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Prickly Perry and Mr. Tum Tum Plushes


The Prickly Perry and Mr. Tum Tum plush toys were created exclusively for Bovinyl by Spooky Daddy Toy Company. Prickly Perry and Mr. Tum Tum are a one-of-a-kind, hand-made creations. The plush creations are constructed out of durable, super-soft materials and stand about 13" high. Spooky Daddy is well known for creating wild bios for each of his wild creations.  You'll have to check these out for yourself.

Sleep Walker Plush


Here's a look at the Sleep Walker Plush that will be released this summer from EYEFORMATION and Re:Mind Studio.  There will be a total of 3 suede/plush characters that feature bendable arms and a zip away pouch located in the body...filled with top secret content. Toys will also come in a very cool cardboard box!  These plushies will be limited to only 100 per character.

The Jungle Crumps


Sarah Miskelly has sent word of a new line of handmade plush dolls from her Crumps line.  The new range are called Jungle Crumps and feature a tiger, crocodile, giraffe, leopard and zebra. They are available at and are priced £14 each (£1.50 p&p) and can be wrapped and sprinkled with stars for free with a personalized note if they are for a gift. Each Crump is unique, no two are ever the same and they are all stitched by hand.

Brian Castleforte’s Handmade Plush Line


Brian Castleforte is selling 4 handmade plush toys (each somewhere around a half a foot in height).  Read what he has to say about them below (from his blog):

So I
thought I would try my hand at making plush toys too! And I have found
that I really enjoy making them, with the help of my lovely wife,
Linda. And so I ended up with a set of four, strange little visitors
from other worlds, who are hell bent on the destruction of the human
race. But only when they don't get enough love and affection. Because
they really do love us, they just aren't very good at dealing with
rejection. So anyways, here they are! And you can find out more about
them, and even get one of your very own if you like, at But We Love You! I hope you like them, they love you!