Blamo’s Bruno – Black and Cream

This burly bambino is Blamoville’s best break dancer. Word on the street is that during a dance battle in the midst of the Greatest Storm of the Century there was … Read More

Chimeras and Saber from Blamo Toys

Blamo Toys is taking orders for a few new creations from artist Spencer Hanson. The Chimeras feature a ceramic head that’s been handmade by Hansen. Each body is hand carved … Read More

Magic Sky Wizards by Bunnie Reiss x Blamo

The Magic Sky Wizards are a limited edition custom collaboration between Bunnie Reiss and Blamo. This special edition is limited to six individually hand carved and hand painted Minkys. Each Minky is hand carved from Suar wood at the Blamo workshop and customized by Bunny Reiss. The pieces stand approximately 8 inches tall and come in a screen printed box. You can pick up the remaining one-offs for $300.00 each.

Mikie Graham’s The Lost Blamonaut

Mikie Graham is taking part in the 5th annual Blamo Toys Custom Show happening this weekend in Aspen, Colorado at The BLK MKT pop up. For The Minky Show, Mikie created The Lost Blamonaut. If you’re interested in Mikie’s Minky custom, or any of the 30+ incredible customs from the show, check out

Blamo Toys’ Birdman

Birdman is the newest release from Blamo Toys. Hand carved from Monkey Pod Wood and standing approximately 9″ tall, he comes in a hand-made box. The figure is available to … Read More

Minky from Blamo Toys

Blamo has unleashed another character on the residents of Blamoville. Minky is hand carved from Monkey Pod Wood and stands approximately 7.5″ tall. He comes in a hand-made box and … Read More

Colonel Stache O’Hair

Colonel Stache O’Hair is the newest resident to land in Blamoville. The handmade figure features a hand-carved teak head and gloves with a hand-dyed canvas body featuring leather detailing. There … Read More

Blamo’s Hawk Billy

Hawk Billy is a collaboration between Blamo and Aleph Geddis. This 7″ tall figure is a limited edition of 20 pieces. Hawk Billy is made from hand carved Suar wood and then … Read More

Mikie Graham’s Billy the Automaton

The following comes to you straight from Mikie Graham, who has created one of the more complex customs we’ve come across: For the past 5 years I have had the … Read More

Blamo Toys’ Billy Custom Group Show at TAG

Toy Art Gallery proudly presents Blamo Toy’s 5th Annual Custom Show featuring Billy. Blamo is celebrating 5 years of annual custom shows, with over 100 international artists participating. There will … Read More

Blamo’s newest character – Zuri

Blamo’s first self-proclaimed female character has moved to Blamoville. “Possessing telekinetic powers of both healing and destruction, Zuri is not to be trifled with, but her compassion is also legendary.” … Read More

SDCC13: Blamoville’s “The Knights of the Rainbow”

San Diego Comic Con is approaching fast, and Blamo Toys is excited to reveal what they have in store for the show. This year, as in previous years, long time … Read More

SDCC13: Blamo Toys

Blamo Toys has announced a few San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. They will have a limited edition of 12 Swampy Customs at the Dragatomi Booth. Purchase a unique custom swampy … Read More

Blamo – Bandit and Teak

Blamo has some news for collectors, including new releases and their Designer Con 2012 plans. The new Black and Grey Bandit, featuring a leather body and brass face, is currently … Read More

Dragatomi Hug

Blamo Toys has teamed up with Dragatomi to create a new colorway of their Hug resin figure for San Diego Comic Con. The “Dragatomi Hug” is a limited edition run … Read More