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Tacco Chan is back!

To celebrate the one year anniversary of opening SOJI Gifts and Collectables in Vancouver, B.C., they'll be released the second version of their Tacco Chan figure. The Tacco Chan 2.0 features the 8-legged friend, standing 3-inches tall, and  painted by Frank Montano. The figure is hand casted in Vancouver, B.C. by Rocketman Props and designed and sculpted by Planet 3 Toys.

The regular figures will be sold for $100.00 CAD each and are limited to 10 resin figures. Frank Montano also painted 3 black chase figures. One will be sold in store only for $135.00 CAD (today) and the other two will be available to Vancouver locals and online worldwide. The release will take place in-store today (10AM PT) and online beginning on Sunday (September 16th 2018) starting at 10AM PT.

Tanuki from Switcheroo and Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell and Switcheroo have released the Tanuki resin figure. Based on an actual animal that's often seen in Japanese folklore, this resin version measures 6.75 inches in height. It's limited to a run of 15 pieces, and you can pick one up for $250.00. The artist describes the piece as follows:

If you guys havent met before Tanuki is a chubby Raccoon Dog with huge balls. His current occupation seems to be loitering outside of Japanese hang outs with a bottle of sake and some IOUs. He has a super long history that includes using his balls for shelter and as weapons.

The Lost Lake Twertle

High Proof Toys has announced release details for The Lost Lake Twertle colorway. This one pays tribute to one of their favorite tiki bars in Chicago. This version is made of aqua, blue and green swirls encased in clear resin. It's an edition of 5 pieces, running $35.00 each. Look for it to be available beginning on September 12th 2018 at 11AM ET

In addition to that release, HP Toys will be dropping the Speckled Lurv Birbs, an edition of 3 hand painted Birb Types, which will be available for $50.00 each.

Mike Slobot x Anakin present the AnakinBots

Mike Slobot and the band Anakin present the "AnakinBots", handmade collectible robot sculptures created by artist Mike Slobot and inspired by the music of Anakin. Each individual bot within this limited edition set represents one specific album of four released by the band.
The nexus for these Slobots came from a mutual love of synthesizers, science fiction, space and most importantly robots.

These Slobots are one of a kind, hand created collectibles, reserved to 5 pieces in each colorway. They measure 4 inches tall, have glow in the dark eyes and wires, and each set comes with 4 limited edition Anakin releases complete with lyrics. Individual bots come in their own protective display case with custom numbered cards. Various hand-picked lyrics by Anakin are printed within the product case cards to keep each piece truly custom and unique.

You can pick up these sets at for $385.00 each.

RSTX Release from DMS

DMS is releasing his next figure tomorrow (August 31st 2018) at 2PM ET. RSTX - the tenth colorway of the Robotic Space Traveller by DMS - will include a free micro companion bot. The 3.75-inch tall RST is made of polyurethane resin and painted with corroded effects. Limited to only 25 pieces in this blue colorway, you can pick one up tomorrow for £19.99 plus shipping (about $25.50 plus shipping).

HPT introduces Twertle Type

High Proof Toys is excited to introduce their newest friend - Twertle Type. This debut release has been cast in a bright Leafy Green resin with a smattering of dark green freckles. This little reptilian pal measures 2.25 inches tall. This version is an edition of 10 pieces (limited to one per person) and is priced at $35.00. Look for it to be released into the wild (via the above link) on Wednesday July 11th 2018 at 8AM PT.