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Kickstarter: Norfolk Merdogs – Merpug Plush

Artist Shili is working on bringing her handmade plush toys to wide range production release via a Kickstarter campaign to bring her Merpug plush to the masses. She's currently working with Shinedown Productions to produce the plush. The character is from Shili's Norfolk Merdogs series. Each plush measures 10-inches tall, is made with soft, high quality fabric, and is embellished with expertly embroidered details.

There are various funding levels available, with the Merpug plush being included at the $25.00 level. This project will only be funded if at least $7,500 is pledged by Saturday, June 27th 2015 at 10:26 AM ET.

These Gremlins are Phunny


Kid robot has announced a new 8-inch tall plush line - the Phunny. The Phunny joins the Dunny and Munny in Unny-related figure available from Kidrobot. The first series introduced will features an array of Gremlins characters including Gizmo, Stripe, and Mohawk. Apparently, Billy Peltzer just didn't fit well in this scale.

You can look for the Gremlins Phunny series to be available in stores and online in August 2015 and to retail for $16.99 each.

Kickstarter: The Goonies Gordos

To celebrate the 30th Anniversary of the theatrical release of The Goonies, Gordos Plush has announced new 8-inch tall collectible plush figures featuring iconic characters from the timeless adventure film. They chose Data and One-Eyed Willy for their Kickstarter campaign.

Data features real embroidered patches straight from the movie, utility belt, life-like hair, tennis shoes with corduroy accents and embroidered laces, and comes in a collector's box. One-Eyed Willy features a custom pirate hat with gold accents, embroidered eye patch with jewel details, iconic floral-printed bandanna, embroidered necklaces and belt, pirate boots with corduroy accents and a collector's box.


In addition to the Kickstarter Gordos, they'll be releasing the Chunk and Sloth Gordos plush were at The Goonies 30th Anniversary celebration in Astoria, Oregon. These two classic characters will be available for the first time ever at the event - the actual Goon Docks, June 4 - 7 2015. After which, Sloth and Chunk will be for sale at for all fans who couldn't make it to the festivities.

But if you want the Kickstarter Gordos produced (And possibly that means additional characters), there are plenty of reward levels. The plush Gordos are available beginning at the $30.00 funding level. The project will only be funded if at least $25,000 is pledged by Thursday June 25th 2015 at 3:47 PM EDT.

Sperel Plushie Flock #002 – Baby Sperel


The Sperel Plushie Flock #002 is expected to arrive mid-April 2015. The three little Sperels are currently available available to pre-order via the Sperel Adoption Center. These little sperels stand 6” tall, and with an ‘injury’ designed into one wing and a button sewn into the other they can be posed either with wings opened or wings closed. The sperels from this flock are also marked by three distinctly different eye designs: Sad, Distressed, and Stubborn. You can adopt them individually, in pairs, or as a complete set of three in the Sperel Adoption Center. They're currently available for the pre-order price of $18.00 ($35 for a pair and $51 for all three).


Kickstarter: GeoBunnies

GeoBunnies are geometrical shaped plush bunnies that are meant to be entertaining and educational. And now to get the GeoBunnies plush produced on a bigger and better quality scale, they have a Kickstarter project that needs to be funded within the next several days.  

They're starting off with GeoBunnies shapes: Pentagon, Hexagon, and Equilateral Triangle. Each 5-inch tall plush has already been prototyped in plush form (as seen in the photo below) and will be made of super soft velboa fabric with formulas for calculating their are embroidered on their backsides. The plush GeoBunnies are available beginning at the $16.00 funding level, with all three being available at $45.00.

The project will only be funded if at least $9,900 is pledged by Sunday, April 5th 2015 at 9:03 PM ET.


Mezco’s Mortal Kombat X Plush Line


Mezco Toyz has announced their Mortal Kombat X plush figures, featuring the likes of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Each plush stands in at 8 inches tall and features intricate embroidery and silk screened details...unfortunately, Sub-Zero won't freeze you and Scorpion won't shoot a kunai into your belly.  Sold separately, they're currently available to pre-order via the above link for $15.00 each. Look for them to begin shipping in October 2015.


Flat Bonnie WonderCon Exclusives


Flat Bonnie will have two exclusives at Booth #1749 at WonderCon Anaheim, which runs April 3-5, 2015. Both exclusives are currently available to pre-order via the Flat Bonnie website.

The BunEwok - Flat Bonnie in her WonderCon Costume (shown above) is a 12-inch handmade plush. It's limited to 25 pieces selling at $35.00 eachSparq the Baby Dragon - Sour Candy Edition (pictured below) is an 11-inch tall handmade plush. It's limited to 20 pieces and sells for $50.00