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Spidey-Bruv By Kosrobot

Kosrobot has released his Spidey-Bruv figure, the first of a series called Luxury Money Cartel. Spidey-Bruv is a 6 inch action figure, with 5 points of articulation, magnetic joints and some fun accessories. Hand made of soft resin, this figure has the feel of a factory made toy. It includes three accessories - Supreme Money Gun, Gangsta Chain, and Money.

It is now available at for $35.00 plus $11.00 for worldwide shipping.

"Tired of his regular life, Spidey took to the streets to become real gangsta. As fate and hustle hard would have it, he found the Luxury Money Cartel where he became the Iron Poppa's right-hand man. He constantly gets into trouble, but in the end always gets cash and results. He likes big butts and swag life.

Spidey-Bruv’s favorite kicks are Yeezy Boost 350
and his favorite accessory is Supreme Money Gun."

The “TREPAS” Gang

Emilio Subirá's newest release is known as the "TREPAS". A special "barrel of monkeys" reinterpretation, this version features a bunch of guys in suits hanging from each other (or rather trying to climb each other).

In Spanish "trepa" is how we call that person who does whatever he has to do to get to the top, this kind of dude who walks over the others with no scruples to achieve his goals, the typical teacher's pet but grown up. So there they are, climbing for their bananas, hahaha.

The nearly 5-inch tall resin pieces are available at for $20.00 each (a pack of 3 for $58.00).

Z The Head Resin Display Piece

Mike Strick is releasing the next in his range of art pieces inspired by cinematic imagery. To be released today (Monday October 30th 2017) at 10AM, Z The Head is inspired by the very strange 1970's movie Zardoz that's mainly remembered for a ponytailed Sean Connery in an orange mankini. The resin display piece stands 3.15 inches tall and features the giant stone head hovering over the weapons that have been vomited out of its mouth. Each piece is hand-cast, hand-painted, and are signed and numbered.


Today, (Friday October 27th 2017) at 4PM ET, DMS will be releasing the 6th colorway of his Robotic Space Traveller. Priced at £15.99 plus shipping (about $21+) and limited to just 25 pieces, this version returns to celebrate Halloween in a pumpkin inspired orange colorway. Measuring in at 3.75 inches of polyurethane resin, the piece is textured in a distressed style, with a weathered, rust effect paint job and cute gloss black eyes, with magnetic articulation between the head and body.

Veg-A-Bow Release

The Veg-A-Bow figure is now available from Limited to a run of only 20 pieces (hot colorway), each one ships with a 6-inch x 8-inch limited edition hand signed and numbered giclee print on 260 g/m2 velvet paper. The 5-inch tall figure, made of cherry wood, comes bagged in a muslin sack. There’s one point of articulation - at the neck. You can pick one up now for $129.00, with Free Domestic Shipping and Discounted international shipping on the first day of sales. (That would be today)

DragonFly 2.0 Release – TODAY

The 3-inch tall DragonFly 2.0 hand cast resin figurines - from Argonaut Resins - will be releasing today (Monday, October 23rd 2017) at 9PM ET in the Argonaut Resins online store. The edition size for wave one of the new bugs will be 25 pieces and that's including the unpainted blank versions. This new figure was 3D modeled on the computer by artist Eric Nocella Diaz and 3D printed with his very own printer before being cast and painted in metallic colors. Keep a eye on the release as there may be a few surprise Chase DragonFly's to pop up during the release that are not shown in the above image.

New Friends! Rock Type – Glacier Glow

High Proof Toys is excited to announce their next release: New Friends! Rock Type - Glacier Glow.

The Glacier Glow series features 7 different glow in the dark colorways: White, Blue, Red Day Glow, Aqua, Green, Green Day Glow and Purple. Each of the 7 colorways have been made in an edition of 3 pieces. The pour of the colorway is 3/4 glow resin 1/4 clear resin. They are priced at $18.00 each, with a limit 1 of each color per customer.

All items go on sale starting on October 25th 2017 at 8am PT.

Subconscious Dwellings from Taylored Curiosities

Penny Taylor (Taylored Curiosities) will have her first solo show opening that will take place on the October 27th 2017 from 3PM to 9PM at Onca Gallery in Brighton. Subconscious Dwellings will feature seven handmade and furnished houses on display and available for purchase. Each house is £200 (about $265).

Subconscious Dwellings is my personal exploration of our inner minds. We are all unique and therefore it makes sense that our subconscious minds are also unique. Maybe yours is a bit of a circus and you feel that you have to constantly perform to those around you so they don't see how low you really are. Maybe yours is a safe, sleepy cocoon of a dwelling that you can send yourself into and switch off for a while to cope with everything happening around you. Each 'dwelling' is set up to be a functional, art dollhouse, whilst also being a unique piece of handmade art.


Wood Candy Workshop’s Veg-A-Bow Hot

Wood Candy Workshop is releasing their latest wood toy - "Veg-A-Bow" - next week. On Tuesday October 24th 2017 at 6AM CT via their website, you'll be able to pick up your very own Veg-A-Bow. Made from Cherry Wood and High Pigment Acrylic Paint on Maple Wood, the "Hot" colorway is limited to only 20 pieces. Each piece has a single point of articulation (head/body) and includes a mini print (to be revealed next week). They are all designed and handcrafted in Flower Mound Texas.

Masters of Martial Arts – Pop Prolific

Pop Prolific has a new series of hand-painted 5.5-inch tall resin figures in the works - Masters of Martial Arts. Inspired by the body shape and construction of the Masters of the Universe figures and the gnarly sculpting style of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures, this set of (G.I. Joe) Storm Shadow inspired characters, the Young Master and the Shadow Master, are sculpted in a silhouette that echoes the stance of the vintage Masters of The Universe figures. To accompany them on their trip to Eternia is Don-At-Arms, an obvious fusion of two of the brightest minds in the universe.

The edition size on each figure is open for the moment. There's currently an open pre-order on that ends on Sunday October 15th 2017. Justin will make enough figures to fulfill the pre-orders plus a few extra and then move onto the next wave of characters. Don't miss out.