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Pop! Movies: The Dark Crystal


Oh, hey, thanks Funko! They've announced plans to release Pop! figures based on a film that still sort of creeps me out 30+ years after I originally viewed it - The Dark Crystal. It's the movie I now threaten my own kids with forcing them to watch when they misbehave - a Jim Henson fueled punishment. And so Funko wants you to be able to relive your personal dark dreams with their Pop! Movies: The Dark Crystal lineup. You can pick up Jen the Gelfling, Kira and her pet Fizzgig, The Chamberlain Skeksis, Aughra, and UrSol the Chanter. They'll be coming in July be ready.


Mondo’s 1/6th scale Alfred Hitchcock


After previously teasing their 1/6th scale Alfred Hitchcock figure, Mondo will be opening up pre-orders for the figure today (May 26th 2016) beginning at Noon CST. There will be a Mondo exclusive version, which will include an additional Seagull accessory, that will only be available through Saturday May 28th at Noon CST. The regular version retails for $185.00, while the Mondo Exclusive will run $190.00. Both versions are expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2016.


The 1/6th scale Alfred Hitchcock figure features the following:

  • Director's Chair
  • 2 Cigars (1 lit & 1 unlit)
  • Raven
  • Clapboard
  • Butcher Knife
  • Four Interchangeable Hands
  • Mondo Exclusive: Seagull


Hot Toys’ teases Marvel’s Daredevil Series


Being a fan of Marvel's Daredevil - the Netflix Original series and not the film version featuring Ben Affleck - I'm glad seeing Hot Toys tease the above announcement. Not only will they release 1.6th scale figures based on the main character, but there are also rumblings about The Punisher making his way into 1/6th scale. I'm sure there might be some clamoring for Vincent D'Onofrio as Kingpin as well.

Boshi Neko “Foofy Version”


Lulubell Toys has announced the new figure from Candie Bolton x Grody Shogun - the Boshi Neko "Foofy Version". Foofy is  painted in a Lisa Frank inspired colorway by Candie Bolton and named after her very own furry feline friend. The 6-inch tall figure is hand-painted to order, so each one will vary slightly. The pre-order window is open through June 1st  2016 at Noon Pacific Time (or while run allowance lasts). Current ETA is around the end of June/July of 2016.

Kosrobot – The Blaming One


Kosrobot has announced the second figure from the Cosmos Cold series - The Blaming One.

The Blaming One was the crew commander of Emerald Castle space station. Nothing really changed since then, except they're all dead now. He wanders the station in search of the one to blame, the one to say to: THIS IS ALL BECAUSE OF YOU!

The figure will stand in at 6 inches tall and be cast in resin. It will feature 3 points of articulation (head and arms) and you'll be able to swap out the head, face and arms. Unlike the Dreary One, the Blaming One is cast in hard solid resin, not soft resin, and "the overall quality of the product is going to be better".

The Blaming One is planned to be released in the summer of 2016. It'll be priced at $45.00 plus $10.00 for worldwide shipping.


The GHOST – from Plaseebo

The “GHOST” is a one of a kind custom from Plaseebo of the Kaiju Coup / Medicom Toy "Warui Inu” figure in clear vinyl. At 6 inches tall, the figure has red glass eye inserts and a switched color-changing LED unit (with replaceable batteries) that illuminates the color gel and GID guts. He is also chained to a concret block to slow him down. The piece is hand painted with Monster Kolor sprays and signed by Bob Conge.

The “GHOST” will be available on Tuesday May 31st 2016 from the Plaseebo web-shop.

Hellraiser Lament Configuration Puzzle Cube


Mezco has announced the Hellraiser Lament Configuration Puzzle Cube from the Hellraiser series of films. Featuring artwork based on the designs of Philip Lemarchand, the 3-inch square puzzle rotates on both the X and Y axis.

With a rich and intricate mythothogly, Hellraiser has enthralled audiences with the blood-soaked world of Pinhead, the Cenobites, and the Lament Configuration. Within the Hellraiser universe, the Lament Configuration it is the key to the gates of Hell itself and the summoner of the Cenobites. With 43,252,003,274,489,856,000 possible combinations, even Dr. Channard would find himself bedeviled in a quest for the solution.

You can pre-order Mezco's Hellraiser Lament Configuration Puzzle Cube now for delivery in September/October of 2016. It will run you $13.00 and likely get you more questions than a Rubik's Cube.

Threezero’s Titanfall IMC Ogre


Threezero has announced the pre-order details for their Titanfall IMC Ogre figure. Standing in at nearly 20 inches tall, the monstrous collectible will be available starting on Monday May 24th 2016 at 9:00PM ET for $450.00 (worldwide shipping included in the price). In addition to massive 40MM Cannon (with detachable ammo drum), any Titanfall IMC Ogre collectible purchased at will include an exclusive ARC Cannon.

Each Ogre features fully openable hatch with detailed cockpit, comes with a 6-inch tall articulated pilot, missile launcher on the left side, light-up feature for top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights.


The Titanfall IMC Ogre collectible figure features the following:

  • Stands approximately 20 inches tall
  • Over 100 articulation parts
  • Real pistons control the movement of the waist and feet
  • 40MM Cannon with detachable ammo drum
  • Fully openable hatch with cockpit
  • Movable armor plates on both torso and legs
  • Light-up feature for top, hips and afterburner with interchangeable red and blue lights
  • Articulated tri-missile launcher (launcher hatch can be opened and missiles are detachable)
  • 6-inch tall IMC Battle Rifle Pilot figure
  • R-101C Carbine and fabric clothing
  • Threezerostore Exclusive: ARC Cannon