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Kickstarter: GeoBunnies

GeoBunnies are geometrical shaped plush bunnies that are meant to be entertaining and educational. And now to get the GeoBunnies plush produced on a bigger and better quality scale, they have a Kickstarter project that needs to be funded within the next several days.  

They're starting off with GeoBunnies shapes: Pentagon, Hexagon, and Equilateral Triangle. Each 5-inch tall plush has already been prototyped in plush form (as seen in the photo below) and will be made of super soft velboa fabric with formulas for calculating their are embroidered on their backsides. The plush GeoBunnies are available beginning at the $16.00 funding level, with all three being available at $45.00.

The project will only be funded if at least $9,900 is pledged by Sunday, April 5th 2015 at 9:03 PM ET.


Mezco’s Mortal Kombat X Plush Line


Mezco Toyz has announced their Mortal Kombat X plush figures, featuring the likes of Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Each plush stands in at 8 inches tall and features intricate embroidery and silk screened details...unfortunately, Sub-Zero won't freeze you and Scorpion won't shoot a kunai into your belly.  Sold separately, they're currently available to pre-order via the above link for $15.00 each. Look for them to begin shipping in October 2015.


Flat Bonnie WonderCon Exclusives


Flat Bonnie will have two exclusives at Booth #1749 at WonderCon Anaheim, which runs April 3-5, 2015. Both exclusives are currently available to pre-order via the Flat Bonnie website.

The BunEwok - Flat Bonnie in her WonderCon Costume (shown above) is a 12-inch handmade plush. It's limited to 25 pieces selling at $35.00 eachSparq the Baby Dragon - Sour Candy Edition (pictured below) is an 11-inch tall handmade plush. It's limited to 20 pieces and sells for $50.00


Holy Kitten Talking Plush


BOOM! Studios has partnered with We Love Fine on a Holy Kitten Talking Plush, based on the designs of Brooke Allen, artist of the Lumberjanes Series. This is the first plush collaboration between BOOM! and We Love Fine. The 9-inch tall Holy Kitten is currently only available for Pre-Purchase through We Love and  is expected to ship in late April 2015. It will be available to pick up at ECCC and WonderCon two weeks earlier than those who pre-purchase. If you won't be in attendance, you can order one now for $25.00.


Bacon & Eggs Purridge Plush


Furry Feline Creatives is offering up a tasty breakfast treat to celebrate the new year. The Bacon & Eggs Purridge (Porridge) Plush is a limited edition white cat that's been 100% handmade with fleece, felt, and polyfill. And, of course, it features fake eggs as eyes and a nice bacon scarf. The Purridge Bacon & Eggs stands in 12" x 12" and will be slightly more than your average breakfast, priced at $40.00.

DCON14: Flat Bonnie


Flat Bonnie will be bringing a pair of exclusives to Designer Con 2014.  Booth number 316 will have Sparq the Baby Dragon - Winter White Edition (pictured above). - $50 The 10-inch tall handmade plush will be limited to 20 pieces, each with a special Designer Con sewn in tag, and will run you $50.00 each. The Jackalope - Frozen Edition (pictured below) is a 12-inch tall handmade plush that's limited to 10 pieces, also with a special Designer Con sewn in tag. And, it'll also run $50.00 each.