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Sea-Borg Claw and Sea-Borg Clamp


MonsterPants Toys has announced the Sea-Borg Claw and Sea-Borg Clamp. These two hard-headed guys are the powerhouses of the Sea-Borgs' world, both sporting a massive left appendage built for crushing the skulls of their Invader enemies. The Sea-Borg Claw is 100% translucent orange resin, while the Sea-Borg Clamp is filled to the gills with green glitter.

Each figure comes packaged in a clear bag with printed header card. Both figures go on sale today (Thursday, May 21st 2015) at Noon ET at the MonsterPants Shop for $24.00 each plus shipping.


Battlesaur vs. Drone 2-Packs


The Goodleg Toys and Adam Pratt collaboration follows up their sell-out of the first series of War On Prehis x Small Angry Monsters figures. This release will be limited to 4 pieces only - two Battlesaurs and two Drones - available in Battlesaur vs. Drone 2-packs. There will be the Purple Battlesaur vs. Red Mace Drone and the Yellow-Brown Battlesaur vs. Green Claw Drone.

The 2-packs are priced at $150.00 a set plus shipping. They'll be available via the above link beginning today (Thursday May 14th 2015) at 5PM ET.

Taylored Curiosities’ Tree Sprites


Tailored Curiosities has released a new series of handmade figures - Tree Sprites. The set is based on a plush design that Penny created 4 years ago, and she's transformed them into sculpted art toys. Each set includes: a 1.9-inch tall tree stump house (completed with moss), two 0.8-inch tall Tree Sprites, and a 0.5-inch tea party tree table. They're all hand sculpted, cast and painted by the artist. You can pick up one of the two sets at the Tailored Curiosities Store for £40.00 (around $62).


New Wave of Resin from Daniel Yu

fully painted works_Daniel Yu

Artist Daniel Yu will be releasing a number of items this Friday - May 1st 2015 - at 9PM ET via his webshop. There will be two categories of items available...the solid colored (some mixed parts) resin pieces measure 3" to 4" in height and range in price from $19.00 to $30.00. Also, there will be fully hand-painted versions that range from $60.00 to $80.00. These made their debut at Art Toy Culture Seoul (mid-April), and the quantity available online will be limited.

Daniel has also introduced several new characters into his universe, including Zuco Banana - the monkey general - and Porkins - the mutant pig. 

Goodleg Toys’ Walpurgis Night Release


Goodleg Toys is celebrating Walpurgis Night 2015 (I had to Wikipedia it) by releasing a pair of bootlegs - the evil hag Walpurga and her lovely mate Luzifer. These figures are kit-bashed and re-sculpted MOTU and feature Underworld Warriors parts. The 5.5-inch tall figures are hand-cast and hand-painted, featuring 4 points of articulation. Depending on the character, there's a pitchfork or a broom as accessory. You'll be able to pre-order beginning on Thursday Night - April 30th 2015 - and they'll be priced at $75.00 each or $135.00 for both

Day of the Slug Wave II


Wave II of Day of the Slug drops on Saturday April 25th 2015 at 7PM ET. These will run $5.00 for the first figure and just $1.00 for each additional. These are made of rubber unless noted...there are some resins, so keep an eye out. Also, there is a trading card option. They're all available to purchase at BigManToys.

Intelligent slugs are not new to Earth. They're just small enough for us to not know about them. From the telekinetic deep sea nudibranch elders, to the hard-mantled terrestrial gastropod mollusc, their secrets are finally revealed - forcing them out into the open to live alongside, or battle mankind!!

Galaxxor 2015 C2E2 Exclusives

Ben Spencer (Galaxxor) will have several exclusives available at this year's C2E2 show in Chicago, running from April 24th through 26th 2015. All three exclusives featured here are 5.5-inch tall art toys that features three points of articulation and will be available at Nerd City's booth #760.


The Galaxxor 014 was designed, sculpted, and hand painted by Ben and engineered and produced in translucent smoke resin by The Godbeast and True Cast Studio. Limited to an edition of 5 pieces, the Galaxxxor 014 will be $90.00 each.


The Omega Martix Power General Gorgax was designed, hand painted, and sculpted by Ben Spencer and engineered and produced in semi-translucent neon pink resin by The Godbeast and True Cast Studio. Also a limited edition of 5 pieces, Omega Matrix Power General Gorgax will similarly be $90.00 each.


And the Hippo Titan Soldier Deep Warp Gunner was designed and sculpted by Ben Spencer and ManOrMonster? Studios and engineered and produced in resin by ManOrMonster?. It was hand painted by Ben. The Hippo Titan Soldier features a magnetic blunderbuss accessory that can be held in his hand or mounted on his thigh or back. The figure is a limited edition of 5 pieces and will sell for $75.00 each.

Emblem of an Abstract Riot Resin by Patrick Wong


Patrick Wong has announced a new resin art toy entitled Emblem of an Abstract Riot. It's set for an online release on Monday April 27th 2015 at 9AM PT via Patrick's webshop. This limited edition, hand-crafted solid polyurethane resin sculpture continues the theme of riot, rebellion, and revolt as seen in recent work by the artist. Emblem of an Abstract Riot  measures 6" in height. You'll be able to pick one up for $150.00.

Two New Resin Sets from Amanda Visell


Amanda Visell has released a pair of new resin sets. The first - the Fox and Robot resin set - is the first of many resin collaborations in the works with artist Michelle Valigura. The fix measures in at 3.5" in height. These are a limited edition of 25 sets, selling for $90.00 each.


Also, there's the Timbers mini resin set in an Evergreen Version.  Each set comes with log, tree, axe, and Howl. All of the pieces are less than 2" tall, with the Howl measuring in at 1.75" in height. The Evergreen version is a limited edition 25 sets, running you $25.00 each.