first image that we've seen of the Tron Flynn TCF. I'm liking it, although I'd almost like to see the face done in a gray/white shade to mimic the movie.

SDCC10: Vinyl Pulse’s Angry Stitch

angry stitch 1

Vinyl Pulse has announced their special exclusive for San Diego Comic Con - Disney's Experiment 626 Stitch Project ‘Angry’ version which has been designed by Angry Woebots, produced by MINDstyle, and limited to a run of 300 pieces.

The ‘Angry’ Stitch will be available during SDCC at the Silent Stage booth (#4929). Angry Woebots will be signing on Thursday July 23rd from 11AM to 1PM and Friday July 24th from 1PM to 3PM.

For those who aren't going to Comic Con, the ‘Angry' Stitch will also be released online on Monday, July 19th at 6PM PDT through the Vinyl Pulse Exclusives Shop for $30 plus shipping.

angry stitch 2

SDCC10: Tron Vintage Figure

tron sdcc

I've found one SDCC Exclusive toy that I need to add to my collection - the Tron Vintage Figure. From Disney and Spin Master, the $40 figure will be limited to a run of 1,500 pieces (100 on Wednesday and 350 every other day). Even if you don't like the figure, which will supposedly light up, you have to love that amazing retro video game packaging.

Condiments Vinylmation

vinyl condiments 1

Disney will be releasing this series of six of the most important condiments on your table - in Vinylmation form. These will be limited edition...and while most of the designs aren't inspiring...I do like the honey bottle figure.

vinyl condiments 2

Lando Calrissian Vinylmation

vinyl lando

Probably the most anticipated Vinylmation line from Disney is the upcoming Star Wars Series #1. And while they've dropped some sketch images, this is the first approved 3" figure photo from that line. It's, of course, Lando Calrissian, who will be a part of the series when it debuts later in 2010 (no firm date set yet).

Stitch Mini Figures Series 1

mindstyle mini figures series 1

MINDstyle will be releasing the all-new 3" tall Stitch Mini Figure line (Series 1) featuring Disney’s standard and vault characters. The Stitch vinyl trading figures (VTF) come in blind box format and will include randomly inserted “super-secret chase figures". Hmm....