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DCON14: 3DRetro Booth

Of course, 3DRetro will be attending Designer Con 2014. They'll be at Booth #428 with several exclusives available. 


Creamy P.P. Puppy Edition
Gary Baseman
Limited to 200 pieces

Gary will be at the booth signing on Saturday from 2PM to 3PM


Bitta Cream Soda Pop Edition
Scott Tolleson

Scott Tolleson will be at the show signing (available to sign at his booth as well)


Suited Birdie Diamond Edition
Nathan Ota
Limited to 200 pieces

Nathan Ota will be signing on Sunday at the 3DRetro booth and Saturday at Prints on Wood. Figure will only be available at 3DRetro booth.


Ralf Blue Azul Edition
Greg "Craola" Simkins
Limited to 200 pieces

Greg will be at the show signing.

SDCC14: Win an Octoplush: Aquapup Edition

FlatBonnie Nathan Hamill AquaPup 1

There will be three Octoplush: Aquapup Edition plushes from Flat Bonnie x Nathan Hamill given away at the 3DRetro San Diego Comic Con Booth #5049.

In order to win one, you'll need to purchase an Octopup: Octocrush Edition Sofubi for $10.00 at the booth. If you receive an aqua "golden" ticket, present it and receive your free Plush Pup.

That plush stands 6" tall and is made with soft fleece and vinyl pleather.

FlatBonnie Nathan Hamill AquaPup 2

SDCC14: Vannen – Rat Basterd: White

Vannen SDCC Kronk

Vannen has teamed up with 3D Retro to release a limited edition Rat Basterd: White  artist watch by artist KRONK. The watch is available exclusively via the 3DRetro San Diego Comic Con booth #5049 beginning on Preview Night.

There only 100 pieces available, with each watch running $60.00. each. And the first 30 people to purchase the Rat Basterd: White will also get a limited edition KRONK giclee print.

SDCC14: 3DRetro – Shadow Ralf

3DRetro SDCC Craola 1

From 3DRetro, the 2014 San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Shadow Ralf is a limited edition exclusive colorway from Greg "Craola" Simkins' forthcoming stop motion animated short film "I'm Scared". The 6-inch vinyl figure is an extremely limited release and will retail for $70.00 during the convention.

It will only be available at the 3DRetro Booth #5049. And Greg will be signing there on Thursday, July 24 2014 from 1PM to 2PM.

3DRetro SDCC Craola 2

SDCC14: 3DRetro – Toxic Suited Bird

3DRetro Ota 1

3DRetro has announced another San Diego Comic Con 2014 release that you'll only be able to pick up at Booth #5049. The Toxic Suited Bird from Nathan Ota is the glow-in-the-dark colorway of his popular Suited Birdies figure.

This version is limited to 100 pieces worldwide and will be released during the convention. Nathan Ota will be in attendance to sign the figure on Saturday July 26th 2014 from 1PM to 2PM. You'll be able to pick up the limited edition version for $60.00.

3DRetro Ota 2

SDCC14: 3DRetro – The Wild Girls: Beverly and Chou Chou

3DRetro Baseman Girl 1

3DRetro has announced another San Diego Comic Con 2014 release...this one in conjunction with artist Gary Baseman. The Wild Girls 2 pack figure set includes a 6-inch tall Beverly and a 3.5-inch tall Chou Chou. Both figures can stand on their own (flower bases included) or can join together at the hands via magnets.

This original colorway set is limited to 200 pieces and will be released at the 3DRetro Booth #5049 during the convention. Gary will be at SDCC on Friday July 25th 2014 between 11AM and Noon to sign. Each set will retail for $70.00.

3DRetro Baseman Girl 2

Lavabear: Classic Edition

Nathan Hamill Lava Bear

Nathan Hamill has announced his newest vinyl. The Lavabear: Classic Edition will be released through 3DRetro at San Diego Comic Con 2014. The 8" tall figure will be limited to 125 pieces, available at Booth #5049. No word on the pricing...

Lavabear was once a shapeless, colorless being created from stardust by The Those. Over time, he rose into a vibrant, ursine-esque creature.

His sole purpose was to guard the entrance to the Sacred Realms of Märchen and, along with it, its memories, treasures, and secrets.

The legend goes that if awoken from his deep hibernation, those foolhardy enough to trespass on his Sacred Grounds will be met with a terrible and ancient wrath.

His paws, it was said, shall lower, igniting the Eyes of Ulyssia and, with it, one thousand cursed flames.

Once alive, Lavabear will seek down the intruders and bury their bones in his fiery belly…

…returning him once again to his deep, sound slumber."