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Creepy Crawlies for Halloween


Jill Penney from Imdeadthanksforasking sent news of some of her handmade creations, which are constructed of wire, batting, knit, and polymer clay.  The above trio (L to R) are Spade, Jibe, and Glick. They are all for sale and each is $400.   The purple one with button eyes is named Octospide.  He stands 13 inches tall and 11 inches wide and is made of wire, stuffing, and knit.  He is for sale for $200.  And the large purple and blue one below, also called Jibe, is 1.5 feet tall and 2.5 feet wide. He is made of wire, batting and fabric and is for sale for $800.


Runcible Edition A


Runcible is a limited edition, 7" tall handmade resin figure from artist Cris Rose.  He's a gentle, nature-loving robot, who has found himself in a
world without humans or robots. Nature has reclaimed the planet, so he
tends the plants and animals while trying to find out what happened to
the family he was part of...

Each edition has something different cast into the clear head, the
visual representation of what Runcible is thinking of as he has no
voice. Edition A has a leaf, the most basic element of plant life.

Cris made all 5 - plus a special "Grandfather" one off custom
- available for pre-order this past Sunday.  The regular release will run £39.99/$74 while the "Grandfather" version will run £120.