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The Burning Bloom Pre-Order

Artist Kyle Kirwin is currently taking pre-orders for his Burning Bloom piece - a 5.5-inch tall hand-cast and hand-painted resin figure made by the artist (apparently in an RV like Walter White). These will be available for pre-order beginning in a week (August 25th 2017) and run until September 1st 2017. They will then ship out by October 15th 2017. The run will be limited to 50 pieces and they will run $50.00 each.

Massive Kosrobot Sale

If you've been holding out hope waiting for a sale at, then you might just be in luck. They're having a massive sale, cleaning out stock, with many fun figures like Tsihata, Kosrobot minidude, Iron Goth and Cosmos Cold dead cosmonauts listed at discount prices. Prices range from $12.00 to $40.00 with cheap worldwide shipping and it is now the best time to grab some stuff.

The Coalition of Chaos – Theresa Mayhem


David Withers aka Chaingun! has created The Coalition of Chaos - Theresa Mayhem action figure. This homebrew, low run resin art toy with a bootleg aesthetic is designed to appeal to politically motivated art collectors and fans of kookie art toys. It's based on Theresa May's failure at the British polls on June 8th 2017 and her subsequent alignment with the DUP.

The figure will be released in a very limited run of 8 pieces with a second run of 10 pieces on a slightly different card back. The line may then expand to include other notorious British political figures. These pieces will be for sale over at where it will be launching on Saturday August 20th 2017. The figure retails at £40.00 (about $53) plus postage and there will also be a deluxe package which contains a figure and the original production artwork for £450.00.

Skully Bloom Volume 2 Pre-Order

Kyle Kirwan is releasing a new edition of his Skully Bloom figure. While his last release was a small, limited run...this one is going to be a 48 hour preorder window (no more than 50 will be available though). The Skully Bloom Volume 2 pre-order will take place from Midnight ET on Saturday July 22nd to Midnight on Monday July 24th. Each Skully Boom is hand-cast, hand-painted and stands in at 5.5 inches tall. They will run $35.00 plus shipping (which will ship by September 1st).

New Friends! Birb Type – Nuke City

High Proof Toys is excited to announce their next release - New Friends! Birb Type - Nuke City. The Nuke City colorway features a swirling mix of black and glow in the dark green resin. Each one is hand poured and mixed giving them all a unique look. The figure will go up for sale starting at 11AM ET on Wednesday July 19th 2017. This is an edition of 10 pieces, with each one priced at $35.00 (one per customer).

And in addition to this release, they will have a special Nuke City combo pack available - featuring one Birb Type Nuke City and one Rock Type Nuke City for $55.00.

I’m Gonna Burst…

Artist Emilio Subirá has introduced a new character he has named "I'm gonna burst". He's described as "a sweet nihilistic ballon worried about how long he is gonna endure the party of the existence. Behind its cute appearance hides the pain of a nonconformist sick of it all who feels mandatorely invited to an absurd party that he can´t stand any more. That´s why he seems quite sad."

Currently available in three color versions (Red, Purple, and Orange) there are 3 pieces in each of those colorways. The nearly 4.33-inch tall resin figures are available for $69.00 each and come with a certificate of authenticity (numbered, dated, and signed).

SDCC17: DKE Toys Exclusives – Part 2

DKE Toys has rolled out their last round of 2017 San Diego Comic Con Exclusives. If you find yourself in San Diego, head on over to the DKE Toys Booth #5450 where you'll be able to gaze upon the mother lode of bootleg resin figures. In addition to all of their SDCC Exclusives, the booth will be jam packed with past releases as well. And if you didn't get a chance to see it, here is Part 1.

Bill the Butcher from Kokeshi Clan

Kokeshi Clan has released a handmade kokeshi doll based on Bill the Butcher from the film "Gangs of New York" by Martin Scorsese. A limited edition of of 10 pieces, each 4.25-inch tall kokeshi doll is made of birch wood and intricately hand painted using acrylic paint, then sealed with a non-toxic matte finish. Each doll will be signed and numbered. He will be shipped in hand made custom packaging created to resemble Bill the Butcher's top hat from the early scenes of the film. You can order one via Etsy for $100.00 (free shipping within the United States.)