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Gary Taxali’s OH NO and OH OH


Gary Taxali and Chump Toys have two new vinyl figures for sale - OH NO and OH OH.  Each retails at $60 or $80 <--if you want it signed.  The figures stand at 6 1/2" tall and their legs are fully articulated.  While they are currently up for pre-order via Chump Toys' site, the toys will be shipped in early May.

The launch party will take place at Magic Pony on May 8th.  If you attend, you'll be able to get your signed piece for the $60 price.

REVIEW: Taxali’s Toy Monkey


Unfortunately, sometimes in the designer toy market, a new company will be slightly overlooked.  Case in point: Chump Toys.  Chump Toys is a very small company just trying to start out…and they have put out a truly amazing first figure.  It’s by far and away one of my favorite releases of 2005.  Jason Amendolara (the designer and producer) has chosen a great piece of artwork to base a toy on.

The Toy Monkey, Chump’s first delve into the vinyl world, is your prototypical art piece.  It was taken from the artwork of Gary Taxali (if you haven’t seen his rustic approach…you need to check it out) and transformed into an 8-inch tall vinyl toy.  Now, there are no moving pieces or points of articulation.  It’s really just a 3-D representation of a work of art.


There is a removable fez, and the monkey looks good with it on or off (I prefer leaving it on).  The fez is not connected in any special fashion.  It simply sits atop of the Toy Monkey’s head.

There are 2 different versions of this figure.  The first is the Original Toy Monkey – the blue version you have probably seen around.  The second is the Whitney Toy Monkey – a greenish-tan version that was created exclusively for the Whitney Museum in New York.  The original figure is limited to 500 while the exclusive is limited to 200.

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