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Worlds Best Robots

Following the large release of 3AGO figures from 3A Toys, Ashley Wood has announced another series that will be released under thise new banner. The WBR (Worlds Best Robots) will include Mars, Remus, and Romulus. Each one of these beasts will measure over 2-feet in height (25" to be exact). And they will have a spring-loaded missle in their chest. Did anyone tell you kids that eye patches are all the rage today?


3AGO – We Like To Play


3A Toys is introducing a new line of play-oriented figures called 3AGO. This will be in an 8-inch scale, so falling somewhere between their 1/6th and 1/12th (Portable) lines. There's no word on whether the "We Like To Play" tagline means that these are going to be constructed to withstand the everyday grind of kids (or 35 year old kids) playing with them.

They are gonna launch with quite an assortment of characters. I'm looking forward to the Automatic Hemingway figures, but there are also three Tomorrow Kings, a 3AA Exclusive Night and Day TK, and five different WWR de Plumes. No word yet on any pricing, but it shouldn't take that long to find out, since they're slated to go on sale tonight (August 26th 2014) at 9PM ET.

3A shows you your Destiny

3A Toys has announced that they will be producing 1/6 scale figures based on the upcoming Bungie developed video game Destiny.  If you haven't heard of Destiny, it will be the hot game this coming fall. It's made by the same folks who brought you Halo, but this one will be available on both Xbox and Playstation platforms.

I've played the Alpha and Beta releases of the game, and I rarely get excited for anything other than sports games...but Destiny is one I'm anxiously awaiting for. It will be interesting to see just what 3A will releases, since each player can create their individualized character utilizing a number of color and choice options.

Oh...and the game features a lot of voice-over work from Peter Dinklage. Enough said.

Your Appointment at the Bambaland Clinic – Tonight

3A Zomb MD 2

Tonight (Thursday August 7th 2014) at - I'm assuming, since it's their usual release time - 9PM ET, 3A - via Bamabalandstore - will be releasing their sixth scale AKLUB Zomb MD and Albino Nurse Set and the Adventue Kartel Black Rose Zomb Nurse. The set will sell for $260.00, while the Zomb Nurse - these nurses have newly designed 3A breasts - will clock in at $120.00.

While there's no word of it, I would have liked an option of just picking up the Zomb MD figure.

3A Zomb MD 1

Marvel The Invincible Iron Man

3A Marvel IronMan Group

3A Toys will be releasing their Marvel The Invincible Iron Man lineup - designed by Ashley Wood and based on their Marvel license. Iron Man is the first in the series, apparently with Doctor Doom, Ultron, Spider-Man, Thor and Captain America to follow. There will be four different figures available:

• Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Classic
• Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Stealth – exclusive to Bambaland and the shipping version will have red eyes
• Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Silver Centurion
• Marvel The Invincible Iron Man: Stark Industries Prototype – exclusive to Bambaland and for existing 3AA members only

Look for these to hit Bambaland on February 12th 2014 at 9PM ET.

3AA 2014 Membership

3AA 2014 2

The 3AA 2014 Membership is now open at The 3AA 2014 Lasstranaut Membership Set allows for access to special KLUB collections, a special 3AA version for every major release, 15% off all purchases, and a 24 hour buying window for any 3AA exclusive or 3AA variant.

3AA 2014 1

The set itself includes a 1/6th Scale Lasstranaut Collectible Figure from Ashley Wood’s Popbot Series (not to be re-released in any other colorway), a 3AA 2014 Membership Card, a Lasstranaut Art Book (12” x 12”, Softcover, 32 pages), a White T-Shirt with Lasstranaut Design & Illustration on Front and Back, a Vellum Top Sheet with Lasstranaut Painting by Ashley Wood (approx. 17.5” x 17.5”), a Lithograph with Lasstranaut Painting by Ashley Wood (approx. 17.5” x 17.5”), and an Illustrated Box Set Containing All Contents Listed Above.

3AA 2014 3

The Membership Set will ship in the 2nd quarter of 2014, but you will be able to start using your special benefits at Bambalandstore.

3A Toys to release Noisy Boy

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 1

The folks at 3A Toys have released all of the juicy details surrounding their release of the newest Real Steel robot - Noisy Boy. On November 1st 2013 at 9:00AM Hong Kong Time (9PM ET on Halloween), you'll be able to head to to order your sixth-scale Noisy Boy. Retailing for $380.00, only the Bambaland Exclusive Edition comes with the sixth-scale Bot Controller and Headset.

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 2

Some of the figure details are below:

• Noisy Boy Stands Over 17 Inches Tall
• Over 500 LED Lights Throughout The Figure (Eyes, Chest, Abdomen, Back, Arms, Thighs and Lower Legs)
• Randomized Animated LED Sequence on Forearms Displaying Five Different Symbols
• Realistic Rubberized Tread on Bottom of Feet
• Metallic Style Paint Application on Outer Armor

3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 3
3AToys Real Steel Noisy Boy 4

NYCC13: 3ALegion – Auroral Pascha

3A NYCC Auroral

The threeA sponsored 3ALegion Booth #116 at New York Comic Con 2013 will be the Auroral Pascha from Ashley Wood.

Auroral will be priced at $125.00 with a one per customer limit. She will be available via raffle system.

The raffle schedule is as follows:

Thursday October 10th 2013
Tickets handed out 4PM until 5PM
Numbers called at 5:30pm

Friday October 11th 2013
Tickets handed out 12PM until 1PM
Numbers called at 1:30pm

Saturday October 12th 2013
Tickets handed out 3PM until 4PM
Numbers called at 4:30pm