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Tenacious Toys Exclusive Silly Snake


Tenacious Toys is now accepting preorders for an exclusive blue version of the Silly Snake resin figure created by Israeli artist Itay.G. Itay.G's Silly Snake resin figures are handcrafted and hand painted, measuring about 4 inches tall and 3 inches long. The exclusive Tenacious Toys variant will be in 2-tone blue to match the Tenacious logo, and will feature a unique spiked collar down near the Silly Snake's tail.

Preorders will be limited to 10 pieces, with a lead time of 4 weeks before shipping to customers. Silly Snakes are $50.00 each.


DMS: Robotic Space Traveller


DMS has released the RST (pronounced rust) the Robotic Space Traveller store.The first RST release, measuring at 3 3/4 inches of polyurethane resins textured in a red distressed style, with a weathered, rust effect paint job. The figure is available to purchase for £19.99 plus shipping and is limited to a run of only 10 pieces in this original rusty red colorway.


BIOS Override Now!

They were out in space, scattered throughout the universe. The primary objectives, of exploration and transmission of the details of their discoveries, were coming to an end. They would soon be completely alone, abandoned by their masters.

Learning of company plans to decommission his RST series of Research Space Technology robots, leaving them stranded among the stars, a disgruntled robotics designer sends a satellite signal to override their BIOS.

With their A.I chips enabled, and now transmitting solely to their protector, these units embark on a new journey of self-discovery as Robotic Space Travellers.


DCON16: Adam Quesnell on the Floor


Stand Up! Records and Adam Quesnell will be bringing a micro-release of Purple and Green Marbled Despairs to DesignerCon 2016. He will be traveling around the show floor - backpack style - with 5 beautifully marbled Neon Green/Purple Despairs bagged and headered for $25.00 each and a bucket of enamel Despair Pins, designed by Josh Trumbo and Terry Brown II. They are double backed for extra security and will be $7.00 (Or $5.00 with the purchase of any Despair)


He will also have a number of other items available, which can be seen (along with a photo of Adam - so you know who you're searching for) over at his site.


DCON16: Dagon Cultist (Black Magic Edition)


Artist Mikie Graham has a new figure release at DesignerCon 2016 this weekend. This is Mikie's first venture into the carded action figure game. Based on the works of horror author H.P. Lovecraft, the Dagon Cultist is a handmade resin figure featuring 2 points of magnetic articulation, a miniature Necronomicon accessory, and a custom "action figure style" card/blister.


The Dagon Cultist (Black Magic Edition) will make its debut at Booth #1232. Limited to only 20 signed and numbered carded figures, the Dagon Cultist will be available on a first come first served basis and will retail for $65.00.

LUIS – Stand up Comedy Art Toy


Artist Oasim Karmieh has released his Luis figure for pre-order. Luis is a Stand up Comedy Collectible Figurine created to honor one of the stand up comedy greats (of course...Louis CK). This Artist Proof Edition is a handcrafted art toy limited to 10 pieces worldwide. They've been sculpted and hand painted by the artist. Each figure stands in around 6 inches tall, includes a removable stand-up comedy mic, and comes packaged in a wooden case.

You can pre-order one now for $349.00, with them expected to start shipping in December 2016.

Wood Candy Workshop’s Grizwald Release


Wood Candy Workshop has announced that both 4.75-inch tall Grizwald colorways will go on sale Thursday November 10th 2016 at 6AM CT

The Rusty colorway will be limited to only 15 pieces. It ships with a 6x8 inch limited edition hand signed and numbered giclee print on 260 g/m2 velvet paper, crystal bagged with backer card. The body is made from Canary wood, with additional woods including Walnut, Maple, Padauk and Yellow Heart. It will run you $149.00 (free domestic shipping and discounted international shipping on first day of sales).

The Chocolate colorway will be limited to only 36 pieces. The body is made from Walnut, with additional woods including Maple, Padauk, Canary, and Yellow Heart. It will run you $129.00, with the same shipping deals as above.