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ThreeA x Marvel Captain America Pre-Order

ThreeA and Marvel have announced pre-order details for their stylized Marvel 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure SeriesCaptain America. Ashley Wood's take on Steve Rogers blends elements of his unmistakable historic comic book outfit with contemporary tactical fatigues – all deftly tailored including the classic layered scallop detailings.

Captain America comes complete with his iconic Shield, which features magnetic detailing that grant the ability to store it on Cap’s back and on his faux-leather arm bracers. Captain America debuts a newly enhanced, heroically proportioned 1/6th scale body.

The figure will be available via Bambaland and other retailers beginning on Friday April 28th 2017 and run $240.00 (Bambaland price includes worldwide shipping).

The 1/6th scale Captain America figure features the following:

  • Three Sets of Interchangeable Hands
  • Magnetically Attachable Shield
  • Set of Faux-Leather Arm Bracers
  • Set of Faux-Leather Boots

WWR FAUST + DARIO 1/6th set

3A Toys is currently taking pre-orders for their WWR FAUST + DARIO 1/6th set, designed by artist Ashley Wood, over at Bambaland. The 1/6th scale set includes a 14.8-inch tall Faust Armstrong 1G and a 12-inch tall Dario Armstrong Handler. The set is currently available to pre-order for $420.00 (price includes worldwide shipping). It's expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2017.

Faust Armstrong 1G includes the following:

  • Pistol
  • Tailored Pouches
  • Claxton80 Rifle with Removable Ammo Clip
  • 1G Articulated Propulsion Pack

Dario includes the following:

  • Removable Gas Mask and Helmet
  • Arm Armor
  • Machine Gun
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol

Hasbro x ThreeA – Optimus Prime Evasion Edition

Hasbro x ThreeA present, from Transformers Age of Extinction, the Optimus Prime Evasion Edition premium scale collectible figure. Measuring approximately 19 inches tall and featuring over 85 points of articulation, the figure features LED illuminated details, including eyes and headlights. 

The figure is currently available to pre-order over at for $430.00 (includes free worldwide shipping). You have the option of paying in full or putting down a $200.00 non-refundable deposit, with the remaining amount due at shipping.

GEISHA TQ – Popbot Tomorrow Queens

ThreeA has released the GEISHA TQ - Popbot Tomorrow Queens. These are the surviving members of the all female group Odoriko, they gained fame and admiration as the last TQ standing in defiance with TKYO against the marauding Mortis forces at the infamous Pluto frontline battle. Designed by artist Ashley Wood, each figure stands approximately 10 inches tall.

The figure is available in three different versions: Kibo No Hoshi; Utsukushi Hoshi; Sairentosuta. The figures sell for $140.00 each (price includes worldwide shipping) and are available over at the Bambaland Store.

ThreeA’s Apocalypse War Judge Dredd

2000AD and ThreeA are celebrating Forty Years of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic with the unstoppable Apocalypse War Judge Dredd in 1/6th scale. The visual appearance of the Apocalypse War Edition harkens back to one of the most pivotal moments for Judge Dredd and the future of Mega-City One, and is inspired by the epic storyline by John Wagner, Alan Grant, and Carlos Ezquerra.

Apocalypse War Judge Dredd features a Vintage Blue Judge Uniform, Red Copper Armor, RAD Cloak for the irradiated aftermath, and comes equipped with an arsenal of weapons designed to dish out justice to all creeps, perps, and the invading enemies from East Meg One who dare stand in his way. You can pre-order one now over at for $220.00 (includes free shipping).


The 1/6th scale Judge Dredd fully articulated figure features the following:

  • Two Interchangeable Faces - Standard Scowl and Gritted Teeth Expressions
  • Four Sets of Interchangeable Hands
  • Lawgiver Mk1 - Features Removable Ammo Magazine
  • Stub Gun (Not Pictured*, Included With Shipped Production Version)
  • Daystick
  • RAD Cloak with Hood

Me and My Supa Fre$ Crew 2 Da Rescue Pre-Order

3A Toys is currently taking pre-orders for the Me and My Supa Fre$ Crew 2 Da Rescue 1/6th scale figures over at Bambaland. The Ashley Wood designed Die Antwoord duo of ¥OLANDI and NINJA are each available for $150.00 (shipping included) and expected to begin shipping in Q3 of 2017.

Stands 10 inches tall

  • ¥olandi in DA RESCUE suit
  • Bikini top with Panties
  • ¥ style Interchangeable hands (3 sets)
  • ¥ style sneakers

Stands 12.5 inches tall

  • NINJA in DA RESCUE suit
  • Dark Boxers
  • Ninji style Interchangeable hands (3 sets)
  • Ninji style sneakers

3A Toy’s Optimus Prime Classic Edition

Hasbro and 3A Toys have announced the first release in the epic Transformers Generation One (TFG1) Premium Scale Collectible Series - the heroic Leader of the Autobots - Optimus Prime. Taking direct inspiration from the 1980s toy and animated series character model, Ashley Wood and the development team at ThreeA have taken a remixed approach that blends their uniquely stylized aesthetics while retaining Optimus Prime’s original iconic look.

The Optimus Prime Classic Edition stands approximately 16 inches tall and features a hefty 30% die-cast body, heavily weathered metallic paint, LED illuminated detailing, and an incredible range of articulation – including an opening Matrix Chamber. The tankards and wheel wells are removable for a more streamlined animation style appearance. The TFG1 Optimus Prime comes complete with interchangeable Energon Axe and his iconic Blaster Rifle.

You'll be able to pre-order the figure at Bambaland beginning on January 26th 2017 (most likely 9PM ET on the 25th) for $390.00 (includes free worldwide shipping). Bambaland Payment Options include paying the full $390.00 or a $190.00 non-refundable deposit option, with the remaining balance of $200.00 due at shipping.