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The Goon Statue from Dark Horse


One of my favorite comic book series comes from Dark Horse and creator Eric Powell. The Goon brings pulp humor, the undead, and slapstick together with some classic artwork. Eric Powell and Blur Studios are set to release this painted statue, sculpted by artist Sean McNally.

“One of the great things about developing the Goon film has been so many great artists contributing their takes on the character. Especially when it comes to Sean McNally,” remarked creator Eric Powell. “His paintings were the first concept pieces I saw when Blur was pitching the idea of an animated film and contributed to me falling in love with the idea. His Goon statue captures everything I always wanted to convey in the character.”

The statue stands over 8-inches in height, and the limited edition quantity is still being decided. Look for it to be released in the summer of 2015, with a suggested retail price of $150.00.


The Art of the UNCHARTED Trilogy


Dark Horse Comics and Naughty Dog are launching The Art of the UNCHARTED Trilogy in April 2015. The Art of the UNCHARTED Trilogy offers a detailed look at the art of one of the most exciting game series of this generation. Filled with never-before-seen art from Naughty Dog spanning UNCHARTED: Drake’s Fortune™, UNCHARTED 2: Among Thieves™, and UNCHARTED 3: Drake’s Deception™, it features insightful commentary from the games’ creators.

“With each UNCHARTED game we make we strive to set a new bar for video game art, design, and tech,” said Erick Pangilinan, art director at Naughty Dog. “This book is an inside look at our creative process, the technology, and the artistry that goes into making Nathan Drake’s adventures come to life. Fans of the series and art in general will find many hidden treasures in this book.”

Available in April, The Art of the UNCHARTED Trilogy has an MSRP of $39.99 and can be preordered now (just check out below).

NYCC14: Dark Horse Exclusives


Dark Horse has revealed their list of 2014 New York Comic Con exclusives. Fans of Game of Thrones collectibles should definitely make a bee line for Booth #1636. In addition to plenty of other comic books and collectibles, Dark Horse will have maquettes featuring all three dragons from Game of Thrones.

Dark Horse’s Tywin Lannister Figure

Dark Horse GOT Tywin Lannister

Dark Horse has announced another collectible figure from their Game of Thrones line. Tywin Lannister, father of Cersei, Jaime and Tyrion was unveiled at Dark Horse's San Diego Comic Con Booth. The Tywin Lannister figure joins an ongoing series of non-articulated figures based on characters from the popular HBO series. The 8” tall figure is scheduled to go on sale beginning in March 2015.

SDCC14: Dark Horse Comics – Game of Thrones

Dark Horse Comics has revealed the Game of Thrones: Convention Exclusives that will be available at San Diego Comic Con 2014 at Booth #2615.

DHC SDCC2014 GOT Bolton Marker

Bolton Map Marker

The 4" tall hand-painted polyresin Bolton Map Marker will be limited to a run of 1,200 pieces and sell for $25.00 each.

DHC SDCC2014 GOT Lannister Shield

Lannister Shield Wall Plaque
The 8" x 5" polyresin replica of Lannister shield will be a limited edition production run of 2,300 pieces and sell for $30.00 each.

DHC SDCC2014 GOT Drogon

The 3" tall - 6" wingspan - limited edition pewter replica of Drogon, the black dragon, will be a limited edition run of 1,250 pieces priced at $35.00 each.

DHC SDCC2014 GOT Rhaegal

The 3" tall - 6" wingspan - limited edition pewter replica of Rhaegal, the emerald green dragon, will be a limited edition run of 1,250 pieces priced at $35.00 each.

DHC SDCC2014 GOT Viserion

The 3" tall - 6" wingspan - limited edition pewter replica of Viserion, the cream-colored dragon, will be a limited edition run of 1,250 pieces priced at $35.00 each. You can also get all 3 dragons for $90.00.

SDCC14: Dark Horse Hellboy Plush

Dark Horse SDCC Hellboy Plush

Dark Horse will be attending San Diego Comic Con (Booth #2615), and amongst the exclusives they'll have on hand will be the Itty Bitty Hellboy Plush: 2014 San Diego Comic-Con Exclusive.

The 7.25" tall plush version of Mike Mignola’s character is by Art Baltazar and Franco. And, of course, he's donning a San Diego Comic Con International logo t-shirt to commemorate the occasion. 

Limited to a run of only 500 pieces, you'll be able to pick one up for $15.00.

Dark Horse’s Marv by Frank Miller x Eric So

Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 1

Dark Horse has announced a new collaboration with Eric So and Frank Miller. The limited-edition 13" tall vinyl figure is of Marv from Miller's Sin City. This interpretation of Marv was created by So, with the guidance of Frank Miller.

Each figure is individually hand painted and comes with a pack of band-aid stickers, which collectors may affix to Marv as they like. Also included is a certificate of authenticity, signed by both Frank Miller and Eric So. 

Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 4
Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 3

The figure will be produced in a limited run of 950 pieces, arriving just in time for the release of Frank Miller’s Sin City: A Dame to Kill For (on September 10th 2014).You'll be able to pick one up for $150.00.

Dark Horse Eric So Sin City Marv 2

Dark Horse’s Next Wave of Game of Thrones Figures

DH GOT Cersei Baratheon
DH GOT Jamie Lanister

Dark Horse has announced the next wave of figures from their Game of Thrones license. Five new figures have been announced, including: Cersei Baratheon, Arya Stark, Robb Stark, Jaime Lannister, and the White Walker.

DH GOT Robb Stark
DH GOT Arya Stark

The non-articulated figures measure approximately 7.5 inches tall and are based on the likeness of the respective actors from the HBO series. While you can take a look at them now, they aren't slated to be released until July 2014. The suggested retail price for each figure is $24.99.

Also, look for the Tyrion Lannister, Khal Drogo, and Ned Stark figures to arrive in early April.

DH GOT White Walker

NYCC13: Dark Horse’s Domo Qee

Dark Horse NYCC Caveman Domo

Dark Horse will be attending New York Comic Con 2013. They'll be at Booth #1636 with their Domo Qee NYCC 2013 Exclusive. These 2.5" tall Qees will be a limited edition of 1,000 pieces that you can purchase for $9.00.

Dark Horse reveals The White Walker Statue

Dark Horse GOT White Walker

Dark Horse has officially revealed details (and at least one photo) of their upcoming White Walker Statue from HBO's series Game Of Thrones. With a release date of December 18th 2013, you might need to wait a little while to get your hands on the undead. The White Walker is a hand-painted, numbered limited edition collectible. Each bust is packaged in full-color collector box and will retail around $124.99.