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3A Toys announces Judge Dredd’s 1/12th Scale Lawmaster


Along with 3A Toys announcing their 1/12th scale Judge Dredd figure, they've also announced his infamous bike - The 1/12th Scale Lawmaster MK1. The Lawmaster is available as both a standalone pieces for $120.00 or as a set with the 1/12th scale Dredd for $160.00. And there's a Bambaland Exclusive 1/12th Scale Classic Comic Book Edition Set (shown below) available for $160.00. The Lawmaker bike measures in at 9.45 inches long, and features rubberized soft vinyl tires and six LED illuminated lights (Main Headlamp, four Secondary Side Lights, On-board Computer Display).

They'll be available to purchase from Bambaland on On Thursday November 26th, 2015 at 9:00am HK Time (8PM ET on November 25th).


Judge Dredd 2000AD 1/12th Scale Release


3A Toys has announced release details for their Judge Dredd 2000AD 1/12th collectible figures. On Thursday November 26th, 2015 at 9:00am HK Time (8PM ET on November 25th), you'll be able to pick up the 6.2-inch tall articulated figure at Bambaland for $65.00 (price includes worldwide shipping). Judge Dredd will be available in two colorways, the original color version shown above and the Bambaland Exclusive Classic Comic Book Edition (shown below).

The figure includes the following:

  • Lawgiver Mk1
  • Lawgiver Mk2
  • Daystick
  • Interchangeable Hands: Open, Clenched Fists, 2x Weapon Holding

Bambaland Exclusive Starscream Premium Scale Collectible Figure


Today (Thursday November 12th 2015) at 8PM ET3A Toys will be releasing the Bambaland Exclusive Starscream Premium Scale Collectible Figure for pre-order. From Transformers: Dark Of The Moon, this 16-inch tall Decepticon features an extremely detailed sculpt and paint applications, including Cybertronian Tattoos. It's also equipped with interchangeable Missile Cluster Arm and an additional interchangeable Saw Blade Arm that is exclusive only to Bambaland.

You'll be able to pre-order one for $430.00 (includes worldwide shipping) from Bambaland.

The Starscream figure features the following:

  • Fully Poseable With Over 75 Points of Articulation including Articulated Fingers
  • Highly-Detailed Sculpt and Paint Application
  • Realistic Weathering Effect
  • Interchangeable Missile Cluster Arm
  • LED Light-Up Eyes
  • BAMBALAND EXCLUSIVE EDITION: Interchangeable Saw Blade Arm

Celebrate Halloween, Angry Zombkin Style


3A Toys has dropped a little surprise on fans of their Adventure Kartel series. The 1/6th scale Angry Zombkin collectible figure has returned from the grave...or the compost pile. The 12-inch tall undead gourd is designed by artist Ashley Wood. It differs slightly from previous releases - this one's a little angrier.

If you're looking to pick one up (I'm a sucker for anything pumpkin related), check out the Bambaland store. You'll be able to pre-order one (scheduled to begin shipping in February 2016) for $140.00, which includes free worldwide shipping.


3A releases the Lonely Dark Lady Tomorrow Queen


3A Toys has released a pair of new GALA MILK figures over at their Bambaland store.  

The Lonely Dark Lady Tomorrow Queen (pictured above) is a 1/6th scale collectible figure that's designed by Ashley Wood and Siuyin. The figure includes a GID Lady Pink Sword and 6 Grenades. It runs $140.00 (includes free worldwide shipping).

The L TQ O N F P with L TK Battle Set (shown below) features a pair of 1/6th scale figures designed by Ashley Wood and Siuyin. The set includes the Tomorrow Queen with a GID Lady Pink Sword and 6 Grenades, as well as the Lonely Sargent with 12 Grenades, a Standard gun, and a Heavy gun. The set runs $300.00, which includes free worldwide shipping


Bravest Warriors’ Catbug from 3A Toys


ThreeA Toys has announced the pre-order for the 1/6th scale Catbug collectible figure from the Bravest Warriors show and Cartoon Hangover. You need a sidekick? You need a friend? You need someone to drink a big ol' beer with? Catbug is the little dude for the job! The figure stand in at approximately 4-inches tall and features an articulated head, rotating arms, rotating feet, and an opening shell with articulated wings.

The pre-order will open up on Tuesday September 29th 2015 at 9PM ET. The Catbug figure is priced at $40.00, which includes free worldwide shipping, and will be available at Bambaland.