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Roux: The Snail Whisperer

Tailored Curiosities has released Roux: The Snail Whisperer. A mixed media, handmade art doll full of personality, the piece measures 6.5 inches tall. Roux includes three snails - two are fixed to the doll and one is removable and can be held in her hands. You can currently pick one up via the above link for £50.00 (about $65.00).

Snail Whisperers are vital to the snail world. They help the snails to grow big and strong by whispering to them to avoid anything poisonous, anyone’s vegetable garden and any salt.

They whisper to the snails to tell them when it’s time to hibernate (to miss the deathly frost) and when it’s time to wake back up (and enjoy the spring sun).

They also whisper to the snails.... a sort of song. The human ear can’t hear it, but the snails can and they dance a wonderful rain dance, late in to the summer nights. It’s a marvellous sight to see if you ever get the chance.

2ft Baby Eating Crocodile from Amanda Visell

Artist Amanda Visell - over at Switcheroo - has released her newest handmade creation - the 2ft Baby Eating Crocodile. Measuring in at just over 2 feet long, this hand made collectible is constructed of wood and resin. Also, it includes a bonus baby...ready for eating. This release is limited to only 10 pieces and run $700.00 each.

Amanda Visell’s Marvel Busts

Amanda Visell, over at Switcheroo, has released six different busts featuring female Marvel characters. There's Spiderman, Black Panther, Thor, Batman, Robin, and Wolverine. Each handmade resin figure stands approximately 4.75 inches in height. They are limited to 25 pieces of each character and sell for $90.00 apiece. 

Balance from Nerviswr3k and Tenacious Toys

Now available for pre-order, and set to ship on December 14th 2018, Tenacious Toys and artist Nerviswr3k have teamed up to release Balance - a 5-inch tall resin figure that has been hand-sculpted, molded, cast, and painted by the artist. Balance is a fixed stack of three of Nerviswr3k's Drones, delicately perched on top of one another. The stack stands on a base with a felt bottom. Grab one now for $65.00, as these will soon be sold out.

Chakra Positive Thoughts Full Set

Taylored Curiosities has released the full set of Chakra Positive Thoughts. All of the individual characters are currently available, plus just 3 full sets - which includes 7 total figures. The full sets sell for £40.00(about $52), while the individual Positive Thoughts Chakras run £6.00 each (about $8).

Taylored Curiosities Feelings – Depression

Depression is the newest member of the Feelings family from Taylored Curiosities

Some days are harder than others. You feel physically, mentally and emotionally overwhelmed, exhausted and under the weather. It’s as if the entire ocean is smothering you and you can’t breathe. Silent tears. Loud tears. Hurt. Sadness. Darkness.
The only thing you really want to do, is to curl up and disappear for a while.....

On those days, talk to your Depression talisman. Tell it how you feel. Off load. Even if you need to yell it at it, Depression won’t mind. It will sit, it will listen and it will understand. Because it has a bad day every day. And most importantly remember; you are not alone. Reach out.

Each 1.5-inch tall Depression figure is accompanied by two mini (.6 inch tall) Depressions. These are hand cast and painted from an original sculpt. There are only 6 sets available, selling for £20.00 each (about $26.00).

Bao Bao Benny from Okedoki

Okedoki wanted to show the "evolution of Benny the Dreamer to a heightened state of consciousness in this new resin figure". So...welcome Bao Bao Benny. "Bao Bao means dumpling and also precious one in Chinese. Life is very precious and Okedoki wanted Bao Bao Benny to embody this philosophy."

The 5.25-inch tall Bao Bao Benny resin and metal figure is currently available to pre-order in two unique colorways. The Bao Bao Benny - Bliss Edition (White) is an edition of 15 pieces, while the Bao Bao Benny - Midnight Edition (Black) is an edition of 8 pieces. Each figure is signed and numbered by Okedoki and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity and custom designed bag.

These are priced at $280.00 each and slated to ship around December 2018/January 2019.

Positive Thoughts: Root Chakra Edition

Taylored Curiosities is releasing Positive Thoughts into the world, and this variation is specifically designed to help with Root Chakra healing. Each Positive Thought is handmade and completed with tiny, clear wings. They measure roughly an inch tall and no two will be identical due to their handmade nature. You can currently pick them up for £6.00 each (about $8).

Positive thoughts flutter all around us, but often it can be really difficult to actually see them. Our worries, anxieties and stresses in life cause a dark fog to surround us and in these times, finding that little positive thought is too hard.

But they are out there. I promise you!

I’ve been on a mission to find them and I’ve captured some beautifully bright thoughts. In earthy colours and with bright little eyes. These special thoughts are also adorned with a real, red garnet. This is the perfect healing stone for your root chakra.


Amanda Visell – F*ck Off Leia Bust

Over at Switcheroo, artist Amanda Visell has released her latest hand-made resin sculpture - the F*ck Off Leia Bust. Standing in at 5.25 inches tall, this interesting take on the Star Wars princess is a limited edition run of 25 pieces. You can pick one up and give all of your other collectibles the bird for $125.00.

DCON18: DKE Toys Drop #3

DKE Toys will be attending Designer Con 2018, and they've started to announce the exclusive releases that they'll have with them at the show. Designer Con takes place at the Anaheim Convention Center from November 16th through 18th 2018, and DKE Toys will be held up at Booth #2523. If you can’t make it to DCON, please email to be placed on a waitlist for any leftovers after the show.

Teen Wookie by Buzzard Guts
Hand cast and painted 3.75" carded figure - signed and numbered.
Edition of 20 pieces
$45.00 each

Cosmo Nomad by Star Venger
Hand painted 3.75" scale carded figure - signed and numbered.
Edition of 12 pieces
$75.00 each

Slimer the Hutt by Little Lazies
Falcon Toys originally created this mash up and gave Leah Lester permission to transform his character into the Little Lazies world. Each 3" piece has been hand sculpted by Leah Lester of Little Lazies. No two are exactly the same but they are so close to one another that it's kind of hard to imagine that they aren't cast.
Edition of 30 pieces
$65.00 each

DLL Customs Art Show
Derrick Lauglaug, or more simply "LOG-LOG", from DLL Customs put together a little art show with some of his very complex resin pieces.
Something More... -  2 pieces - $300.00 each
Fallen Angels - 3 pieces - $80.00 each
MZRE (One Winged Angel Edition) - 3 pieces - $120.00 each

Cease & Desist by Factory Sample
Hand cast and painted 3.75" scale carded figure - signed and numbered.
Edition of 30 pieces
$65.00 each

How to Train Your Stranger Thing by Jay "Toofless" O'Leary
Here it is. Toothless riding Toothless by Toofless. Hand cast 3.75" scale carded figure set - signed and numbered.
Edition of 10 pieces
$80.00 each

R4Doz Resin Master by 2bitHack
Hand cast 3.75" scale bagged figure - signed.
Limited Edition
$25.00 each

Django Fett Resin Master by Good For You Toys
Hand cast 3.75" bagged figure - signed.
Limited Edition
$25.00 each

Vader Video Club by Farkira
Hand painted cardback with hand cast 3.75' carded figure - signed.
Edition of 40 pieces
$100.00 each