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Win a Kugg at the Scion Xposed Event


Blackwater Toys will be holding a contest to win a Kugg at the Scion Xposed event being held at Jones Beach, New York - Field 5 on this Sunday (September 24th). The contest is open to all Scion owners and friends.  You will need to design a Kugg and Scion (check out the attached photos). The contestant will design the JPEG and send the designed image to  They will be choosing 8 winners and will be announcing the winners at the Blackwater booth in Scion Xposed.  Winners must be present to win.

REVIEW: Blackwater Toys’ Kuggs



Blackwater Toys’ line of Kuggs polyresin figures are beginning to land at designer toy retailers.  The Kuggs story is a pretty interesting one.

To read the entire story, you will want to check out the Blackwater website, but here is an abbreviated one.  The Kuggs are the working class…being oppressed by the Bagless.  They ride the subway to and from work and basically live to work.  “Led around with no resistance or question, the Kuggs have become sheep and the Bagless are their shepherds. But as in any flock of sheep, there will always be a few strays-ones that realize maybe this isn’t the only way of life- ones that wake up from the nightmare and start to see reality- ones who become black sheep.



The window-front packages of the 6” Kuggs are designed to resemble a Subway train.  The boxes can be put together to show a scene of the Kuggs standing next to each other in the train car.  There is plenty of reading on the bottom of the box…including the Kuggs story.

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2006 SDCC: Blackwater Toys


Blackwater Toys premiered their Kuggs and mini Kuggs lines at SDCC this year.  The first 2 figures in this line look great.  We should have an in depth review of the line coming up in the next few weeks.

2006 SDCC coverage sponsored by Panik's Toy Box and


The Kuggs Arrive


At Comic Con, Blackwater Toys will be at Booth #4636 (sharing it with Toy2R) with some brand new products...actually...their first products.  They will  be debuting their Kuggs and Mini Kuggs lines.  Can't wait until the Con to see what these toys look like?  Well...Blackwater has uploaded some videos to YouTube that you will definitely want to check out.


Kugg Minis – Series One


The first series of Mini Kuggs (from Blackwater Toys) will be available at this year's SDCC.  Series One consists of 6 characters - Office Mule, Caged, Joggs, Caged, Medikugg and the rare Nekuggtive.  Also in this series will be a "naked" Kugg, so you can customize it, and 2 different colored subway trains (red, silver).  All of these mini figures have magnets in their heads (to attach to the larger Kuggs) and stand at 3/4" tall.

Each package includes one of the six designed figures, a naked Kugg and one of the stackable subway trains.


The Story of Kuggs – Part 2

We're back with the second part of our write-up of the creative process behind Blackwater Toys' Kuggs line.


The factory we are working with in China requested some turn arounds to build us a prototype. We did do the turn arounds but thought how in the hell can they tell that we want this edge round or the leg is more "rounder" than what you draw in the turn around? So we thought maybe we can build a rough clay model, that way it would be easier with the factory to see what we want.

We though it can't be that hard?  So we googled and did some quick research - looks easy enough.  Got our shopping list together and went to Pearl Paint - aluminum wire for support, wire mesh for shaping, a box of Super Sculpey, and some materials for molding (I forget what that was - it was a recommendation from the person who worked there). After, we went home and started to try to sculpt.


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The Story of Kuggs

About two years ago, Andrew and Johnny (of Blackwater Toys) were going to lunch everyday in the park. And through those lunches came the idea of Kuggs.


We were talking about how the everyday ordinary person is never really given a chance to live life to it's fullest and how only the rich can enjoy it.  It was almost like his destiny is already written for him. He was forced to play the hand he was dealt  - whether he's is forced to work because he had bills to pay or forced to steal because of he was given no opportunity.  We wanted to tell a story about that and thought Urban Vinyl was the perfect medium for us. We always thought it was another form medium where one can express himself there but the cool thing about it was it was in a form of a toy!

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2006 Toy Fair: Blackwater Toys


Blackwater Toys were on hand to premier their first toy line – Kuggs.  This series of toys will be built upon a strong back-story.  Briefly, it details the plight of an everyday guy who wakes up one day and realizes that there is something else in life (other than the daily drudge of work, etc.)  So all of the symbols on the actual figure have some significance in the story.


The first 2 figures will be named Sheep and Black Sheep.  Each large figure will contain a mini subway train and several inch tall mini figures.  One nice detail in this line is that each hand of the large figure contains magnets.  These then work with the subway train (which has 2 magnets) and the mini figure (1 magnet).

The packaging is also worth mentioning.  It is shaped like half of a subway train and they can be placed next to each other to form a full train.  Look for this line to be launched before the San Diego Comic Con.


Kuggs: Get Yer Fix


Next weekend's Toy Fair will introduce us to some new lines of figures.  Kuggs are a new line from a new company - Blackwater Toys.  Kuggs are cute, little beings who are being oppressed by the "Bagless" - who control their lives.

Each 6” Kugg comes packaged with a 7/8” Kugg and one stackable display train. The large Kugg can hold both the small Kugg and the display train.  Also, there will be two different box styles.  When you put together the two boxes they form one half of a subway train.  More info – such as price, quantity – should be available in the near future.