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Flat Bonnie x Scott Tolleson: Kookie No Good – Argyle Edition


Flat Bonnie has announced the release of Scott Tolleson's newest plush - the Kookie No Good - Argyle Edition. This is the second plush version of Scott Tolleson's "Kookie No Good" character and will be a limited run of 50 handmade pieces. Made from vinyl pleather, french terry, microfiber and safety eyes, each plush comes with a removable “misfortune”. You can pick up one of these 10-inch tall plushes for $50.00.


Celebrate a PHUNNY Christmas with Kidrobot

Kidrobot has announced five new PHUNNY plush toys that will get you in the mood for the upcoming Christmas holidays...regardless of your favorite holiday film. Those five characters that can now be had in 8-inch tall plush form are Ralphie from A Christmas Story, Buddy the Elf, and a trio of Gremlins: Gizmo, Stripe and Mohawk. (Yes, folks...both Gremlins and Die Hard are considered Christmas films in my little world) These are all currently available to order from Kidrobot, priced at $16.99 each.

Flat Bonnie’s Snax’on the Alien and Baron Von Battington


Flat Bonnie will be attending Designer Con 2015 with a pair of new exclusive plushes - Snax'on the Alien and Baron Von Battington - at Booth #216.

Snax'on the Alien (pictured above) measures in at 11 inches in height. The handmade plush is limited to a run of 30 pieces. Made of faux fur, vinyl pleather, and safety eyes, they will run $50.00 each.

Baron Von Battington - Winter White Edition (pictured below) is a 16-inch wide handmade plush made of soft fleece, vinyl pleather, a silver chain, and safety eyes. Limited to an edition of 20 pieces, you'll be able to pick one up for $30.00.


Flat Bonnie’s Designer Con Collabs


If you'l be attending Designer Con this weekend, Flat Bonnie will have a few collaborative plush project available for your purchase. 

The first is the Flat Bonnie x Leecifer - Honoo Designer Con 2015 Exclusive. The 15-inch tall plush is an edition of 5 pieces and it priced at $60.00. It will be available at Leecifer's Booth - #525.

Secondly, you have the Flat Bonnie x Mr. Toast - Space Duck Designer Con 2015 debut. The first 20 pieces will be available at show. The 11-inch tall plush will include a signed mini-painting hangtag by Mr. Toast. This one is made of vinyl pleather and will run $40.00 at the Flat Bonnie Booth - #216.


Designer Con Exclusive Krampug


Mr. Walters of Nerfect Artistic Novelties will be set up at Booth #1025 at Designer Con 2015. He will have a show exclusive - and holiday-themed - plush toy: Krampug. This is a special version of Mr. Walters' popular pug plush dressed up as an adorable version of Krampus. Each doll is 5.5-inches tall and features artwork printed on cotton fabric, hand-assembled and stuffed with polyester fiber by the artist. Krampug will have either a black or fawn naughty pug pup peeking out of the basket on his back...likely trying to escape.


Kickstarter: Warpo warns us – “Don’t Cuddle The Krampus”


Warpo, the indie toy company that last year launched their Legends of Cthulhu via Kickstarter, has announced a new Kickstarter project aimed at getting their 1980's inspired Don’t Cuddle the Krampus plush produced. This retro collectible toy line is based on Santa’s wicked counterpart and comes reimagined as an iconic plush monster toy of 1986 (My Pet Monster, anyone?).

"Don’t Cuddle the Krampus is a large plush toy of the famous Bavarian Christmas monster, standing at 18.5” tall, and comes complete with three Naughty Kids pillows to collect and carry in his Naughty Kid bag, and removable molded manacles with chains."

If you back now, you can still grab one of the 300 Early Bird spots, priced at $65.00 for the Don't Cuddle the Krampus plush plus three Naughty Kids. That price jumps to $80.00 once those spots fill. Also, be forewarned, the shipping on this is $35.00 for US residents and $65.00 for all others. That seems a little steep for a plush toy. But, damn, it's like an updated My Pet Monster...

This project will only be funded if at least $70,000 is pledged by .

Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back with caution.

KiKi the Tree Hugger – Silver Woods Edition


The folks at Flat Bonnie have created a new character for the Big Bad Wolf store in Hawaii. His name is KiKi the Tree Hugger. He has magic leaves in his bag that allow him to walk on the smallest of branches without hurting the tree. The Big Bad Wolf store will have their grand opening on Sunday October 11th 2015. They're currently taking pre-orders for the 12-inch tall KiKi the Tree Hugger on their website (link above).

KiKi the Tree Hugger - Silver Woods Edition will be a run of 10 pieces. You can currently pre-order one for $45.00. All orders will be shipping out beginning on October 15th.


NYCC15: NYCC Exclusive Liberty Purridge Plush


Furry Feline Creatives has announced their 2015 New York Comic Con Exclusive - the Liberty Purridge Plush. The 8-inch tall exclusive plush is dressed up in the spirit of New York as the Statue of Liberty holding an ice cream cone with sprinkles in one hand and a tablet in the other. These are handmade by Cheri Lynn Ong of Furry Feline Creatives using soft fleece, felt and polyfill. No word yet on pricing on the run size, but they will be available at the Tenacious Collective Booth #208.