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Submission Toy Friday Release

Tru:Tek and Rich Page of UME Toys have joined forces to form Submission Toy to collaborate on a number of sofubi and keshi-related projects. They'll have a large number of figures available beginning on Friday February 24th 2017 at 6PM ET

“GID” Smogball
Submission Toy’s debut sofubi in a glow vinyl.
Limited to 10 pieces priced at $65.00 each

“Hubba Bubba Oooze Bubble” Oozeball
The Oozeball returns in an unpainted strawberry gum colored sofubi, this time coming packed with Hubba Bubba sticks plus a foil-backed deluxe header card.
Limited to 10 pieces priced at $55.00 each

“Black and Blue” SofuBall Set
A super-limited recast of the black Oozeball is joined by the Smogball in a deep royal blue.
Limited to just 2 sets at a reduced sum of $110.00 each

“Skinned Alive” PigPigMan
Tru:Tek teams up with Kaiju TAN for the first of 2 PigPigMan releases.
Limited to 5 pieces, each running $320.00

“Twin Destroyer” Ettin
Tru:Tek once again joins forces with Planet X, this time for a run of their latest 2-headed beast. Cast in a green soft vinyl and treated to layers of life-like sprays and hand painted detailing.
Limited to 4 pieces at $240.00 each

“Young Grasshopper” Molochowl
Submission Toy takes on Solo Is Toy‘s Molochowl for their first joint paint run. Cast in a flesh soft vinyl and treated to layers of acrylic dry brushing, detailing and shading courtesy of Rich Page and Tru:Tek.
Limited to 6 pieces, they're running $250.00 each.

Bukimi Ball one-offs
Bukimi Blasters‘ Bukimi Balls get the Tru:Tek treatment for this mini release.
Features 3 one-off customs – Zonbi, Garamoan and Stink Eye
They run $110.00 each

Submission Toy one-offs
The pair have been busy on a number of one-offs, including a Skinner “Ogos”, Violence Toy “Mutant Cop”, PLT Blood Maijin and Ultra Bastard, plus a Red Hot Style “Kilin” amongst others

“Haunted Mansion” Argomedus and the Whisper
Submission Toy take on Scott Tolleson‘s sofubi duo, this time treating them to an acrylic paint app inspired by Disney’s Haunted Mansion.
Limited to 3 sets priced at just $70.00 each

Warui Zonbi one-offs
Submission Toy’s Rich Page has got to work on two Warui Zonbi sets, aptly titled “Stone” and “Bone”.
Limited to just 1 of each, these will be available for just $40.00 each

Buzzard Guts’ Cybot Avengers

Buzzard Guts and DAMarx Toys has released their latest bootleg resin art series. It's a Star Wars/Marvel mash-up that uses Kenner's 1977 protocol droids as a base for popular Marvel characters. These 3.75-inch tall resin figures are hand cast and hand painted by DAM and mounted on a sturdy 6-inch x 9-inch cardback with illustrations by Ryan Winn (one of the creators of Valiant comics). Each card features a homage to classic Marvel comic covers by Jack Kirby, Bob Layton and Todd McFarlane.

There are 4 figures in the set - The Cybot Avengers features C3-PO as Iron Man and the Captain, while RA-7(death star droid) mutates into Hulk and Spidey.

This 1st edition series is limited to 20 figures (5 of each figure). These will drop exclusively at this Friday February 24th 2017 at 7PM EST. They are $40.00 each or $150.00 for the set.


Skelevex Defaced Series 3

On Friday February 24th 2017 at 2:30PM ET, the Skelevex Defaced Series 3 will be released over at This collaborative Skelevex Die Orama custom series features the Birmingham UK graffiti writer known as Hoakser. Measuring in at 3 inches long, the handmade polyurethane resin cast Skelevex feature the hand-painted graffiti style designs of Hoakser. 

Limited to five one of a kind pieces, they'll be priced at £14.99 each (about $19) plus shipping.

New Friends! Rock Type

Two new colorways of the New Friends! Rock Type will be available for purchase starting today (February 14th 2017) 11AM ET. The Rock Candy - Pink ($15.00) and Rock Candy - Pink Evolved ($22.00) will be available exclusively through Rotofugi. The Rock Type - Onyx ($15.00) and Rock Type - Onyx Evolved ($22.00) will available exclusively through High Proof Toys. These figures are made from hand cast resin in a micro run of 5 of each color/type and measure just over 1 inch for the non-evolved type and 2 inches tall for the evolved type.

Along with these two new colorways, three custom Rock Type Evolved figures (pictured below) painted by Mary Ruth Butterworth will be available through High Proof Toys for $45.00 each.


Moonglow Lazy Days Tiger and Orangesicle Alpaca

Amanda Visell and Michelle Valigura have released a pair of new handmade resin figures. The Moonglow Lazy Days Tiger set is a limited edition 10 pieces. The hand sculpted, hand cast, and hand painted resin figure set features a 9.5-inch long Tiger and 7.5-inch long Girl. The set runs $290.00.

Also,  there's the Orangesicle Alpaca in clear sparkly resin. The 4.5-inch tall Orangesicle is limited to a run of 25 pieces and sells for $40.00.

The Woodcutter from Pocketwatch Toys

Artist Aidan Booker of Pocketwatch Toys has released his newest resin figure - The Woodcutter. "This wondrous creature wanders through whatever woodland he can find, occasionally chopping off branches from dead trees and feeding them into his stove to fuel himself." The 4-inch tall pieces is hand-cast in polyurethane resin. It has some dead branches on its' back, an axe attached to its' side, and a furnace in the front. You can pick up this limited edition figure for £39.00 (about $49).

Fluttersquirms and Valentine’s Smoochies

Kasey Tararuj aka One-Eyed Girl has released some new resin figures, including a new edition of her original Squirms character. There are 3 mint green Fluttersquirms available at $45.00 each. This is the only edition of Squirms that will have those tiny wings. Also, she'll be releasing the Valentine's Smoochie (pictured below) beginning today. There is only one of this special edition, but there are a few original Smoochies left. They run $35.00. And all items can be found at the One-Eyed Girl Shop.