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CCC – Ebba Baby Troll Tickle Me

Charles Creature Cabinet is releasing the artist plush toy - Ebba Baby Troll Tickle Me - in Caramel and Pink. Currently available to pre-order, the plush is limited to 50 pieces in each colorway. Expected to ship in early December, the Ebba Baby Troll Tickle Me measures approximately 6 inches in height and will be priced at €33. The early preorder price is €29 (about $32).

CCC:  RISU Moriko Squirrel – Ginger Root Sprout Woodling

From Charles' Creature Cabinet's Cabinet of Wonders comes the RISU Moriko Squirrel - Ginger Root Sprout Woodling 45mm (about 1.75 inches)  Micro BJD Designer Toy. The Risu Moriko collectible will be casted in Ginger Root Yellow and Sand skin. A limited edition of 10 pieces, the figure includes "faceup", 8mm glass eyes random color, Woodling Squirrel Ears Antler, Card Of Authenticity, Special pillow pouch leaves fabric.

It's currently available to pre0order for €189.00 (about $210) with shipping estimated in Q1 of 2020.

CCC – Charlotte Cherry Blossom – Exclusive Limited Edition

The secret door of the World of Victorian Piglet Faeries will soon be opened, once more. Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced Charlotte Cherry Blossom - a sister of the famous Alice Cherry Blossom - the 5.5-inch tall pig anthro ball-jointed doll, featuring magnetic ears, is made of resin (snow white, cherry pink, and potbelly grey). Limited to a run of 10 sets, the Charlotte Cherry Blossom is available in two options - €299 ($330) (including faceup, glass eyes, COA, cherry blossom wrapping pillow) or the Fullset - €359 (about $400) (including dress, bloomers, hat, socks & shoes).

Charles Creature Cabinet – Nippy Usagi

Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced only a handful of the 10 piece run of their Nippy Usagi - Ginger Root Grub Woodling 5cm Micro BJD Designer Toy are available to pre-order. Available for €189.00 (about $215), the nearly 2-inch tall figure includes a "faceup", 6mm glass eyes (random color), Woodling Bunny Antler, Card Of Authenticity, and special pillow pouch leaves fabric. 

CCC – Baby Tahu Nidnoi

Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-order for his Baby Tahu - Nidnoi "Baby Buddha Gnole" ball-jointed figure. The 2.75-inch tall figure includes a "face-up", card of authenticity, glass eyes (color can not be chosen), glow-in-the-dark resin, and a buddha fabric pillow pouch. This figure can be pre-ordered for €279 (about $315).

CCC – Koala Kitty Tiny BJD

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced the pre-order details for their Koala Kitty Tiny BJD (ball-jointed doll) in three different glow-in-the-dark colors: Mura Kitty Mulberry Lilac, Mura Malu Grey, and Mura Putih Snow White. Each 3.5-inch tall figure is cast in GID resin with magnetic kitty and koala ears and a 3-part magnetic cat tail. You can grab one of these for €319.00 plus shipping (about $360).

CCC’s BOINK Biggie pOink

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced the BOINK Biggie pOink, pig anthro ball jointed doll. The nearly 5-inch tall doll is available to pre-order, with three choices available: Cherry PinkPotbelly Grey, and Snow White. Expected to ship in July/August 2019, these are available to pre-order now for €299.00 (about $340).

CCC’s pOink Cuddle Me Plush

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced their very first artist plush toy. The 'pOink Cuddle Me' Pink is currently available for pre-order. Limited to an edition of 100 pieces worldwide, the nearly 6-inch tall plush is expected to be delivered in December 2018.  From ball-jointed doll sculpt to chocolate bon bon to plush stuffed toy - this plush will be priced at €33 (about $39.00) - or you can get it for the early preorder price, now, of €29 (about $34.00).

Charles Creature Cabinet – Babi Jempol Thumb Piglet

Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-orders for their Babi Jempol Thumb Piglet - a tribute to Charles' dear friend and biggest pig lover that I know: Donata van der Goorbergh and to the piglet 'Dotbig' who started it all. The 2.25-inch by 1-inch micro ball-jointed doll is limited to five different color ways: Pink w/ spotsWhite w/ spotsFudge Tan w/ spotsChoco TanBlack. The figures include a face painting, card of authenticity, glass eyes (color can not be chosen), and special pillow pouch.

For two days, you can pre-order one for €219.00 (about $257). After that, they will be priced at €239.00 (about $280).

WODA Pollywog Pre-Order from Charles Creature Cabinet

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced that WODA, (that alien, Stitch-like creature) has been released for pre-order. The figure is available in a trio of limited edition colors: Ohana Blue (Glow-in-the-Dark); Ohana Pink (Glow-in-the-Dark); Ohana Snow White (Glow-in-the-Dark).

The almost 2.5-inch tall resin WODA Pollywog (Tadpole) Tiny/Micro BJD includes a "Face-up", COA (card of authenticity), special big pupil glass eyes (color can not be chosen), resin koi fish faerie wings, and velvet pillow pouch. You can pre-order one now for €199 (excluding shipping fee) - or about $233 - with an anticipated shipping date in November/December 2018.