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Lonely Star Warrior Tease


The latest 3A Toys newsletter includes the above photo showing one of Ashley Wood's upcoming pre-orders - the 1/6th scale Lonely Star Warrior. I'm not sure if this one is actually licensed - although since they've been doing stylized Marvel (also owned by Disney) collectible figures, it's a possibility. No word yet on how much or when the member of the Tomorrow Kings series will be released.

Bambaland Exclusive Transformers Megatron Premium Scale Figure


3A Toys will be releasing for pre-order their Bambaland Exclusive Transformers Megatron Premium Scale Figure on Thursday January 29th 2015 at 8PM ET. Standing in at 18.5-inches in height, the figure features over 70 points of articulation including articulated fingers and a Brute Shotgun accessory. There's also realistic weathering paint effects, metal chains wrapped around the torso, and light up feature on the eyes.


The Bambaland Exclusive Edition includes the Matrix of Leadership accessory and a tattered and weathered cloth cloak. You can pre-order one for $430.00.


2015 3AA Membership

3A Toys has announced the details around their upcoming 3AA Membership release. The pre-sale will start on January 14th 2015 around 9PM ET. The membership kit is set to ship on May 17th 2015. In addition to everything in the kit, you also get a 15% discount for

The 3AA membership includes the following:

  • Two 3AGO Nom Commanders
  • 3AGO Nom Bertie MK2
  • JJ McGee Thingy on a Thingy Stand
  • T-Shirt
  • Nom Commanders print signed by Ashley Wood
  • Membership card with strap
  • 15% discount for Bambaland for 2015
  • Returning 3AA vets get an exclusive 3AGO TK head

3A Toys’ Bumblebee Premium Scale Collectible Figure Details


3A Toys will taking pre-orders for their Transformers Bumblebee Premium Scale Collectible Figure starting on Friday December 12th 2014 at 9:00AM Hong Kong Time (8AM ET). The Bambaland Exclusive will sell for $390.00. The Bumblebee figure stands in at 15 inches tall with over 65 points of articulation.

The figure includes the following: 

  • Articulated Fingers
  • Interchangable Right Arm and Light-Up Cannon
  • Detachable Combat Face Shield
  • LED Light-Up Feature on Eyes, Chest and Cannon
  • Bambaland Exclusive Version Includes Control Pillar Accessory