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My V Friend


The kind gentleman behind Paper Foldables has sent us a photo of his latest completed (and assembled) creation - My V Friend. I'm sure that if you were alive in the 80's, you probably remember the show about visitors from another planet starring Marc Singer (aka Dar aka BeatMaster). 

You can actually download this character, print him out and make you own through the Paper Foldables website.  And you can also join the My V Friend Flickr page and show off your toys in action.

Handmade Plush from Hollypop


Meet Holly of

Hi I'm Holly!  Sewing has been my passion since my nan taught me when I
was tiny.  My day job is as a model maker prototyping toys but in my
spare time i sew sew sew and the fluffy fruit of my labour goes here!  I
love creating soft huggable versions of my doodles and drawings and I
hope you like them too!  Each plush I make is unique, as I get bored
making the same thing over and over!


Usually artists have a single style that they stick to.  But as you can probably tell from looking at these photos...the only constant is that they're plush.  Some great plush characters for all collectors.  And you can purchase them through Holly's Etsy shop.


The Blasphemous Kaiju


GODAMNIT! the blasphemous kaiju vinyl figure is available in a choco demon edition
(brown vinyl with blue and yellow sprays and gold details) as well as a raw, black vinyl prototype edition

The choco demon is limited to 10
pieces, while the prototype is a run of 15 (only 10 for sale).  Each figure is  bagged with a header card and hand painted in the USA by KiLL.


New Works from Shultzo


Shultzo, the artist who created the CompatiBalls, has been quite busy creating new works. Here’s samples of his new art figures. You can see them in more detail at  These are one of a kind 3D sculptures, they were modeled on a computer and then 3D printed in plastic or metal, and finished with chrome plating or car paint.


As a one of a kind art pieces they are quite expensive to buy (If you’re still interested you can contact Shultzo
directly). There are plans to produce some of them in limited editions at lower prices. You are welcome to email the artist and let him know which one you would like to see produced.


Handmade Figures from Monstrehero

MONSTREHERO has announced their new handmade resin figures:
Skullmaster and Victim #1. They both come in multiple colorways and are
completely handmade (hand cast, assembled and painted).


comes in an action-packed pose, in both black (with stealth Aqua-scarf)
and white (with Red valor-scarf) editions.  Skullmaster stands 7"
tall and comes with a skull base.  Each comes bagged with
header card and is available now in very limited quantities.


Victim #1
comes in three colorways: Toxic Vacation (Green with glow flame), and
Art School Edition in Red and Yellow.  Each figure stands 7.5-inches
tall, 9-inches with flame. Art School Edition Victim #1s are available
now, while Toxic Vacation Victim #1 will be available in about 2 weeks.

Mr. TeePee…Single Ply, Double the Fun


Aaron Arel (uh oh Toys) sent in word of his new resin-cast toy called Mr. TeePee.  The figures were designed, sculpted, cast and packaged by Aaron in his apartment.  Each
Mr. TeePee comes packaged in a handmade bag and tube and includes a button and
the story of the character. 

The piece is limited to a run of 25 including 7
different colorways and 8 limited flocked versions.  The standard
version will run you $10 with the flocked at $12.  And remember kids...always wipe!