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Series 4 Sparkly Party Cat Tuttz Minis

Tuttz Blind Box Packaging

Eric Nocella Diaz and Argonaut Resins will be releasing all new Series 4 Sparkly Party Cat Tuttz Minis randomly throughout this week. The 3.5-inch resins come signed, numbered, and with a mini story card Certificate Of Authenticity.

The series consists of 50 clear tint Sparkly Party Cats Tuttz. There are a few chase pieces hidden throughout those 50 pieces. Keep an eye out on the above link, as they'll be dropping at all hours of the day, running $40.00 each.

More Jellybots at MoCCA

Cosmic Jellybots 1

These Jellybots have been accidentally swallowed up stars and nebulas on their way to Earth. Now, they are filled with little cosmic power ready to take over. Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire) will have 10 pieces in total.

Cosmic Jellybots 2

She will also have more plush for event. They include a special edition - adorned with a mustache. Any leftovers from MoCCA will be uploaded into her online shop after this weekend at

Jelly Empire Plush 2
Jelly Empire Plush 1

The Jelly Empire at MoCCA Festival

Jelly Empire Gentlebots

Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire) will have two new collections at the MoCCA Festival - taking place next weekend. The first is a set of 5 pieces of her vey dapper looking Steampunk Gentlebot. Each figure comes with a staff accessory. The second is a set of 4 pieces of her Playbot Bunnies. There are 2 brunettes and 2 blondes...each with their own tray of drinks.  Since this is also a little early Easter release, it will come with little chocolate mini eggs too.

The MoCCA Festival is April 5th and 6th 2014 from 11AM to 6PM at the 69th Regiment Armoury, 68 Lexington Avenue (25th Street) New York. Selina's booth number is C24.

Jelly Empire Playbot Bunnies

Tuttz Mini Release This Week

Argonaut New Years Hunt Tuttz

Since both the the Holiday Hunt and New Years Hunt were big successes and the Tuttz fan base is growing, Eric Nocella Diaz has announced that he will release another series of sparkly Tuttz Minis starting later this week at the Argonaut Resins Shop (above photo is of older Tuttz figures).

These will not be blind boxed, and the edition size will be another 25 pieces. There will also be a bunch of glow in the dark pieces...just in case you missed out before.

Terminator Tuttz Mini Customs Series 2

Argonaut Terminators Series 2

Argonaut Resins has announced that Series 2 of the Terminator Tuttz Mini Customs collaboration with artist Leroy Wilkes of Kilroy's Attic has been released at the Argonaut Shop (linked above).

The edition size of this series is:

Clear Tint Outer Shell Tuttz - 6 pieces
Pearlescent Ghost-styled GID - 1 piece
Tuttz with Metal Cold Cast Skeletons - 4 pieces
X-ray-styled Beige Bone Colored Casting - 1 piece

Each Terminator Tuttz Mini custom comes with signed and numbered custom packaging and certificates of authenticity. They're available for $100.00 each.

Designer Toys Group Show at Medialia

2013 11 Medialia

Tara Nakashima Donahue has put together a group of super talented artists for a designer toy and a comic/illustration exhibit, opening this Saturday (November 2nd 2013) at the Medialia ... Rack And Hamper Gallery in NYC. There will be opening events from 3PM to 7PM, and the exhibit will run until the end of the month.

Jelly Empire Batbot

Among the artists taking part in the show is Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire). She will have 3 new pieces for the toy exhibit and some original illustrations from her latest comic book. Another familiar face taking part in the show is Eric Nocella Diaz of Argonaut Resins.

Jelly Empire Batbot Comic

A Jelly Empire Halloween

Jelly Empire Pumpkins

Selina Briggs aka The Jelly Empire will be having a Halloween release over at her web shop beginning at 10AM ET on October 31st 2013. Included in this release are five Halloween inspired  micro Jellybots.

Jelly Empire Halloween Pumpkins

There are also a few prints, including an 8"x10" limited edition print (15 pieces) featuringlittle pumpkin jellybots having fun around a pumpkin. Also, there are 6 different 6"x4" mini prints (an open run).

Jelly Empire Halloween