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Mark Nagata’s Cosmic Squadron

Mark Nagata Galaxy Squad

Mark Nagata of Max Toy Co has applied his "galaxy" paint applications on these Cosmic Squadron figures from Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs). These three pieces have been painted with Monster Kolor and can be purchased here for $200.00 each.

Todd Robertson x Cosmic Squadron

Cosmic Squadron

Matt Walker and Todd Robertson have collaborated on a new series of Cosmic Squadron customs. Of course, these feature Monster Kolor sprays. Currently there are two designs available over at the Cosmic Squadron Store. One is a one-off piece, while the other is limited to 3 pieces. Each figure runs $300.00.

Kissaki Summer Dream

KSD promo 01

Erick Scarecrow's Kissaki Summer Dream will drop today (March 23rd 2012) at 11:00AM EST in the ESC shop. This is another collaboration between ESC and Monster Kolor, and it's the 4th colorway for the Kissaki collection. Limited to only 9 pieces, it includes a special giclee print. Pick it up for $200.00.

KSD promo 03

Kissaki Summer Dream Sneak

Kissaki Monster KOLOR

Erick Scarecrow has teamed up with Monster Kolor on this special Kissaki Summer Dream colorway. No details yet as to release date, time, price or how limited the run will be. Heck....we can't even see her face. But this version might be my favorite. Makes you want to eat some Rainbow

Wet-Suit Maria MK

ESCToy Wetsuit Maria MK

Monster Kolor and Erick Scarecrow will be joining up again to release a very limited and special run of Wet-Suit Maria figures. The Wet-Suit Maria MK will be a 7 piece run that is slated to be released...sometime this month at 11:00AM EST (follow them on Twitter). Each figure includes a print by Yaji and ESC-Toy.

Monster Kolor: Those 70’s Colors and Envy

Monster Kolor 70s colors

Matt Walker has released two new Monster Kolor kits.

Those 70's Colors is a set of three colors (OJ, Tiki-Teal and Go-Go) that was inspired by the Mystery Machine from Scooby-Doo. The Envy Paint Kit is the first in a series of 7 Deadly Sins. The three shades of green are Gator, Presidential and Sublimed.

These kits are available from 1/2 oz. to 4 oz. in size (running from $15.00 to $70.00). You can also pick up an aerosol spray can of each color mentioned for $12.00.

Monster Kolor Envy

Monster Kolor Artist Series

monster kolor artist series

Monster Kolor has announced their new “Artist Series” of paints. The debut lineup features colors from the Sucklord, Todd Robertson (Mecha Virus), and Mark Nagata (Max Toy Co).

The first round of paints are:

Suckadelic: Robot Foreskin, Hot Jizz, Immortal Hemorrhoid, Gay Empire, and Robot Diarrhea in a 5 color set

Mecha Virus: "Mecha" Super Flake Silver

Max Toy Co: Eyezon Yellow, and Captain Maxx Red

Matt Walker of Monster Kolor has worked closely with each of these influential artists to develop colors that represent their personal styles. Each color is something they use when producing their awesome toys. In addition to the colors themselves, each artist has designed their own custom Monster Kolor label for their colors.

The Cosmic Squadron takes flight

cosmic squadron hazmat

Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs) has placed two of his Cosmic Squadron figures up for pre-order. The HazmaT colorway is painted up using - of course - Monster Kolor. That version is available for $70.00. There's also a Blank version available for you customizers. That one can be picked up for only $50.00.

cosmic squadron unpainted

Matt Walker’s Guumon Customs

dp guumon 1

Matt Walker (Dead Presidents Designs) posted a pair of photos of two customs that will be making their way to Northampton, MA for the Guumon group show. The event will take place at FOE Store and Gallery with the opening reception on May 13th 2011 from 4PM to 9PM. And if you can't make it to the opening, the show will remain on display until June 7th. If you're wondering...Matt used Monster Kolor paint on his killer custom pieces.

dp guumon 2

Monster Kolor’s Over Easy

mk broken yoke

Monster Kolor's Kolor of the Month for January 2011 is "Over Easy". For $9.00, you'll get 1 oz of paint - luscious golden yellow with micro metallic mixed in. If you've ever seen customs hit up with Monster Kolor...there's really no looking back.