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The Mr. Lertchman Toy Release Party


This Friday, October 19th, will see the release of the Mr. Lertchman
plush toy from Steff Bomb presents: I Make Monsters & ESC-Toy.
The 10" asparagus monster is made from super velour at will be launched at a special party at Jinxed Clothing in Philly.  The event will run from 7PM through 10PM.

On the same day, the newly revamped website - - will be relaunched...and the first 25 people to purchase Mr. Lertchman  will receive a free surprise (surprise will be chosen at random and will range from super awesome to truly disappointing).   

Jinxed Clothing
620 South 4th Street
Philadelphia, PA

New handmade plush toys from I Make Monsters and a Monster Art Show featuring work from:
, Kevin Edward Herdeman, Richard Kercz, Jude Buffum, Amanda Mello,
Michael Bukowski, Greg Labold, Mike Stoneroad and more...

WorryWoo Monsters



Based on the illustrated work from Andi Green, Nola and the Worry Woo Monsters have been transformed into plush form.  Only Nola is currently available (for $21.95), but look for others to be released in the future.

Need a hug? So does Nola, the first character of the
WorryWoo series. The heroine of The Lonely Little Monster is a twelve
inch green plush who sports a playful tail and mane. With large
shimmering eyes and an adorable belly button she's everyone's
delight!Her handle-like tail makes her an irresistible tote while her
wide-eyed gaze makes for an immediate friend.

Bubbo the Frog


The newest Fluffel creation is known as Bubbo the Frog.  The plush is made of fleece, felt and polyfil.  He stands around 9" in height.  Look for him at the Plush You show.

He is a very romantic guy and he loves food. Eating french cheese with
a cute girl is what he likes to do most. Who doesn't want to eat cheese with this charming guy

FluffyYukYuk by OhNo!Doom


I'm sure that you remember FluffyBadBad.  The chompin' little plush won our 2006 Toy Award for Best Plush.  Well, OhNo!Doom is back with their second plush figure - FluffyYukYuk

They've made some updates and improvements on the figure, but you still operate the chomping action with a little finger hole in the back of the head.  The photos here are all of the prototype, so some things might change by the release date.  That release date is tentatively set for mid December.


Plush Kabbalah Dolls


FAO Schwarz has just stocked their shelves with the new plush Kabbalah dolls of the Israeli sculptor and designer Ken GoldmanGreen Sanoi, blue Sansoni and orange Samonglif were inspired by Kabbalistic amulets which have hung over children’s beds for centuries, protecting their spirits.  These dolls make the perfect gift for the baby who has everything and for adults who just love Kabbalah.

Hmm...religious plushies???  Would Madonna approve these?