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CCC’s Troll Babies Pre-Order

Charles Creature Cabinet has release another round of Troll Babies for pre-order. Ulla, Ugo, and Ebba are each being released in various forms. Each one stands about 2.35 inches tall and glows in the dark. The Troll babies all come with faceup, random colored glass 6mm eyes, special pillow pouch and card of authenticity signed and numbered by Charles.

The items below will be offered:

Ulla (Oola) Pink and Ugo (Oogo) Pink and GID White - €259 each (about $277)
Ulla (Oola) Green and Ugo (Oogo) Green and GID Green - €259 each (about $277)
Ebba Tan & GID Yellow - €259 (about $277)
Ebba Tan & GID Yellow with "Wildstripe painting/faceup" - €289 (about $309)

Very Limited Full sets (6x) including a "Lamb Outfit" handmade by Murjani's Fairy Fragilities - €279 (about $299)
Very Limited handmade/felted "Spring Troll Baby Nests" (4x) by Fairy Fragilitie - €39 (about $42)

The Winter Fae – Fuuga Moon

Charles Creature Cabinet has released The Winter Fae - Fuuga Moon for pre-order. The nearly 12-inch tall Firefly Faerie YOSD BJD is made of glow-in-the-dark resin. There are three different versions available: Fair Skin (glows blue) - €479 (about $502); Tan Skin (glows orange/red) - €489 (about $513); White Skin (glows white) - €489 (about $513). Each figure includes: Faceup, Glass Eyes (random color), FF goggles & wings, Satin Wrapping Pillow & Card Of Authenticity.

CCC’s PuDge (Lil’ pOtbellie)


Charles Creature Cabinet has introduced their newest piggy ball jointed doll - PuDge (Lil' pOtbellie). The nearly 2.5-inch tall resin figure is available in four different colors: pale pink, pale grey, tan, and choco (dark) tan. Each figure includes a Face-up, CCC Special Pillow Pouch, Card Of Authenticity, and random color glass eyes (the color cannot be chosen). They're currently available for pre-order (delivery is expected in February 2017) and are priced at €169 (currently $189.51).


CCC’s Shinju – Pet Baby Mermaid

Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced their newest ball-jointed doll - the tiny/micro 8cm (3.15-inch) BJD Shinju Pet Baby Mermaid. The limited pre-order period will run through Thursday August 11th 2016. The figure is available in both pink/blue and lavender/pearl white colorways. Each one includes a faceup, glass eyes, fins antler, dreaming eyes goggles, and a special pillow pouch. They're priced at €249 (about $274). There's also an option for the Shinju Full Set, which includes a WeeDollyWears Outfit. There are 10 pieces of each color version available for €267 (about $293) and they include the Shinju outfit (not the wig).

Tuula Tuulikki Tan and Sand from CCC


Charles Creature Cabinet has announced a new 12-inch tall ball-jointed doll - Tuula Tuulikki Tan and Sand. The limited pre-order begins on Friday June 24th 2016 at 4PM ET. There will be a total of ten in-stock dolls offered (5 tan skin and 5 light beige skin). Apparently, that flash sale will run through the 26th, with another pre-order period running through June 29th.

Each Tuula Tuulikki Tan figure includes a face-up, glass eyes, deer antlers, and "satin pillow wrapping color gold". Not included: Jpopdolls Kana black wig, Lin Murasaki Design handmade outfit, CCC Flör Faunette 9cm BJD (2014), and CCC issa Baby Faun 8cm BJD (2009). The Tuula Tuulikki Tan doll will be priced at €439 (about $498).

CCC’s Ugly Woodling Trolls “Aggie Pebbles & Augie BamBam”


Charles' Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-orders for the Ugly Woodling Trolls "Aggie Pebbles & Augie BamBam" figure.

Angie Pebbles, the girl troll, measures around 3.15 inches in height. It features a Caramel Cream resin skin color and glows yellow in the dark. It's available for €289 (about $322).

Augie BamBam, the boy troll, also measures around 3.15 inches in height. It features a Fudge Cream resin skin color and glows yellow in the dark. It's available for €289 (about $322).

The pre-order period runs until Sunday June 12th 2016. However, the period will be closed sooner when the limited edition numbers are reached. 


CCC’s Fintan Fletcher – Boy Firefly Faerie


Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-orders for the Fintan Fletcher - Boy Firefly Faerie ball-jointed doll. The nearly 5-inch tall doll features a blue glow-in-the-dark resin body. Fintan is the firefly boyfriend for CCC's Fidelia and the Firefly Faeries. The limited edition piece includes face-up, COA, random colored glass eyes, soft resin goggles (green translucent), and soft resin fly wings (rainbow colored translucent). Fintan Fletcher will run €269.00 (about $290) and begin shipping in May or June 2016.

CCC’s Koiko “The Koi Faerie”


Charles Creature Cabinet has announced pre-order details for the Koiko "The Koi Faerie" Ball Jointed Doll. Standing around 2.5-inches in height, this limited edition piece is made of glow-in-the-dark white resin. Each piece includes: face-up, CCC Koi Red Root pillow wrapping, Card of Authenticity, random color Glass Eyes (the color cannot be chosen). The accessories - in soft resin - include the Koi Red - Glow-in-the-Dark Orange Pumpkin. All of the items have been designed and sculpted by Charles Grimberg - Stephan.

The pre-order period ends today August 5th 2015. The pre-order price of  €189 (about $205) will then increase to the regular price of €209 (about $227). Look for the figures to start shipping around December 2015.


CCC’s Filia Moon ‘Bulan’ Sunkissed


Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced the pre-order of the second big Fidelia - this time in tan. On Friday, March 20th 2015 at 8pm, the limited edition Filia Moon 'Bulan' ball-jointed doll - Sunkissed (Tan) - will be available to pre-order with an estimated shipping date in August 2015.  

The set includes glass eyes, faceup, satin pillow, goggles and wings. She will be cast in sunkissed tan skin tone. The wig and clothing in the photos is not included.