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WODA Pollywog Pre-Order from Charles Creature Cabinet

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced that WODA, (that alien, Stitch-like creature) has been released for pre-order. The figure is available in a trio of limited edition colors: Ohana Blue (Glow-in-the-Dark); Ohana Pink (Glow-in-the-Dark); Ohana Snow White (Glow-in-the-Dark).

The almost 2.5-inch tall resin WODA Pollywog (Tadpole) Tiny/Micro BJD includes a "Face-up", COA (card of authenticity), special big pupil glass eyes (color can not be chosen), resin koi fish faerie wings, and velvet pillow pouch. You can pre-order one now for €199 (excluding shipping fee) - or about $233 - with an anticipated shipping date in November/December 2018.

Fidelstix Micro Firefly Valentine’s Day

Charles Creature Cabinet has released their newest ball-jointed doll - Fidelstix. This Firefly Faerie BJD measures 6cm (about 2.4 inches) in height and is offered in both Fair skin and Translucent Green. Limited to a run of only 50 pieces (25 fair and 25 green), the full set includes Wings and goggles, CCC "Special pillow pouch" (cute bug fabric), DreamingTree 4mm hand made eyes, Faceup, and a Card of Authenticity. The Fair version runs €239 (about $300), while the Green runs €259 (about $321).


Charles' Creature Cabinet has announced the release details around their newest Woodling TrollieEGGIE MOSS (EGG) is a limited edition of only 35 pieces worldwide. The Ugly Woodling Troll BJD EGG stands around 2.75 inches in height. There are two resin colors to choose from - Sand Tan and Tan - and there are special paint color faceup/blushing options.

The full set includes CCC "Special pillow pouch" (wild animal fabric), Random color Glass Eyes, Faceup, and Card of Authenticity. Depending on the options you choose, it will sell between €279 and €319 ($320 - $380).

CCC’s Sir Truffles Pigglesby

Charles Creature Cabinet has introduced Sir Truffles Pigglesby - a pig boar anthro ball-jointed doll (5.5 inches tall). STP is available in 4 colorways: Pale Pink, Fudge Tan, Chocolate Tan, and Beige Tan. The first seven orders of STP in pale pink and first seven orders of pOink will receive a pair of CCC IF Booties as a special free gift. Each one runs between €269.00 and €279.00 (around $320).

CCC’s Batty Boo – The Black Limited Edition

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced the limited edition run of Batty Boo - The Black Limited Edition (only 6 pieces worldwide). The 5.5-inch tall pieces includes the following: Face-Up, RANDOM colored glass eyes, Satin white blanket wrapping, COA (card of authenticity), purple translucent and luminous (Glow) Bat Wings.

The Batty Boo runs €279.00 (about $328). Head on over now to secure one.

Charles’ Creature Cabinet’s Mimi BJD

Charles Stephen and Charles' Creature Cabinet have announced that the newest Glow-in-the-Dark faerie Mimi has been released for pre-order. She is a Ginger Flower Bud Faerie, and a close relative of Nana Ginger Root Gnome and of Fidelia Firefly Faerie. MIMI is offered as a limited edition in three resin colors: Strawberry Milkshake Pink & Glow White/Pink (25 pieces); Orange Milkshake Orange & Glow Orange (10 pieces); Vanilla Milkshake (Bee) Yellow & Glow Yellow (10 pieces). Each 3.75-inch tall BJD sells for €289.00 (about $340).

For the promotional pictures, the outfits are hand knits by argenTTo's (Etsy) Marie Patterson WeeDollyWears hand made mohair wigs, and hand made outfit/shoes by Murjani's Fairy Fragilities.

CCC’s DIRA – Deerling BJD

Charles' Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-order wait-list reservations for their DIRA - Deerling BJD. The 5.5-inch tall ball-jointed-doll is limited to a run of 35 pieces. The amount to reserve one is a non-refundable €54.30 (about $64). The full amount is €289.00 (about $340). It's planned to begin shipping around Q1 of 2018.

The DIRA - Deerling BJD full set includes CCC Deer antler, random color glass eyes, "faceup", card of authenticity, and satin blanket wrapping.

CCC’s Sayang – WoodlingUtan

Charles Creature Cabinet is currently taking pre-orders for his Sayang - WoodlingUtan Tiny/Micro BJD. The nearly 3-inch tall figure is limited to a run of 35 pieces. The full set includes a CCC "Special pillow pouch" (cartoon fabric), random color Glass Eyes, Faceup, and Card of Authenticity. There's currently a non-refundable deposit, with the final price being €269 (about $314).


CCC Release CUMIKO Squid BJD

Charles' Creature Cabinet is releasing the Ume Cumiko Squid Girl BJD for pre-order. This 3.15-inch tall piece is made of glow-in-the-dark resin (you can choose either the Rose Quartz Pink or Snow White). The set includes a CCC "Special pillow pouch", random color glass eyes, faceup, card of authenticity, squid cap, and four extra arms (tentacles are magnetic and removable). The estimated delivery is in November/December 2017. And you can currently pre-order from the CCC Shop for €299 (about $346).


CCC So and Po Blossom Faeries

Charles Creature Cabinet has announced a new series of Blossom Faeries. Priced at €169.00 (about $180), the Glow-in-the-Dark Botanical Blossom Faeries are named So and Po. So (Song Sakura) - sad face - is available in white pink and pale pink orange versions. Po (PoMona) - happy face - is available in pink blue and white pink versions. The very small Handmade mohair wigs by Marie Patterson's WeeDollyWears will be available for custom orders through her Etsy store. 

Each 2-inch tall figure includes a CCC Special pillow pouch (Cherry Blossom pink velvet fabric), Flower Hat & Wings, random color glass eyes, Faceup, and a Card of Authenticity.