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The 6th Prince


Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins has updated us on his latest project - The 6th Prince.

First up, I will finally tell the Tuttz cat story in comic book form that will be published by Xmoor Studios calling it - The 6th Prince, and I plan to produce different types merchandise/collectibles to support it. Everyone will finally get to see where the Tuttz cat comes from and go on a adventure with him. I'm in the process of putting a very talented team together to get this venture off the ground and here are the first exclusive teasers of it to share with you all along with the growing crew.

The 6th Prince production team so far:

Eric Nocella Diaz - creator/artist
Robert Garrett - writer/co-publisher Xmoor Studios
Steven Lashley - FX/CG modeller
Julian Aguilera - project colorist


Argonaut Resins’ Piragua Fuego Release


Argonaut Resins has released the Piragua Fuego - a 5-inch tall resin cast custom series painted by artist/sculptor/creator Eric Nocella Diaz. The painted top section is cast in clear-tint resin and the bottom is cast in a solid resin painted in metallic pearlized paint. Each Piragua will come signed and numbered on their bottoms and with a custom die-cut 5 piece colorful Piragua sticker pack. 

The Piragua Fuego is limited to a run of 3 pieces worldwide. They're available to purchase for $45.00 each.

Argonaut Resins’ Tuttz Mini Holiday Hunt


Argonaut Resins has added the Tuttz Mini 3.5-inch resin cat to this years Holiday Hunt. They will be randomly released in the online store from Christmas all the way to New Years. Some of them will glow in the dark and some will match the ongoing 8-inch Tuttz OG Holiday Hunt cats that are still being released. They are also part of the Grandma's House Anything Goes Series. You should probably just keep checking in to see what's available via the Argonaut store.

Argonaut Resins’ Holiday Hunt


It's that time of year again...when Argonaut Resins starts their annual Holiday Hunt. Resin figures will be released at random in their online all hours of the day...from now through Christmas...and all of the way to New Years. This years Holiday Hunt will feature the Tuttz OG 6.5-inch tall cats cast in glittery confetti (and some will glow in the dark). They'll run $75.00 (shipped in the US) and there will be a run of 25 resin cast Tuttz OG cats to complete this series.