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CCC’s Hen Wen and Black BuBu


Charles Creature Cabinet has released a pair of new anthro ball-jointed pig dolls.

Hen Wen, The White Oracular Piggy is make of white resin and measures about 5.5" in height. The figure includes face-up and RANDOM glass eyes, wooden CCC box, and an authenticity card. It will run €239.00 (about $304). 

Black BuBu, The Wizard Apprentice Piggy also measures 5.5" in height and is made of black resin. The figure includes face-up and RANDOM glass eyes, wooden CCC box, and an authenticity card. It will be available for €249.00 (about $317).

The outfits shown on the photos are by Linda Stephan's Lin Murasaki Design and are NOT included.

CCC’s Flör Faunette Pre-Order

CCC Faunette Flor 2

Charles' Creature Cabinet has opened the pre-order for their Flör Faunette anthro ball-jointed doll. Standing in around 3.5" tall, the Woodling Faerie will be available in Sand/Beige and Tan. Each figure includes a face-up, CCC box and authenticity card. (Does not include glass eyes, custom outfits, wigs).

The Sand/Beige figure is available to pre-order for $189.00. The Tan version runs $199.00.

CCC Faunette Flor 1

CCC’s Be Withme

CCC Bee Withme 2

Charles' Creature Cabinet has a new website (now .net rather than .com). And Charles has announced that his first offering will be the limited edition Bee Withme firefly faerie ball-jointed doll. Standing in at 9.5cm (under 4"), the piece is cast in vanilla-yellow and Glow-in-the-Dark yellow. 

She will be up for preorder in a few days and will come as a full set including a handmade Hachi (bee) Outfit by Lin Murasaki Design, CCC box, goggles and fly wings in soft resin. Each piece will have random glass eyes and an authenticity card. It'll be priced around $329 - $349.

CCC Bee Withme 1

CCC’s Frost Firefly Faeries

CCC Faeries

The new Frost Firefly Faeries from Charles' Creature Cabinet have just been released for pre-order, exclusively available through

Both are sisters of Fidelia the Firefly Faerie. The two figures are Isilmë (Ee-Seel-May) - Moonlight - and a re-release of Fuuga (Grace) - The Healing Faerie. Each is an exclusive limited edition of 50 pieces each.

They've been cast in daytime skintone white and glow-in-the-dark ice blue resin. Each includes random glass eyes, soft resin goggles and wings, wooden CCC box, face up, and authenticity card. You can pre-order one now for $329.00.

CCC frost ff Isilme
CCC frost ff Fuuga

Charles’ Creature Cabinet: Isilmë

CCC Frost Faerie Isilme 1
CCC Frost Faerie Isilme 2

Charles' Creature Cabinet is planning to release a new addition to the Glow-in-the-Dark BJD's (Tiny) Firefly Faerie family. Charles' latest sculpt is Isilmë (pronounced Ee-seel-may), meaning moonlight. She is "a Frost Firefly Faerie, a sister of the firefly faeries Fidelia, Fuuga and Fidelina".

She will be available exclusively through as a limited edition piece. If all goes as planned, Isilmë will be released just before Christmas.

Song Sakura – Fëa Loth – Cherry Blossom Faeries


Charles' Creature Cabinet introduces Song Sakura - Fëa Loth - Cherry Blossom Faeries. Each designer toy is hand carved one piece at a time by a traditional Balinese wood carver.  They are designed and hand-painted (optional) by artist Charles Stephan of Charles' Creature Cabinet. Each limited edition (only 10 pieces) run comes numbered and hand-signed. The blank is available for $49.00, while a hand-painted version is $69.00.

CCC’s Fidelia and Fidelina Pre-Order

CCC Fidelia Fidelina

JPopDolls is releasing CCC's (Charles' Creature Cabinet) Fidelia Firefly Faerie 2nd Edition and Fidelina Firefly Faerie 1st Edition for pr-order. The pre-order window runs through April 7th 2013, with an anticipated delivery date in July/August 2013.

Both Fidelia and Fidelina are glow-in-the-dark BJD (blue GID). They include random 10mm glass eyes, a wooden CCC box, soft resin goggles (pink) and wings (aqua). Fidelia measures 12cm in height, while Fidelina is 8cm. Each one can be pre-ordered for $296.00.

CCC – Fidelia and Fidelina

CCC Fidelia II

It's been a while since we've heard from Charles Stephan (Charles' Creature Cabinet), but he's decided to release Fidelia the Firefly Faerie, which was originally released April 16th 2009, once more.


With the help of his friend Grace from Jpopdolls, the tiny ball-jointed doll will soon be available for pre-order during a limited window. The Fidelia II will be released in a new GID color (lavender/purple) and with a new outfit by Lin Murasaki Design (Charles’ sister). At the same time, they'll also be unveiling Fidelia's younger sibling: Fidelina (Fee-de-leenah) - little faithful one. She'll measure a little over 3" and be cast in pink glow-in-the-dark resin.

CCC Fidelina

CCC is back with Bulah Yindee

ccc bulah yindee 1

Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced a new pre-order release available through This anthro bjd elephant is called Bulah Yindee (bulah = bride in Hebrew and Yindee = luck in Thai). The pre-order runs from May 23rd 2011 to June 23rd 2011. The figure comes as a full-set including lilac glass eyes, face up, Lin Murasaki Design Outfit, ID booklet and box. The estimated delivery date for Bulah Yindee is in September 2011.

ccc bulah yindee 4
ccc bulah yindee 3
ccc bulah yindee 2