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Munny Show at Schmancy


If you were in Seattle and didn't make it out to the Munny Show opening...well...then you missed out!  No worries though.  You can check out all of Schmancy Toys coverage at their flickr site.  A bunch of very cool customs.

NVC Meets Wu Tang Clan


The NVC Crew - Dr. Bao and Spive - have combined 2 of their favorites in this custom set.  Infusing their love for Asian pop culture with their musical taste - specificaly rap - the NVC Crew's custom is called Wu Tang Clan vs. Shaolin Monks.  The group continues to show their unique work.  Looking forward to seeing more!


Attack of the Mutant Bunnies Show


Thanks to our friend Robert from Kung Fu Toys, we have some great photos from Joe Ledbetter's Attack of the Mutant Bunnies show.  The opening reception took place Tuesday July 11th at Gallery1988 in Los Angeles and featured a ton of new bunny paintings from Mr. Ledbetter.


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Doktor A’s Icebot Custom


I would have told you the name of Doktor A's latest custom in the title...but I didn't think Professor Whistlecraft's Industrial Copper-plated
would fit up there.  I must say...he impresses yet again.  I have no clue how the good Dok is able to work his magic...


Uberbot’s Munny Show 2


The July 8th Munny Show 2 has passed and it was a worthy
sequel to Überbot's first blank figure contest.  There were almost 140
entries from some of Central Florida's most creative artists and outside entries
from as far away as the UK.   Over 1,000 attendees fought large crowds
and minimal parking to sneak a peek at the creative Munny entries and attempt to
choose a favorite.  Gold, Silver and Bronze were decided, in a seriously
close competition, by ballot voting in which they received over 800 ballots in 4
hours. Best Paint and Most Creative were chosen by Team Überbot along with
special judges Nakanari, the designer toy master, and comic art genius Phil Noto.

You can check out all of the entries, and also purchase some through Überbot's special Munny Show website.  You'll also be able to see all of the winners!

Angie Mason Solo Show at Schmancy


If you're going to be in the Seattle, Washington'll definitely want to check out this event at the Schmancy Gallery.  It's a solo show by artist Angie Mason...and it's entitled Delectable Demons.  Come on out to the opening on July 7th (from 6-9pm).

Custom Punk from Melissa M. Levine


Take a journey through the mind of Melissa M. Levine with her new custom entitled Blue Sunshine.  This is a one-of-a-kind custom Circus Punk available only through Panik’s Toy Box.

Melissa M. Levine is an artist, addicted to color, chaos, and creation. She finds inspiration in nature, mythology and magick. Melissa currently lives and works amoung the majestic redwoods on the northern coast of California with her husband and fellow artist, Relm Levine.


Riot68’s Custom Munny – Theo


Riot68's latest Munny custom will be shown at next month's Uberbot show.  His name is Theo and he's another Alien Baby...this time on a scout mission after reconnaissance fed back by Simon.  Soon they'll be ready for an invasion of Earth.

NVC’s Kunoichi Tamo Phayani


The NVC Crew (Spive, Johnny ill Digger, and Dr. Bao) have sent in some photos (and a video) of their latest custom project - Kunoichi Tamo Phayani.  This is the not yet to be released Tamo figure from Crazy Label Toys.

The Crew saw the perfect kunoichi (female ninja) in the body shape of the blank Tamo.  So, not only did they customize the Tamo figure, but they aso created a very cool background scenery for it.  They did a great job on this custom...that's 2 excellent custom projects in a row for the NVC Crew.