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The World Is Watching


Flat Bonnie will be part of a six person show - The World Is Watching - at Giant Robot that starts this weekend, with an opening reception taking place on Saturday, October 4th 2014 from 6:30PM to 10PM. In addition to Flat Bonnie, the show will feature work from Dan Goodsell, Joey Chou, Kwanchai Moriya, Ryuca, and Tiffany Liu.


Flat Bonnie will have twenty plushies available. Many of them are one-of-a-kind, made specifically for the show. The pieces will range in price from $20 to $200. (All made with animal friendly vinyl pleather, faux fur, or fleece.)


Kickstarter: 8 Little Zombies Hardcover Children’s Book


John LaFleur and Dave Metzger are back, attempting to get their 8 Little Zombies hardcover children's book funded via Kickstarter. Like the previous campaign, they are offering up the Zombie plush (we reviewed it here) beginning at one of the $25.00 funding level. In addition to the book and the plush, there's also a shirt and print.

You can check out all of the incentives via their Kickstarter page. This project will only be funded if at least $7,500 is pledged by Wednesday, October 29th 2014 at 10:09 PM ET.

MadKnits 3rd Saturday Release: Pratt


MadKnits, which does a 3rd Saturday release every month, will be releasing Pratt at Noon on September 20th 2014.

Pratt the Outlaw - Pratt follows no one's rules, including his own! Since the crash he has been cruising the planet on his own, making his own way and cashing in when he can---legally or not. Pratt is suited out with a wool holster and ray gun. Each monster comes individually numbered on his ray gun

Obviously modeled after a recently released blockbuster film, this 10-inch tall guardian is limited to a run of only 20 pieces. While pricing details weren't released, if it's priced similar to past 3rd Saturday releases, you're looking at around $38.00.


Kat Killer Plush Toys


It's times like this that I regret my high school didn't offer up a course in Portuguese. At first blush, I was pretty sure that Kat Killer (maybe that means something different in Portuguese) was producing hipster dolls that you could take on your urban foraging escapades.

I was wrong. They've actually produced several plush dolls on licenses I'm pretty sure they don't have. But these are homage pieces to television shows, films, and musical acts. And there are plenty of original characters - such as the Old School Tattoo Guy shown above. Prices on the Kat Killer plush toys - some around two feet in length - are pretty attractive...falling right around $50.00.

MadKnits’ Lenore Release

MadKnits took a month off from their Third Saturday release schedule, and dropped a new plush this past weekend. Her name is Lenore and she measures 10.5" tall - to the tips of her antlers. In her paw she holds a tiny bouquet of handmade paper flowers.
Lenore - the Light-bringer. Lenore is a very elusive MadKnit. She can only be spotted in the earliest of misty dawn mornings as the sun is cresting over the horizon. It is then that she can be seen running, swift as the wind, with her antlered friends.
Lenore is a limited edition run of 12 signed and numbered plush. You can purchase them for  $54.00 each.

SDCC14: Lana Crooks’ Plush

Lana Crooks Sylvan

Lana Crooks will have a number of plush collaborations available at San Diego Comic Con 2014. Gary Ham and Lana will be releasing Sylvan. The 19" x 14" handmade plush is an edition of 10 pieces with only 5 pieces available at SDCC Booth #5139. You can pick one up for $285.00.

Lana Crooks Beetaronomy

Lana and Scott Tolleson have teamed up for the Old Beetaronomy plush. The 19" tall plush includes a handy wooden cane. The plush is limited to an edition of 5 pieces, each available at SDCC Booth #5139 for $300.00.

Lana Crooks Kitsune

Finally, Lana has worked with Walter Gatus's Jungle Boy Productions to create the above pictured Kitsune plush. The 12" tall plush is a closed release with a maximum production run of 30 pieces. The first 5 pieces will be making their debut at SDCC Booth #1417 for $180.00.

SDCC14: Win an Octoplush: Aquapup Edition

FlatBonnie Nathan Hamill AquaPup 1

There will be three Octoplush: Aquapup Edition plushes from Flat Bonnie x Nathan Hamill given away at the 3DRetro San Diego Comic Con Booth #5049.

In order to win one, you'll need to purchase an Octopup: Octocrush Edition Sofubi for $10.00 at the booth. If you receive an aqua "golden" ticket, present it and receive your free Plush Pup.

That plush stands 6" tall and is made with soft fleece and vinyl pleather.

FlatBonnie Nathan Hamill AquaPup 2

SDCC14: Sparq the Baby Dragon from Flat Bonnie

FlatBonnie Dragon SDCC 3

A limited edition Flat Bonnie plush will be available at the Giant Robot San Diego Comic Con Booth (#1729). Sparq the Baby Dragon will make his public debut at SDCC, with other color variations available online following the Con.

The Flat Bonnie x Giant Robot - Comic-Con Exclusive will measure 10" tall. It will be a signed and numbered edition of 20 pieces, each selling for $40.00. And every plush will feature a special Giant Robot/Comic-Con sewn in tag and hangtag.

FlatBonnie Dragon SDCC 1
FlatBonnie Dragon SDCC 2