Custom Punk from Melissa M. Levine

Take a journey through the mind of Melissa M. Levine with her new custom entitled Blue Sunshine. This is a one-of-a-kind custom Circus Punk available only through Panik’s Toy Box. Melissa M. Levine is an artist, addicted to color, chaos,…

Attaboy’s Custom Dunny

Attaboy has sent photos of his latest custom Dunny- “the Entourage”. Look for it to be at Kid Robot San Francisco for the release of Dunny Series 3.

Riot68’s Custom Munny – Theo

Riot68’s latest Munny custom will be shown at next month’s Uberbot show. His name is Theo and he’s another Alien Baby…this time on a scout mission after reconnaissance fed back by Simon. Soon they’ll be ready for an invasion of…

NVC’s Kunoichi Tamo Phayani

The NVC Crew (Spive, Johnny ill Digger, and Dr. Bao) have sent in some photos (and a video) of their latest custom project – Kunoichi Tamo Phayani. This is the not yet to be released Tamo figure from Crazy Label…

Annie Owens’ Custom Boards

Annie Owens, the co-founder of Hi-Fructose magazine has made her line of detailed, hand-painted custom skate decks available for purchase via her website. These are for display. You won’t want to strap wheels on ’em and skate around the town.

Custom Blythe: Red

Here is a rather cool custom Blythe doll from The figure is up for auction via eBay and should collect a decent ransom. Ironically…her name is Red.

Grendizer Custom from NVC Crew

Check out this custom Munny from Bao of the NVC Crew. The Crew is composed of Spive and Dr. Bao (an actual dentist). Sculpting teeth in wax and a love of the designer toy scene has led the good doc…

Riot68’s Battle Trexi Gunner

Riot68 sent in some photos of his latest custom. He worked up a 3″ tall Trexi in his own unique style. This one is called the Trexi Battle Gunner.

Warrior Dunny from Riot68

The customizers have been hard at work! This custom 8″ Dunny from Riot68 is named Warrior. Part character, part graffiti, part ninja…Warrior is the latest custom from this talented artist.

Kay Oz by Melissa M. Levine

Panik’s Toy Box has the latest custom from artist Melissa M Levine. Melissa got her hands on a 3.5″ Nade, from Jamungo, and worked her magic. You can purchase this one-off custom for $29.99.

Wavedog Icebat Custom

The latest custom work from Dan of is this custom Icebat. This little Ugly looks like he’s getting ready to surf. Would he melt in the saltwater??

Puffymama and Mr. Poo Poo

Nakanari’s latest custom figure is named Puffymama and Mr. Poo Poo. An interesting name for an interesting custom. I’m hoping that the little pile on his head is not the Poo Poo. This custom Munny is to support the Wish…