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Terror Boys Gohstbat [Yeti Wizrd - Northern]


Over at,  you'll be able to pre-order the Terror Boys Gohstbat [Yeti Wizrd - Northern] from artists Brandt Peters and Ferg.
The pre-order will open on Monday September 22nd 2014 at Noon CT. The 6-inch tall vinyl features a nice fur exterior and includes 2 sets of HT lenses,  2.1 and classic arms, claw hands, a jeweled sword-cane and a removable helmet.

The limited edition of 225 pieces will sell for $105.00 (includes worldwide shipping). Allow 6-8 weeks for shipping.


Pop! Movies: E.T.


The film that freaked me out as a 4-year old (and cyclically freaked out my 4-year old) will be immortalized in toy form thanks to Funko. The Pop! Movies: E.T. series will include three characters from the 1982 film. Elliott, E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial, and Gertie should all be hitting store shelves later this month. Unfortunately, none of these will come with toy Reese's Pieces.

Satori Kappa from Dave Dick


Satori Kappa

The Kappa is one of Japan’s yokai and are said to inhabit the country’s rivers and streams.
Legendary trouble makers, Kappa are responsible for everything from general harassment to drowning people and animals, kidnapping children, and the ravishing of women. Now, not all Kappa are mischievous, murdering, kidnappers. Throughout history there have been some who have befriended human beings, helping and even teaching them.

Satori Kappa was designed and sculpted by artist Dave Dick. It was cast in resin and finished by the folks at Pretty in Plastic. The completed figure will be signed, numbered, and limited to a run of only 40 pieces.

Also, Dave will be holding a away one free Satori Kappa figure to one of his followers on Instagram on release day.

Hotline Miami Jacket Figure – Ending Saturday

Funding for the Hotline Miami - Jacket Figure has only a few more days left on Kickstarter. The project will be funded this Saturday - September 20th 2014 - at 1:44PM ET. They've already more than doubled their funding goal. Also, a number of stretch goals have been reached. Those stretch goals include several new mask heads (if you've played the game, you know that changing up your mask is half of the fun).


Galaxy Commanders Lulubell “Galaxy Black” Exclusives


Lullubell has announced a special pre-order of the Galaxy Commanders by Skullmark.  The Galaxy Commanders Lulubell "Galaxy Black" Exclusives measure 9.5" tall and are cast in Galaxy Black unpainted Sofubi.

Commander Cytron, Commander Dagan, and Commander Nizard are currently available to pre-order for $65.99 each. They're slated to arrive around November or December 2014.

T+CP Pocket Sideshow Series


From Tomenosuke + Circus Posterus, comes the new T+CP mini sofubi Pocket Sideshow series. The release of the series will take place on October 9th 2014 (via Tomenosuke), with advance sales planned for TTF 2014. Orders from North America will need to go through Circus Posterus.

The four figures included in the series are (in order as pictured above): Snowshoe (Amanda Louise Spayd); Sproot (Chris Ryniak); Otto (Brandt Peters); Penelope (Kathie Olivas). And this is the perfect colorway, considering how the release will take place close to Halloween.

Rotten Rexx: The Ultimate Color Edition


Lulubell has announced details of the first full-painted run of Rotten Rexx: The Ultimate Color Edition.  Designed by James Groman, creator of Rexx, it will be offered up as an open run 3 week pre-order and will be made to order. The current ETA is the end of 2014.

The pre-order window opens today (Monday September 15th 2014) at Noon Pacific. You'll be able to pre-order one for $200.00 plus shipping.