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3AA 2014 Membership

3AA 2014 2

The 3AA 2014 Membership is now open at The 3AA 2014 Lasstranaut Membership Set allows for access to special KLUB collections, a special 3AA version for every major release, 15% off all purchases, and a 24 hour buying window for any 3AA exclusive or 3AA variant.

3AA 2014 1

The set itself includes a 1/6th Scale Lasstranaut Collectible Figure from Ashley Wood’s Popbot Series (not to be re-released in any other colorway), a 3AA 2014 Membership Card, a Lasstranaut Art Book (12” x 12”, Softcover, 32 pages), a White T-Shirt with Lasstranaut Design & Illustration on Front and Back, a Vellum Top Sheet with Lasstranaut Painting by Ashley Wood (approx. 17.5” x 17.5”), a Lithograph with Lasstranaut Painting by Ashley Wood (approx. 17.5” x 17.5”), and an Illustrated Box Set Containing All Contents Listed Above.

3AA 2014 3

The Membership Set will ship in the 2nd quarter of 2014, but you will be able to start using your special benefits at Bambalandstore.

3A Toys to release Noisy Boy

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 1

The folks at 3A Toys have released all of the juicy details surrounding their release of the newest Real Steel robot - Noisy Boy. On November 1st 2013 at 9:00AM Hong Kong Time (9PM ET on Halloween), you'll be able to head to to order your sixth-scale Noisy Boy. Retailing for $380.00, only the Bambaland Exclusive Edition comes with the sixth-scale Bot Controller and Headset.

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 2

Some of the figure details are below:

• Noisy Boy Stands Over 17 Inches Tall
• Over 500 LED Lights Throughout The Figure (Eyes, Chest, Abdomen, Back, Arms, Thighs and Lower Legs)
• Randomized Animated LED Sequence on Forearms Displaying Five Different Symbols
• Realistic Rubberized Tread on Bottom of Feet
• Metallic Style Paint Application on Outer Armor

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 3
3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 4

NYCC13: 3ALegion – Auroral Pascha

3A NYCC Auroral

The threeA sponsored 3ALegion Booth #116 at New York Comic Con 2013 will be the Auroral Pascha from Ashley Wood.

Auroral will be priced at $125.00 with a one per customer limit. She will be available via raffle system.

The raffle schedule is as follows:

Thursday October 10th 2013
Tickets handed out 4PM until 5PM
Numbers called at 5:30pm

Friday October 11th 2013
Tickets handed out 12PM until 1PM
Numbers called at 1:30pm

Saturday October 12th 2013
Tickets handed out 3PM until 4PM
Numbers called at 4:30pm

3A’s VALVe Team Fortress 2 – Mann vs. Machine Robot Heavy

3A Valve Mann Vs Machine Robot Heavy Red
3A Valve Mann Vs Machine Robot Heavy Blue

3A Toys has announced that the VALVe Team Fortress 2 – Mann vs. Machine Robot Heavy figures will be offered for pre-order at Bambalandstore on September 27th 2013 at 9AM Hong Kong Time (9PM ET on September 26th).

There will be a red and blue version, each being super-articulated and with light-up eyes. The Bambaland versions come with boxing gloves. And you'll be able to pr-order one for $220.00 (that's before your 3AA discount, if you're a member).

**Me, I've never played the game. But I do like robots...and these look pretty insane**

AKLUB Dead Easy Corp

3A AK Dead Easy Corp

The AKLUB Dead Easy Corp set will be available for pre-order over at the Bambalandstore on September 13th 2013 at 9AM Hong Kong Time (9PM ET on September 12th) for $260.00.

This will be the third set ( following Golden Dolphin No Shit On These Flippers and Dead Astronaut Gangsta Black and White) in the Adventure Kartel Club. You'll need to pick up four AKLUB sets in order to get the free 1/6th scale MS Shadow figure (of course, you'll have to cover the shipping charges).

3A Toys’ Adventure Kartel Dead Astronaut Gangsta Pre-Order

3A Dead Astronaut Gangsta White

The 3A Toys' Adventure Kartel Dead Astronaut Gangsta figures will go up for pre-order on August 7th 2013 at 9AM Hong Kong Time (or August 6th at 9PM ET) over at

There will be two singles (white and black) as well as the AKLUB set. The singles will be priced at $160.00, while the set runs $310.00. The set of Black and White Dead Astronaut Gangstas also comes with the "sweet escape thruster accessory".

This set will be the second set (GOLDEN DOLPHIN NO SHIT ON THESE FLIPPERS SET was the first) for purchase within AKLUB (Adventure Kartel club) which goes towards the elusive 1/6th scale MS SHADOW figure. Basically, you have to purchase four AKLUB sets to get MS SHADOW for free (you'll have to cover shipping).

3A Dead Astronaut Gangsta Black