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Mickey 90th Anniversary Cosbaby (S) Series

Celebrating the 90th Birthday of the one and only Mickey Mouse, Hot Toys proudly presents Disney fans with specially designed Mickey 90th Anniversary Cosbaby (S) Series. The series includes Mickey, Mickey in Golden Version, Mickey as a Director, and Mickey wielding a Ship Wheel in black and white (think Steamboat Willie). Each Cosbaby comes with a rotatable head and stands approximately 4 to 6 inches in height.

Look for these to hit stores around Q4 of 2018.

Nendoroid Mickey Mouse: 1928 Version in Color and B&W

GoodSmile has announced a pair of new Nendoroid figures that will definitely excite Disney fans. From Steamboat Willie comes the Nendoroid Mickey Mouse: 1928 Version (Color). This version of the approximately 4-inch tall Nendoroid features a color version of Mickey based on the few documents of Mickey's color design from the time. He comes included with a smiling standard expression and a whistling expression, allowing you to recreate famous scenes of Mickey at the ship's wheel from the film. The included ship's wheel can be rotated to allow for all kinds of posing options. Mickey also comes with both long and short arm parts as well as standard and bent leg parts, allowing you to recreate a variety of poses. The stand base features a design based on a steamboat deck. You can currently pre-order this figure for ¥4,815 (about $43.00).

Also, if you're a traditionalist, there's the Nendoroid Mickey Mouse: 1928 Version (Black & White) figure. While maintaining his appearance from that time, he's been brought down to adorable Nendoroid size - using only black, white, and grey. This version includes the same items as the color version and can also be pre-ordered for ¥4,815 (about $43.00).

The pre-order window for both figures ends on November 28th 2018, with the figure shipping around May 2019.

Star Wars: The Last Jedi- 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker (Crait) Figure

Haunted by Ben Solo's fall to evil and convinced the Jedi had to end, Luke Skywalker sought exile on a distant world, ignoring the galaxy's pleas for help. But his solitude was interrupted - and Luke had one final, momentous role to play in the struggle between good and evil.

Hot Toys has introduced the new 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker (Crait) collectible figure as seen during his showdown with Kylo Ren on the planet of Crait in Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

The highly-accurate collectible figure is expertly crafted based on Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker as he appeared in Star Wars: The Last Jedi. Featuring a newly developed head sculpt with incredible likeness, greatly detailed robed costume, LED light-up lightsaber, an interchangeable lightsaber blade emulating the weapon in motion, a pair of dice, and a specially designed figure base inspired by the unique environment of Crait.

You can currently pre-order this 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker figure over at Sideshow Collectibles. It's priced at $235.00 and expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2019.

The Hot Toys - MMS507 - Star Wars: The Last Jedi- 1/6th scale Luke Skywalker (Crait) figure features:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Mark Hamill as Luke Skywalker in Star Wars: The Last Jedi
  • Relaxed right hand
  • Right hand for holding lightsaber
  • Open right hand
  • Relaxed left hand
  • Left hand for holding lightsaber
  • Two gesturing left hands
  • Black colored poncho
  • Black colored hooded tunic with belt
  • Beige colored under tunic
  • Brown colored leather-like belt
  • Pair of black pants
  • Pair of brown colored boots with weathering effect
  • LED-lighted blue-colored lightsaber (white light, battery operated)
  • Blue lightsaber blade in motion (attachable to the hilt)
  • Lightsaber hilt
  • Pair of metallic gold-colored lucky dice
  • Specially designed figure stand with Luke Skywalker's nameplate and Star Wars logo

Pop! Disney: Ralph Breaks the Internet

It’s been six years since Wreck-It Ralph introduced the world to the video game villain with a heart of gold and the adventures continue with Ralph Breaks the Internet. And with (Wreck It Ralph 2) Ralph Breaks The Internet poised to do just that in November 2018, Funko has announced a number of lines based on the soon-to-be-released-smash-hit.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Mystery Minis
Recreate Wreck-It Ralph’s adventures in miniature with a 12-piece Mystery Mini series including Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Wreck-It Ralph holding his beloved medal, Vanellope holding a mouse, Fix-It Felix, Knowsmore, Yesss, Fun Bun, Shank, Surge Protector, Double Dan and Spamley.

Ralph Breaks The Internet SuperCute Plushies
Enjoy Ralph’s softer side with SuperCute Plushies including Ralph, Vanellope and the always-fashionable Yesss.

Ralph Breaks The Internet Vynl. Set
Move over peanut butter and jelly, there’s a new Vynl. duo in town and they are the absolute cutest. Wreck-It Ralph and Vanellope von Schweetz might give each other a tough time, but there’s no denying that the talented racer has wormed herself into his heart.

Pop! Disney: Ralph Breaks the Internet
Pop! Wreck-It Ralph is ready to start wrecking with his enormous fists. And Fix-It Felix and his golden hammer are ready to start fixing anything that Ralph destroys. Vanellope might look sweet, but she’s more than capable of taking care of herself on and off the racetrack. Shank looks about as tough as her name suggests. Yesss might be an algorithm, but she’s the coolest algorithm you’ll ever meet and her limited edition Chase figure includes metallic hair. As a search engine, KnowsMore pretty much knows everything you’d want to know, as his name suggests. Taffyta looks snobby, as you might expect, but there’s no denying that her racing outfit is pretty cool. And Fun Bun’s just an adorable bunny tossing back an enormous stack of pancakes. Also, there's a Wreck-It Ralph (with pie) Hot Topic Pop! Exclusive, a Vanellope (armed with a sword) Walmart Pop! Exclusive, and a Yesss (wearing a super fabulous outfit) Amazon Pop! Exclusive.

Look for all of these Wreck It Ralph - Ralph Breaks The Internet Collectibles to be available now (or available for pre-order) over at

Vynl: Star Wars – Han Solo & Greedo and Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia

Funko is releasing a pair of Vynl: Star Wars sets featuring iconic duos from Star Wars: A New Hope. The Han Solo & Greedo Vynl Set will help you settle the age-old debate - Who shot first? (We all know it wasn't matter how much editing George Lucas does)

Also, there's the Luke Skywalker & Princess Leia Vynl Set. Spoiler alert: they're siblings. Which, upon rewatching, sort of makes some of the scenes in A New Hope creepy.

You can currently pre-order both sets over at for $14.99 each. Or, you could pick up some of the already released Star Wars Vynl sets.

Pop! Disney: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms

Dive deep into a fantastical world of dancing sweets, fiendish rats and a Christmas Eve no one could ever forget with two essential characters from Disney’s The Nutcracker and the Four Realms. From Funko, the Pop! Disney: The Nutcracker and the Four Realms Series includes Clara and the Sugar Plum Fairy.

Both figures are currently available to pre-order from for $10.99 each. They're expected to begin shipping later this month.

Pop! Star Wars: Holiday

Funko is helping you celebrate the holidays with Darth Vader, legendary Jedi Master Yoda, Wookiee warrior ChewbaccaC-3PO, and R2-D2. The Pop! Star Wars: Holiday Series features those characters dressed up in Christmas-related regalia. Unfortunately, it's not those crazy Wookiees or Bea Arthur or Harvey Korman from the Star Wars Holiday Special. But there is a Darth Vader Chase, which has a glow in the dark candy cane.

The series is currently available to pre-order from You can grab them for $10.99 each, with the figures shipping on October 2nd 2018.

Spider-Man Cosbabies from Spider-Man Video Game

To celebrate the release of Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, Hot Toys is excited to bring fans the brand new Spider-Man Cosbabies inspired by the critically acclaimed video game. The Marvel's Spider-Man Cosbaby Series presents the fan favorite wall-crawler in his new Advanced Suit, with the iconic spider symbol in white, in two different Spidey poses and the stylish Spider-Punk Suit version complete with his rock guitar. Measuring between 3 and 6 inches tall, each Marvel’s Spider-Man Spider-Man Cosbaby comes with a unique bobble-head function and magnetic feature.

If you're looking to pick these up, keep an eye out over at

Hot Toys – Spider-Man – Spider-Punk Suit

Hot Toys has announced the new 1/6th scale collectible figure of Spider-Man - Spider-Punk Suit, which is one of the alternate skins from the newly release Spider-Man Video Game. Based on the Spider-Punk suit from the Marvel’s Spider-Man video game, this collectible figure features a newly developed masked head sculpt with a spike Mohawk and three pairs of interchangeable eye pieces to create different combinations of Spider-Man’s expressions; a newly developed body; a skillfully tailored Spider-Punk suit complete with greatly detailed patterns and denim vest with real-like pins and spikes; interchangeable hands for different postures; a star-shaped guitar; Spider-Drone; a variety of web accessories; and a stylishly designed figure stand.

You can currently pre-order this figure over at Sideshow Collectibles for $235.00. They're expecting it to begin shipping in Q3 of 2019.

Marvel's Spider-Man - 1/6th scale Spider-Man (Spider-Punk Suit) Collectible Figure features:

  • Newly developed masked head sculpt with spike Mohawk and three pairs of interchangeable eyes
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of opened hands
  • Pair of web shooting hands
  • Pair of relaxed hands
  • Pair of gesturing hands
  • Pair of guitar picking hands
  • Newly developed white, red and blue colored Spider-Punk suit
  • Blue denim vest with real-like pins and spikes on the back
  • Pair of spike bracelets
  • Pair of red and white sneakers
  • Red guitar with web pattern
  • Five strings of spider web in different shapes and lengths, attachable to the web-shooters
  • Open spider web effect accessory
  • Spider-Drone
  • Piece of web sticker
  • Specially designed Spider-Man figure stand with Marvel’s Spider-Man game logo and character name

Nightmare Before Christmas Silver Anniversary Deluxe Figures

Tim Burton’s The Nightmare Before Christmas is turning 25 this year, and Diamond Select Toys is celebrating with a new line of cloth-costumed, fully poseable action figures. The Nightmare Before Christmas Silver Anniversary Deluxe Action Figures measure approximately 10 inches tall, with each figure featuring a real fabric outfit, multiple points of articulation, and character-specific accessories. Jack comes with a podium; the Mayor comes with a telescope; Pumpkin King Jack comes with a sign and torch; and Sally comes with her oven and cauldron.

Look for these to be available for $50.00 each. And you can actually pick them all up at, now.