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REVIEW: Hot Toys’ The Lone Ranger – Tonto



In Disney's The Lone Ranger, Johnny Depp gives a standout performance as the peculiar Native American, Tonto. Despite their initial differences, Tonto has partnered with his 'Kemo Sabe', the Lone Ranger, and together they ride on an adventure to bring justice to the Old West.

Released theatrically in the United States on July 3rd 2013, The Lone Ranger was the big budget film the character had been waiting for since its inception in 1933. Teamed up with a number of collectibles for young and old alike, Hot Toys took a stab at producing a high-end 1/6th scale figure based on The Lone Ranger’s somewhat trusted pal Tonto.

Sideshow Collectibles has provided us with the Tonto figure for review purposes.

The Facts

Series: The Lone Ranger
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Authorized Likeness: Johnny Depp
Material: Sixth scale articulated plastic figure with fabric hair
Dimensions: 12” tall
Points of Articulation: TrueType body with over 30 points of articulation
Outfit: Crow and bandana; Black and bronze-colored tribal necklace; Brown and white tribal armband; White and bronze-colored bracelet; Bronze-colored bracelet; Faux-leather black belt; Multi-colored belt; Orange-colored belt; Brown pants with pouch and tribal decorations; Pair of brown moccasins
Accessories: Pair of fists; Pair of relaxed hands; Pair of hands for holding weapons; Left open hand for holding watch; Dagger with sheath; Two axes; Pistol; Two pocket watches; Figure stand with Tonto nameplate and The Lone Ranger logo
Pricing: $204.99

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Pop! Disney: Big Hero 6



The big fall film from Walt Disney Animation Studios will be Big Hero 6, slated to hit theatres on November 7th 2014. To get a jumpstart, Funko has announced the Pop! Disney: Big Hero 6 series. The 3" tall vinyls include: Go Go Tomago, Honey Lemon, Hiro Hamada, Wasabi No-Ginger, and Fred. Also included in the series is the Pearlescent Nurse Baymax and Baymax - each one measuring 6" tall. Look for the entire line to be released in October 2014, with the Pearlescent Nurse available in November.


Hot Toys’ Maleficent Collectible Figure

Hot Toys Maleficent 1

Maleficent is the recently released Disney film that tells the reimagined tale of Sleeping Beauty, as told from the perspective of the Mistress of All Evil (portrayed by Angelina Jolie). To celebrate the movie’s success, Hot Toys has unveiled photos and info about the sixth scale Maleficent Collectible Figure. It's slated to be released around Q4 of 2014 or Q1 of 2015.

Hot Toys Maleficent 4
Hot Toys Maleficent 3

The sixth scale Maleficent features:

• Five interchangeable hands
• Black gown with detailed tailoring
• Black collar
• Pair of black boots
• Staff
• Raven
• Two green flames
• Figure stand with Maleficent nameplate and movie logo

Hot Toys Maleficent 2

Monsters University Cosbaby (S) Series

Hot Toys Monsters University  Cosbaby

With the upcoming launch of Monsters University, the prequel of Disney Pixar’s smash hit Monsters, Inc., Hot Toys has revealed details of the Monsters University Cosbaby (S) Series.

The series includes six characters: Mike, Sulley, Squishy, Art, Terry & Terri, and Don. Sideshow Collectibles currently has the set available to purchase for $69.99 ($11.99 per individual figure), with an anticipated release date early Q3 2013.

Hot Toys Monsters University  Cosbaby Mike
Hot Toys Monsters University  Cosbaby Sulley
Hot Toys Monsters University  Cosbaby Squishy
Hot Toys Monsters University  Cosbaby Art
Hot Toys Monsters University  Cosbaby Terry Terri
Hot Toys Monsters University  Cosbaby Don

Hot Toys’ Mike and Sulley Vinyl Collectible Set

Hot Toys Monsters University Mike Sulley Vinyl

To celebrate the upcoming launch of Disney Pixar’s Monsters University movie, the prequel to 2001’s smash hit Monsters, Inc., Hot Toys has announced the Mike and Sulley Vinyl Collectible Set. Mike stands in around 5" in height, while the to scale Sulley is about 9" tall.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the set available to pre-order for $129.99. They're estimated to begin shipping in Q3 of 2013 (sounds soon).

REVIEW: Angelica – POTC: On Stranger Tides

Review Hot Toys POTC Angelica 01


In May 2011, Walt Disney Pictures released the fourth installment from their Pirates of the Caribbean film series. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Johnny Depp reprises his role as the eccentric Captain Jack Sparrow. He's joined on-screen by his former love-interest and current foil Angelica (played by Penélope Cruz).

Hot Toys has produced plenty of figures (sixth-scale and Cosbaby) based on the Pirates of the Caribbean movie license. Angelica follows the Captain Jack Sparrow DX figure as the two sixth-scale figures released from On Stranger Tides.  The Angelica Sixth Scale Figure is Hot Toys' Summer 2012 Toy Fair Exclusive and has been released in limited quantities by Sideshow Collectibles.

Review Hot Toys POTC Angelica 07

The Facts

Angelica – Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides
Series: Movie Masterpiece Series
Manufacturer: Hot Toys
Sculpted by: K.A. Kim
Authorized Likeness: Penélope Cruz
Material: Sixth Scale Female TrueType Body with Implanted Fabric Hair
Dimensions: 11.25” tall
Points of Articulation: 28 points
Outfit: Black Hat with Feather; Reddish-Brown Patterned Long Jacket; Patterned Long Vest; White Long-Sleeved Shirt; Black Girdle; Pair of Black Pants; Buckled Belt; Pair of Leather-like Black Boots
Accessories: Two Swords with Holster; Dagger; Pair of Earrings; Gold Necklace with Charm; Compass; Pair of Chalices; Captain Jack Voodoo Doll; Figure Stand with Angelica Nameplate and Movie Logo
Pricing: $224.99

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Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby (S) Series

Hot Toys Monsters Inc Cosbaby 1

With Disney's Monsters, Inc. movie being re-released in 3D in early 2013 (and Monsters University coming in the Summer of 2013), Hot Toys has announced their Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby (S) Series. Each of the six Cosbaby figures stand approximately 3 inches in height.

The Monsters, Inc. Cosbaby (S) Series includes: BooBoo (Monster Ver.)SulleyMike, Mike (Diver Ver.), and Randall. Look for these to be released in the First Quarter of 2013.

Hot Toys Monsters Inc Cosbaby 6
Hot Toys Monsters Inc Cosbaby 4
Hot Toys Monsters Inc Cosbaby 2
Hot Toys Monsters Inc Cosbaby 3
Hot Toys Monsters Inc Cosbaby 5
Hot Toys Monsters Inc Cosbaby 7