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SDCC15: Penny Dreadful – Dorian Gray and Werewolf


Entertainment Earth and BifBangPow! have announced another pair of Penny Dreadful action figures that will be available to purchase at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 at this year's San Diego Comic Con.

The Dorian Gray 6-inch action figure (pictured above) is a convention exclusive that will be limited to a run of 3,700 pieces. The figure includes Dorian's signature goblet as an accessory. It can currently be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth - if you won't be at SDCC - for $22.99.

**Spoiler Alert!**
The Ethan Chandler Werewolf 6-inch action figure is a convention exclusive that will be limited to a run of 2,400 pieces. The figure includes Ethan's signature gun holster and guns. It can currently be pre-ordered from Entertainment Earth - if you won't be at SDCC - for $22.99.


SDCC15: The Big Lebowski – The Dude Deluxe Action Figure


Hey man...The Dude is back there behind those super invasive watermarks somewhere. Entertainment Earth (Booth #2343) will be at San Diego Comic Con 2015 with the 12-inch tall The Big Lebowski - The Dude Deluxe Action Figure from Bif Bang Pow!. Featuring 25 points of articulation, The Dude comes with interchangeable hands, a bowling ball, leather-like bowling bag, sunglasses, cell phone, White Russian, jelly shoes, two multiple-piece cloth outfits, talking key chain that speaks 8 phrases directly from the movie, and the rug that ties everything together.

The figure will be limited to a run of 486 pieces. If you're not attending SDCC, you can pre-order The Dude Deluxe figure via the above link for $199.99

So...the price on this thing. Spending $199.99 for a figure from a company that has had quality issues producing their lower end figures (Dexter, Lost, The Big Bang Theory), would give me some severe heartburn.

SDCC15: Bif Bang Pow! Penny Dreadful Action Figures

In addition to the Vanessa Ives and Ethan Chandler action figures from the Penny Dreadful license, Bif Bang Pow! has announced three more convention exclusives that will be available from Entertainment Earth. They'll be available for the first time on July 8th 2015 at the Entertainment Earth booth #2343 at San Diego Comic-Con. Those who won't be able to attend will be able to pre-order the 6-inch tall action figures via the link below.


Sir Malcolm Murray comes dressed in a dapper black tailcoat suit made of soft and bendable PVC plastic. He includes his signature cane with sitting lion, removable hat and hand gun as accessories. He will be limited to a run of 2,800 pieces and sell for $22.99.


Dr. Victor Frankenstein includes his infamous sketchbook and surgical scissors as accessories. He will be a limited edition run of 2,800 pieces and sell for $22.99 each.


The Creature - Dr. Frankenstein's creation - will be dressed in a (soft and bendable PVC plastic) black Victorian-style trench coat with a high neck wrap to help hide the not-so-pleasant surgery of his father. It will be a limited edition of 2,400 pieces and sell for  $22.99.

SDCC15: Entertainment Earth’s Penny Dreadful Exclusives


Entertainment Earth has announced their convention exclusives, and a pair of those made by Bif Bang Pow! comes from the Showtime horror show - Penny Dreadful. If you can get past those intrusive Entertainment Earth watermarks, you'll see a pair of 6-inch tall action figures.

The Vanessa Ives (Eva Green) figure is a limited edition of 3,700 pieces. She includes her trusty set of tarot cards fanned out into one piece, plus a separate single card. If you can't make it to San Diego Comic Con 2015, you can pre-order it here for $22.99. If you do get to San Diego, it will be available at the Entertainment Earth Booth #2343.

The Ethan Chandler (Josh Hartnett) figure is a limited edition of 2,800 pieces. Ethan comes with his signature gun holster, guns and removable bowler style hat. The figure can be pre-ordered here for $22.99 if you won't be able to make it to San Diego Comic Con 2015.


The Big Bang Theory 3.75-inch Action Figures


Bif Bang Pow! has announced that they will be producing a series of 3.75-inch action figures based on characters from The Big Bang Theory. They've also produced an 8-inch MEGO  style line. There will be 10 different figures available: Sheldon (in four different superhero shirts), Leonard, Howard, Raj, Penny, Bernadette, and Amy Farrah Fowler

Hopefully they have someone new overseeing the quality control, as the SDCC-Exclusive Sheldon figure turned out scary-bad (just check out Michael Crawford's review). They're expected to begin shipping in May 2015, and you can pre-order the figures now for $9.99 each.

SDCC Exclusive Rusty and Jonas Venture Sr. with Tin Tote

venture bros sdcc

Created in conjunction with EMCE Toys, Bif Bang Pow! will be adding the San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Rusty and Jonas Venture Sr. with Tin Tote to their line of Adult Swim's The Venture Bros. figures. This set will run $45.00, and will be accompanied by the debut of a few other figures: Dr. Girlfriend, Hank, Dr. Orpheus, and Phantom Limb. The exclusive set is a limited edition of 1,500 pieces, while the debuts are limited to 3,000 pieces each.

Dexter Line gets 3 3/4 inch Treatment

bbp dexter 1

Bif Bang Pow! has announced that their oft-controversial Dexter has been hit with a shrink ray, in what will be the company's first 3 3/4 inch action figure. Two versions of Dexter will be available - the first being BBP's Comic-Con Exclusive Dexter as the Dark Defender limited edition, followed by the main line Dexter Morgan version. You can pre-order them from Entertainment Earth for $9.99 each.

bbp dexter 2