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The Art of MST3K The Comic #1 Pop-Up Party

On Saturday September 1st 2018, there was a super-secret pop-up Mystery Science Theater 3000 party at Space2 in Atlanta, GA. Actually, they were handing out invites to those folks who asked a question at the Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Panel. When I heard that...I decided to ask the cast a question.

The Saturday night mingle featured The Art of Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Comic #1 (from Dark Horse), with large posters featuring pages from the comic book adorning a single brick wall. Several members of the cast were in attendance. Jonah Ray and Joel Hodgson were donning those iconic Gizmonic jumpsuits (yellow and red, respectively). Rebecca Hanson, Tim Ryder, and Grant Baciocco were also there, albeit in much more pedestrian (and comfortable) attire. The only cast member in attendance at Dragon Con that was missing was Felicia Day (there was a girl dressed up as her character...if that helps).

The event had Bottomless Totino's Pizza Rolls (the bottomless being negated by the fine print - *While supplies last). When you read Issue #1, this will make a little more sense.

In all, there were about 30 or so people in attendance...nerding about over Mystery Science Theater 3000, art, and bad movies/comics. I took some photos along with a very short video. **I am afraid of taking Joel's picture, because - at a live event - I was told he's not a fan of having his photo taken (I can totally understand...I mean look at my photo alongside Jonah Ray below).

But what I really wanted was to snag one of these giant prints...

    Kickstarter: MST3K Trading Cards Series 2

    Richard Parks of RRParks CARDS has launched the Kickstarter campaign to fund the Mystery Science Theater 3000 Trading Cards Series Two. Series Two picks up right where Series One left off...with cards based on original seasons four, five, six and seven (plus a special subset covering the KTMA episodes). Series Two sees the end of the Joel era and the start of the Mike Nelson era...the end of the TV's Frank era and the start of the Pearl era.

    The series will feature over 500 cards to collect, with various subsets, such as:

    • 118-card "Invention Exchange" base set (every invention of seasons 4, 5, 6 and 7 episodes of the show)
    • 78-card "Experiment" base set (every experiment from those seasons)
    • 47-card special subset featuring MST3K iconic mini movie posters from the Shout! Factory DVD releases
    • 99-card 'Riff It' subset featuring a scene from a movie featured on the show along with a hilarious riff
    • 36 different Anaglyph 3D cards (with 3D glasses)
    • 22 cards featuring the KTMA episodes
    • 9 different Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie 'promo cards'
    • 63 Sketch Card Artist Gallery Promo Cards
    • BONUS mini-clipout card panel BOX TOPPER
    • 24-card limited edition Macarie Claudiu MST3K art card series
    • 9 different GLOW IN THE DARK Mystery Science Theater 3000 trading cards
    • Genuine, unique printing plates
    • Unique original art 'sketch cards'
    • Unique 'Faux Film Cell' cards
    • 9 different Full Metal box topper cards

    So...if you want everything, back at the $160.00 level. A full box, with 40 10-card packs, is available at the $75.00 level. And the nice thing...these are expected to begin shipping at the end of October 2018.

    This project will be funded if it reaches its goal by Monday October 1st 2018 at 1:01AM ET.

    As I say with all Kickstarter projects I post about. Remember...this is not a pre-order. There are many instances of crowd funded projects that have been funded never making good on their promised goods. So back all Kickstarters with caution. (I've backed several RRParksCARDS Kickstarters and have received everything with little/no delays. And I'm backing this one.)

    Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Comic #1 – The Review

    On September 12th 2018, Dark Horse will be releasing Mystery Science Theater 3000 The Comic #1. The 32 page first issue bring the riffing of MST3K off of your television screen and onto the pages of a comic book. Created for comics by Joel Hodgson, the comic book finds some of your favorite occupants of The Satellite of Love foisted into the 1962 (thankfully, now, public domain) comic book Johnny Jason Teen Reporter. But Johnny Jason is played by Tom Servo.

    I've been a big MST3K fan for a very long time. The show got me through many a year of college. And since then, I've turned my kids onto the show, back their Kickstarter project, and seen the first of two live shows. And even I was a little skeptical about how the concept (bringing MST3K to comics) would work. After reading the first issue...I'm sold.

    Dark Horse, Joel, the other writers and artists have cobbled together something I've never seen before. It's a property that works equally well on the screen as the page...taking advantage of entirely different formats. Instead of sitting in front of the film and riffing, the characters are within the comic book making jokes. And you can see what's been changed by mark of the speech/thought bubbles.

    My opinion: This is a must buy for Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans. Or fans of classic comic books. Or fans of things that are funny. 

    For a look at some of the pages, check out below. There's also a variant cover by longtime MST3K DVD artist Steve Vance. And if you're in the mood to read the original public domain comic Jonah and The Bots invade, check out Johnny Jason Teen Report #2 at ComicBook+. Spoiler Alert: the original isn't nearly as funny as the MST3K version.

    Ghostbusters: The Card Game

    The folks from Albino Dragon and Renegade Game Studios have teamed up on Ghostbusters: The Card Game. Available this fall, it is currently available to pre-order for $20.00. The game is for 2 to 5 players and features over 100 cards. (Estimated playing time is between 20 and 30 minutes and it's for ages 8+)

    Ghostbuster: The Card Game is described as such: "Compete against your friends and family to collect ghosts from the Ghostbusters universe. You’ll call upon your favorite Ghostbusters to help you set your ghost trap and capture the highest point ghosts on the board."

    RSTX Release from DMS

    DMS is releasing his next figure tomorrow (August 31st 2018) at 2PM ET. RSTX - the tenth colorway of the Robotic Space Traveller by DMS - will include a free micro companion bot. The 3.75-inch tall RST is made of polyurethane resin and painted with corroded effects. Limited to only 25 pieces in this blue colorway, you can pick one up tomorrow for £19.99 plus shipping (about $25.50 plus shipping).

    Kidrobot x Sanrio Plush – Burgers and Fries

    Kidrobot x Sanrio have released a few new food inspired plush collectibles. First up are the Hello Kitty Fries Plush. Coming in a Hello Kitty plush fries box, these 5 removable Hello Sanrio french fry friends feature your favorite Sanrio characters and come with velcro bottoms to stay put until it’s snack time. This collectible plush stands approximately 10 inches tall, and sell for $29.99.

    Also, there's the all new Hello Sanrio Plush Burger Charms series. These calorie-free collectable plush burger charms showcase your favorite Hello Kitty characters in silly slider fashion. At approximately 3.5 inches tall, the blind box series consists of 10 different plush charm keychains. You can pick up the blind boxes for $8.99 a pop.

    Luna and the Magical Night Lights

    The Bots have released their new book - Luna and the Magical Night Lights.Written by The Bots and illlustrated by 64 Colors, this hardback book features 12 full color spreads and a unique story that is perfect for all ages. It's currently available for $19.99 and ships free in the US.

    Also, to support the release, they've added a few Luna related items to our shop. The newest being a pair of Bubbles Earrings, a character that makes a surprise appearance in the book, for $12.00. You will also find a handful of Luna figures available there.


    WAX NOSTALGIC: 1994 is an art show and homage celebrating a year that defined a decade. Guest curated by Chris Breeden, the show invites over 50 artists to reminisce on the pop culture and current events of 1994. From Forrest Gump to the Shawshank Redemption, Nelson Mandela’s election to Kurt Cobain’s untimely death, it was a year of immense highs and the lowest of lows. What remains are our memories brought to life by the artists in the show.

    The show runs through September 14th 2018 at BLDG Refuge in Covington, KY.

    Chris, who curated the show, included images of two of the available pieces: The Doh! Nut custom 3-inch Dunny from The Bots ($150.00) is shown above; The Danzig "splinter punk" wooden piece from Steve Casino ($475.00) is below.