O_Negative’s Destroyer

Eric Nocella, from Argonaut Resins, clued us into the initial sculpt for the upcoming Destroyer resin figure from artist O_Negative. Eric said that he’s currently casting the figure in resin and will have some more detailed photos of the resins.

Argonaut Resins Lord Mesa Kalua Moola DIY Release

Argonaut Resins will be releasing DIY versions of Lord Mesa’s Kalua Moola’s designer resin figures. They’re doing 8 do-it-yourself pieces with new mini cherry bomb box packaging and Argonaut Resins are asking those who get one to “set it off”…

Lord Mesa’s Kalua Moola Release

Argonaut Resins is releasing a quintet of new Kalua Moola designer resins – Gold/Blue version 2, Midnight Purple clear tint, Cobalt clear tint, Sky clear tint and Water clear tint. Each one comes with an extra resin coin and a…

Recession Aggression Tour: Kalua Moola

Argonaut Resins has granted us with exclusive photos of the first five figures from their Kalua Moola figures. This half of the wave will be exclusive to the San Diego Comic Con and be available at Lord Mesa’s Artist Alley…

El Diablo Wave 5

According to Argonaut Resins and Robbie Busch, the last batch of resins from their El Diablo project will be released this Friday (July 3rd) at noon. For this pre-‘Independence Day’ extravaganza, they’ll be dropping Wave 5 in the following versions:…

Kanji Wave 2 Release

Kanji Wave 2 – by Jared Deal and Argonaut Resin – will go on sale tomorrow (June 19th) at 12 noon EST (at Argonaut’s site). In this wave of 10 individually hand-painted figures, there will be a variety of colors…

Bone Ghost Agency

Sam Fout is joining forces with Argonaut Resins to bring his Bone Ghost Agency to the masses. Look for them to released this summer, with the first wave hopefully being dropped in time for San Diego Comic Con.

Lord Mesa Project – Kalua Moola

Argonaut Resins is giving a few hints of their Lord Mesa project. While information about the Kalua Moola designer resin toy is still at a premium, Argonaut will be dropping the full prototype images very soon along with scale, prices…

Gold Coin x Argonaut Resin

Gold Coin and Argonaut Resin are teaming up for a super special character release. GC’s first toy release. The figure will – of course – be made of resin but they will have a little special feature up their sleeves….

Jared Deal’s Kanji Project

Argonaut Resins has posted more info and photos of Jared Deal’s Kanji project. These are set to be released tomorrow. Will you be picking one up? Good luck. I’d act fast.

Kanji Resin

Argonaut Resins has posted photos of Jared Deal’s first wave of the Kanji resin toys. These are set to be released on April 1st via the Argonaut webstore. The photos are of the first two colorways of the 5″ tall…

Jared Deal’s Kanji

Jared Deal and Argonaut Resins revealed their Kanji resin sculpt after teasing us with a montage of glimpses. Look for the joint project between sculptor Eric Nocella Diaz and Deal to be released this April.